Dio Brando in Demon Slayer

Chapter 6: Ascended

# At Ubuyashiki Manor #

”Why doesn anyone come out? Did I miscalculate something? My plan was perfect, there shouldn be any mistakes. Okay, Ill have to improvise.

The boy thought, putting his ear to the door and not understanding why no one was coming to him.

— Aaah, help, demons are chasing me!!! Please, they already killed my parents!!!

” Heh, Im brilliant as always.

The boy thought as he listened to all the sounds. Suddenly, a blow came through the door, decapitating the boys head without much difficulty.

— Fuck, Im out of here, — said the wino as he jumped out of the bushes and ran back.

— Hey, wait for me!

The drunk screamed as she followed her lover until the fastest bums finally reached the door.

The gates opened and out of them came a group consisting of all the pillars. The homeless immediately prepared for an unequal battle, but this did not shake them a bit, they were absolutely sidelined. The only thing that interested them now was the killing of fighters.

— Roar!

The homeless woman let out a beast-like growl as she jumped onto the nearest pillar, which was a young boy with bright yellow hair.

— Second Style: Burning Sunrise! ”

Sensing great danger, the homeless woman evaded in an unthinkable way, breaking bones and crushing a couple of organs.

— Second style: Painful love!

Shouted a girl with pink hair, which gradually turned into green, by the way, she has a good figure, especially her…

The homeless woman, who barely had time to evade the technique of the yellow-haired guy, simply did not have time to oppose the blow. Because of this, her head separated from the rest of her body.

The bum just watched, not moving, as if remembering their blows. But after a second, he ran towards a petite girl with pale skin and large eyes.

She prepared for battle with her hand on the hilt of her blade, but no further action was required of her as the zombie didn even notice the rapidly approaching axe.

— First style: Wriggling Hydra.

Gyomei spoke using stone breath. After that, the ax blade passed through the zombies throat, killing him completely.

— And its all? I expected strong opponents here, not a bunch of dumb and weak demons. What are they missing here?

A muscular and slender man with silver hair became angry, because of the weakness of the demons who had come, moreover, he did not even have time to participate in the battle.

— Hmm, thats not all, — Rengoku pointed to a trail of greenish and foul-smelling liquid that was heading towards the city. — At least one demon headed towards the city, it needs to be intercepted.

” Its strange, maybe they were recently converted demons, but its still not worth letting them go, — thought Ubuyashiki, ”Rengoku and Sanemi, intercept the demon before it enters the city, — Kagaya said, being close to them.

— Understood / I could do it alone, — the two demon slayers replied, after which they immediately rushed to the trail.

Suddenly, a muscular man with a bandana on his head turned his head towards the bushes, but there was only foliage swaying in the wind.

— Whats wrong, Tengen? — Gyomei asked.

There was someone there, but I don feel it anymore. I need to report to Oyakata-sama.

# In DIOs lair #

A zombie girl ran into the house, sent to remember the battle and bring it to her beloved master.

— Hoo, quickly. Could these pillars have been able to kill the zombies so quickly?

— Three out of five are completely dead, Master Dio. — the drunks immediately fled after the death of the boy and were followed by 2 pillars.

A wide grin appeared on my face.

— Ahahahahaha, fate itself favors me. We need to hurry, until dawn there is a maximum of 2 hours left.

— They headed back here, right?

— Yes, now they most likely have already caught up with them, because when I returned, the pillars were rapidly catching up with them.

— I see, then lets hurry and intercept them. You five, — I pointed to 5 thugs, — Follow me. And you, lead.

— Of course, Mr. Dio.

# In the forest, not far from the city #

Two zombies stood in the middle of the clearing, having vomited on a circle of 100 meters, they felt safe.

— Cool idea, huh? — the drunk smiled.

— Fine.

Replied the drunk with a decontaminated face, due to the fact that he fell face down in his own vomit, well, or her other half, it does not matter.

A minute later, 2 demon slayers arrived, one of which was very angry.

— What it is? Some strange technique of blood, I see it for the first time. Theres also a smell… It made my head spin, — Rengoku said with an unchanged face, peering into the greenish substance.

— Stop talking. Hey you, come here and fight like normal warriors, not cowards, you **ing demons!

— Lets agree, Ill bring you a couple of bottles of good sake, and you let us go, — the drunk put forward a good deal, in his opinion.

The drunk brought her scary face to his ear and whispered:

— Maybe just one bottle, two is too much.

The Slayers stared at them with strange faces, the first time in their careers they had encountered such strange demons. Suddenly, they noticed 5 figures approaching, but their attention was attracted by a person, or a demon, walking in the center, because of his gait.

— Hmm, who is this?. — Rengoku asked.

— Mr. Dio with his most elegant walk, — the wino said with a wide smile, full of admiration for his masters walking.

— Dio? Who is it, do you know?

A confused Sanemi asked as Rengoku watched the Sinister Seven approach until they stopped near the pillars.

— So you are demon slayers, so you look no different from ordinary people.

Dio began to inspect them, paying particular attention to their blades.

” They exude energy similar to jamon, as expected.

— Are you a demon, or what? If so… ” Sanemi braced himself for a dash to deliver a powerful and fast strike, which he would certainly fail to do.

A smile appeared on Dios face and he replied:

— Better, Im a vampire. Za Warudo!


Dio moved towards the loud fighter, and when he reached, he rewarded him with a series of blows The World.


Only three blows, but of incredible power, easily pierced the tempered body of the demon hunter. The first blow was aimed at the head, crushing it. The second one hit the chest, punching right through it, and the third hit reached the stomach, allowing the insides to come out.


He approached the yellow-haired pillar and grabbed its head, spinning it 360 degrees, which meant instant death.

— Now lets see how useful you are, — Dio said as he stuck his fingers into the pillars ​​dead body, beginning to absorb its blood.

”I feel a huge surge of strength, although they do not differ in appearance, but their bodies are full of energy.

Finished with absorbing the blood from the pillars, Dio got up and headed back to the lair when the two corpses behind him rose up and followed him.

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