Dio Brando in Demon Slayer

Chapter 4: Pillars Vs Zombies

# In the fortress of infinity #

On the small stage, in front of the Upper Moon, stood the presiding demon, Muzan Kibutsuji, in his normal form.

— What happened, you called me so abruptly? — asked Kokushibo.

He was a pale-skinned, tall and muscular man with long spiky black hair with red tips gathered in a ponytail, but the main difference from a man was three pairs of eyes on his face with yellow irises and red sclera.

He was the First Upper Moon and a trusted servant who took his work unquestioningly and seriously.

— Today I met… a vampire. In appearance, he was similar to an ordinary person, except for his powerful physique, but this is not the point. He was able to easily turn ME into meat porridge without even moving, as the speed and force of the blows were overwhelming. So, I called you so that you would start spying on him. He wears a yellow jacket and a tight-fitting black tank top, as well as pants with a cutout in the same color as the jacket. On his head is a crown with a symbol of the heart, now he should be in this city.

— Understood, — Kokushibo answered curtly as he walked away.

— Where could he come from? — asked Muzan.

# In DIOs hideout #

In the middle of the house, on the second floor, there was a throne on which I sat, resting my head in my palm out of boredom, when the zombie answered my questions.

— There is a prison three blocks from here with more than 100 prisoners, Mr. Dio, — said a large zombie who used to be a warden.

I looked up, finally hearing something useful.

— Great, the implementation of the plan will begin soon, — a small smile appeared on my face, — You, — I pointed to the girl, — follow the previous ones, but your task is only to secretly follow and remember the entire battle, and after the end, return.

— Understood, Mr. Dio.

— By the way, are there any burial places of strong warriors nearby?

— There is one, it belongs to the strongest Demon Slayer.

”Its getting better and better, fate itself is on my side! Before going to the fighters, Ill look there. Slaves are never superfluous, especially strong ones.

# Near Ubuyashiki Manor #

— Do you think we can win the hunters? — the drunk asked.

She was a 30-year-old woman with black hair and a plump figure. An avid drunk who cares about nothing but a bottle of her favorite drink.

— Hmm, we just have to be careful with their blades, got it? — the boy replied.

A blond young man who is only 10 years old, who decides to walk around the city at night in search of adventure, but he was unlucky to meet DIO.

— Yeah, — the drunks said in unison.

— But what do we do with the pillars, they are incredibly strong, how can we defeat them? — the drunk asked again.

— Hmm, on the way here, I found myself much stronger. See what I can! The boy walked up to a small tree and pulled it.


Pulling out the tree, he threw it aside.

— Interesting, — the wino said and tried to do the same, tensing his flabby muscles.

He was a 28-year-old man, very thin, as he spent all his money on alcohol instead of food, enjoying it, along with his drinking companion.

— Hmm, — the boy chuckled.

— Or maybe like this, —said the drunk, when he began to feel sick, — Bueeeeee.

The greenish, stomach juices of the zombies spilled onto the ground, mixed with the blood of the recent victims they had met along the way. This mixture began to rapidly dissolve the vegetation and the earth, and the steam from all this was directed by the wind towards the city.

— Abominable, — said the boy.

— Bueee, — the drunkard, decided to empty her stomach for the company.

— God, what am I doing this for? — the boy moved away from them.

Turning around, he looked at the homeless, but they just continued to move towards the estate, not paying attention to the bacchanalia going on around them.

”Hmm, they don seem to have their own consciousness.

— …

— …


Standing up, the drunk took a step, but slipped on his own vomit, smeared in it, and the flesh began to dissolve.

— God, how terrible it looks, and it smells, buee! — the boy yelled as he too vomited.

— Buee! — the drunk vomited due to the fact that his own vomit got into his mouth and he saw a puking boy.

# 5 minutes have passed #

— Fuh, okay, theres nothing left for us, we still need to catch up with those homeless people, — the boy said.

— I agree / I understood, — the drunks answered.

And they continued on their way. And the soil, on which there was vomiting, still dissolved.

# 10 minutes have passed #

— There are about 2 kilometers left to the estate. Remember, their blade is death. You just need to deliver one powerful blow, well, or more, who knows, — suddenly a brilliant idea came to the boys head, — You can also puke on your hand and throw it!

— … Hmm, Ill try, — the drunk replied.

— … — the drunk was silent.

#Meanwhile at Ubuyashiki Manor#

* Sniff sniff *

A very tall and muscular man smelled a strange smell that was unusual for these places.

He has short black hair, below which is a scar that runs horizontally across his forehead, and wears the standard Demon Slayer uniform with an olive happie over it. Large red beads were worn around the neck, and red rosaries were in the hands. But most importantly, he was blind.

— Whats wrong? — asked Sanemi.

A tall, muscular and slender man approached him. He has silver hair and dark purple eyes, and his body is covered in crooked scars and welts. He was wearing a black version of the Demon Slayer uniform, over which was a long-sleeved white cape.

— I smelled a strange smell, a mixture of blood and something strange, — Gyomei replied.

— Blood? Perhaps demons are moving in here. We need to inform Ubuyashiki urgently.

Sanemi quickly walked towards the main house.

— Oyakata-sama, this is where demons are most likely moving.

In the middle of the room sat a man in a dark kimono, over which he wore a white haori. He had dark hair of medium length, and swollen veins and white eyes were located on his face.

— Hm, summon all the pillars.

— Understood.

”Strange, did they really decide on a surprise attack, despite all the risks, ” Ubuyashiki pondered.

# 2 minutes have passed #

All the pillars gathered before him, waiting for his words.

* Knock Knock*

Everyone turned to the main entrance.

# Shortly before this #

— Well, I came up with a good plan to kill one fighter at once, — the boy said, — Listen, as soon as we reach the homestead, you immediately hide and vomit on your palms, but I will knock on the main door for someone to come out look. Your job is just to hit the hunter with your vomit, okay?

— Like, I understand / Uh, yeah, — drunks answered.

”Why do I need this suffering? I just wanted to take a walk … And these homeless people are still trudging here. Apparently, they overtook them in vain.

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