A sword qi that exuded a resplendent light flashed past.

The long saber in the bandit’s hand instantly shattered.
At the same time, there was the sound of flesh being torn apart.

The bandit’s body instantly stiffened.
He lowered his head with great difficulty and saw a deep wound on his chest in which his bones were visible.

“I… This… how…”

The light in the robber’s eyes gradually faded, and he collapsed to the ground dead.

“Who’s there?”

Seeing this, Baduluo’s eyes darted around, and his expression instantly turned vigilant.

However, Duan Wuyi’s gaze immediately turned toward a certain direction.

The figures of a man and three women slowly appeared in his field of vision.

These four people were all very young, and it looked like the oldest among them was only around 20 years old.

They walked slowly toward the robbers.
Dark clouds covered the sky as if heralding an impending storm.


At the same time, gusts of strong wind suddenly whipped past, causing the trees to shake and the dust on the ground to be swept up.

“Who exactly are you all? How dare you attack my Fengxuan Stronghold?!”

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When Baduluo saw this, he took a step forward.
His eyes were filled with ferocity.

“First commander of the Fengxuan Stronghold, do you remember me?”

Yue held the incomparably sharp Qingyun sword in her hand as she slowly walked forward.
The sharp tip of the sword split the ground as she dragged it along the ground.

Her face was extremely beautiful, and she had bright eyes and white teeth.
Her star-like gaze landed on Baduluo.
However, her gaze was filled with hatred.
Her snow-white clothes had long been stained with bright red blood!

However, it was precisely because of this that Yue displayed a different kind of beauty!


In an instant, the wind surged and the clouds rose; the strong winds swept up the sand on the ground.

“Remember you?” When Baduluo saw this, he frowned slightly.
He deeply immersed himself in his memories.
When had he ever met such a beautiful woman?

“Hehe, it’s normal that you don’t remember.
After all, countless people died in your hands.
Why would you care about the lives of commoners like us?”

“How would you remember the appearance of a girl who narrowly escaped death and was forced to cross the Netherworld Forest?”

Yue slowly walked toward Baduluo.
When she saw the face that often filled her nightmares, the memories of that tragic incident from two years ago involuntarily surfaced in her mind.

At this moment, neither Baduluo or Duan Wuyi dared to act rashly.

After all, the strength that Yue displayed earlier was not ordinary.
The origin of this person was unknown, but she definitely was not some common character.
Under the circumstances where they were uncertain about the identities of their enemies, it would be unwise to act rashly.

However, compared to Baduluo, Duan Wuyi’s experience and breadth of knowledge was clearly richer.
When his gaze landed on the Qingyun sword in Yue’s hand, he felt that something was very wrong.

The grade of this weapon was not low.
Even he had never come into contact with such a high-grade weapon.

Most importantly, he could not see through the young man’s aura at all.
He could not detect any spiritual power fluctuations from his body!

However, when the young man glanced at him, his heart palpitated madly as if warning him of an impending threat to his life!

Moreover, he felt that this young man’s appearance seemed somewhat familiar.
He felt that he had seen him somewhere before… but where?

No matter how hard Duan Wuyi racked his brain, he was unable to recall who this young man was.

He was different from Duan Wujie.
The latter had just seen Ye Xuan’s portrait, so he naturally knew Ye Xuan’s identity.
However, when Duan Wuyi left the sect, he had only taken a quick glance, so he did not have much of an impression of him.

“Forced to cross the Netherworld Forest?” Hearing this, Baduluo narrowed his eyes.
The doubtful expression in his eyes became even stronger but, at the same time, his body also silently tensed up!

Ta Ta Ta!

When she was close to 50 meters away from Baduluo, Ah Yue halted her footsteps.
Her star-like gaze fell upon Baduluo’s body.
Her eyes were filled with monstrous hatred!

Gusts of strong wind surged around them, shaking the large trees around the village.
The dried leaves on the ground were swept up by the strong wind.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Yue’s clothes, which were stained with fresh red blood, fluttered in the wind.
Her long, beautiful hair slowly rose and fell on her shoulders.

“Do you remember what happened at Lin Shi village two years ago?” Yue looked at Baduluo and said slowly.


The Qingyun sword in Yue’s hand suddenly shook.
A streak of bright light suddenly lit up, illuminating their originally dark and dim surroundings.

At the same time, Baduluo also suddenly came back to his senses, and the events of the past appeared in his mind.

“What? You are actually the girl who survived the Lin Shi village massacre? You… you actually made it through the Netherworld Forest?!”

When Baduluo heard this, his eyes widened.

He now remembered that, two years ago, he led the members of Fengxuan Stronghold to completely slaughter Lin Shi village.
However, at that time, there was indeed a little girl who managed to escape.

Baduluo was not the only one who recalled this; the other bandits present at Fengxuan Stronghold back then did too!

They had a deep impression of this girl!

In the entirety of Lin Shi village, Yue was the most delicate and pretty-looking girl.
It was also because of this that those bandits did not want to kill Yue, but wanted to bring her back to the stronghold instead.

Unfortunately for them, Yue’s father’s cultivation had reached the fourth level of the refinement state, and he protected Yue with his life.

Even though her father was almost cut in half by the first commander, he still managed to throw Yue into the Netherworld Forest before he died.

Of course, at that time, Baduluo also had the opportunity to capture Yue in the Netherworld Forest.
However, at that time, Duan Wuyi had been overly cautious and did not personally come out to collect the qi and blood essence.

As such, Baduluo had been placed in charge of the bloodstone.

The qi and blood essence emitted by a person before death was the densest, and it would rapidly dissipate with the passage of time.

He was afraid of wasting too much time chasing Yue, and also wanted to avoid any repercussions from Duan Wuyi.
As such he chose to return to the village and use the bloodstone to collect the qi and blood essence.

In order to speed up the pace of collecting the qi and blood essence, the mountain stronghold’s commander personally took care of the villagers.
He only sent some bandits with lower cultivation to chase after Yue.

Earlier, the bandits had wanted to capture Yue alive, so they did not try to kill her directly.
Otherwise, Yue’s father would not have been able to protect her.

After that, Yue’s father sacrificed his life to allow Yue to successfully escape from the bandits’ vicious hands!

In addition, the bandits were quite afraid of the demonic beasts in the depths of the netherworld forest, so Yue survived their cautious pursuit.

After Baduluo finished collecting all of the qi and blood essence of the villagers, he also hurried to the Netherworld Forest.
However, after several days of fruitless tracking, he did not find any trace of Ah Yue.

However, Baduluo was not too bothered about it.
After all, Ah Yue was a weak girl.
If she was placed in the Netherworld Forest, she would almost certainly die.
She would have been eaten by some demonic beast.

However, he did not expect that the reason he could not find Yue was because, after witnessing her father’s death, she had fainted due to grief.

Furthermore, she had been taken away by a second-rank demonic beast, an ocelot.
Furthermore, it was exactly this ocelot that had scared the bandits away.

The ocelot carried Yue and ran toward the depths of the Netherworld Forest.
However, on the way, it was attacked by a third-rank demonic beast, the chaotic wood snake.
In order to save its own life, the ocelot had no choice but to abandon Yue and flee.

How could the chaotic wood snake let the ocelot go? The two chased each other into the depths of the forest and slowly disappeared.

It was also because of this that Yue was able to escape.

Perhaps the heavens pitied this girl with a tragic fate.
Although Yue had encountered many disasters in the Netherworld Forest, she was lucky enough to survive.

After wandering around for several months, she finally arrived at the Qingyun sect and met Ye Xuan!

The turning point in her life, her master!


If possible, Yue did not want to just be his disciple…

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