Wan Shanhai looked at Lu Yanran coldly with a displeased expression.

This glance scared Lu Yanran so much that she took a few steps back.

She had not swallowed a drop of water for two days, and her body was already being pushed to the limit.

Now that she was being stared at by so many higher-ups, she could not help but feel flustered.

Fortunately, these people did not exert any pressure on Lu Yanran.

Her small body definitely would not have been able to withstand it if they did.

Wan Shanhai reacted to what Lu Yanran had just said.

“You just said that he’s your master?”

Then, his gaze drifted to the sect elder token that Lu Yanran was holding tightly in her hand.

The word ‘Ye’ on it indicated that it was Ye Xuan’s elder token.

The others reacted quickly and soon understood the current situation.

“Elder Ye has taken in a disciple? And a servant disciple, at that?”

Everyone was surprised.

Everyone knew very well that Ye Xuan, a rare genius of the Qingyun sect, had never bothered with taking in disciples.

Usually, he was too busy with his own cultivation and rarely paid attention to outsiders.

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This was very normal.
After all, Ye Xuan was still very young.
The most important thing for him right now was to raise his cultivation level as quickly as possible.

Only when his own cultivation reached a bottleneck would he need to consider taking in disciples and passing on his legacy.

However, why would Ye Xuan, who had such a distinct personality, suddenly change so drastically and take in a handyman as a disciple?

Everyone could not wait to learn Ye Xuan’s thoughts behind this.

Thinking of Lu Yanran’s words just now and looking at Ye Xuan’s elder token in her hand…

They all gave up on the idea of barging into the hall.

Even though Lu Yanran was just a handyman disciple…

Now that she was holding Ye Xuan’s elder token, she could speak for him.

And after calming down, everyone could not help but share Lin Qing’s thoughts.

Everyone felt that it was very likely that Ye Xuan knew that he did not have long to live.

That was why he had accepted a servant disciple as his disciple in such a hurry.
He did not want his legacy to end.

Thinking of this, everyone present could not help but allow some of their sorrow to leak through their facial expressions.

At this moment, everyone’s hearts were filled with resentment toward the Xuanyin sect.

If not for the Xuanyin sect, Elder Ye Xuan would not have fallen into such a state.

However, if Ye Xuan was really on the verge of death, then why had there been an aura akin to a breakthrough coming from the main hall just now?

Although they were extremely confused, these people still waited outside the main hall quietly.

No matter what, as long as there was still an aura fluctuation coming out from the hall, it meant that Ye Xuan was still alive.

Another two hours passed.

An even more astonishing aura came out of the hall.

This aura was much stronger than the one before.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

“It’s… the true core realm???”

“It’s indeed the true core realm.
This kind of aura is very powerful!”

“What’s going on? What’s happened to Ye Xuan?”

Everyone’s faces were covered with shock and confusion.

They could not understand why the hall which Ye Xuan was in would emit a pressure that only those in the true core realm could possess.

Among the core formation realm were empty core, true core, and golden core.

Within empty core, true core, and golden core, there were early, middle, and late stages.

With Lu Yanran being so weak, she was already unable to withstand the pressure of those in the true core realm.

Just when she felt that her body was about to explode, she suddenly felt her body and mind lighten.

It turned out that it was Lin Qing who had made a move and helped her block most of the pressure.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the door to Ye Xuan’s hall.

Everyone wanted to find out what had happened to Ye Xuan that allowed him to leap into the true core realm.

Lu Yanran’s face was also full of shock.
She did not know what her master had done.

She did not know how terrifying this so-called true core realm could be.

However, based on the expressions of the high-level members of the Qingyun sect around her, she could roughly guess that her master had probably broken through to a very terrifying realm.

Based on Wan Shanhai and the others’ expressions, it was very clear that this was a big deal.

Perhaps the true core realm could be seen as a very expert realm within the entire great Qian Dynasty.

That was indeed the case.
As long as the golden core realm experts were not around, the true core realm experts could completely run the great Qian Dynasty completely amok.


After Lu Yanran figured it out, she stared unblinkingly at the hall.

She really wanted to look through the main door so she could clearly see what was going on inside.

The others were just as curious as her and did not understand what had happened.

Fortunately, it did not take long for the powerful aura to dissipate.

A slender figure walked out of the door.
He was handsome and had a strong facial structure.

“sect master, deputy sect master, elders!”

The person who had come was Ye Xuan.
His appearance made everyone’s eyes light up.

Just now, everyone had still been very confused and suspected that someone else might be in the hall.

However, after Ye Xuan appeared in front of their eyes, everyone’s doubts were completely dispelled.

Although they still did not know how Ye Xuan escaped death and had benefitted from misfortune…

This was still a good thing for the Qingyun sect!

“Elder Ye, why did you…”

The sect master, Wan Shanhai, looked at Ye Xuan in confusion.

Right now, he urgently needed an explanation from ye Xuan.

“It was just a lucky opportunity.
I was lucky enough to benefit from misfortune.”

Ye Xuan knew that these people wanted an answer.

However, he could not let outsiders know that he had the system.

Hearing this, the others all nodded silently.

Although Ye Xuan did not elaborate, the simple phrase ‘lucky opportunity’ was enough to explain everything.

After all, cultivators knew that opportunities could often be unpredictable and wonderful.

There were both big and small opportunities.
A small opportunity might just be a simple treasure.

However, a big opportunity was often an epiphany that could bring about a rapid increase in cultivation.

In short, Ye Xuan could cover everything up with the word ‘opportunity’.

Across the vast and boundless Tianyuan continent, there were cultivators obtaining opportunities of varying sizes all the time.

The sect masters and elders of the Qingyun sect had all obtained opportunities of varying sizes during their cultivation process.

Therefore, it was not appropriate for them to ask too many questions.

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