Dio Brando in Demon Slayer

Chapter 3: See what I can!

At the moment, we stopped in the middle of the street of the city at night, on which small streams of ordinary people occasionally passed.

— How healthy, — said a girl with long black hair, snow-white skin, a slender body and red eyes.

— Yeah, you can see right away, a visitor, — answered a young guy with blond hair and blue eyes.

A couple of Japanese were talking, moving further and further away from us.

— Thats it, our paths part here, — Muzan said, narrowing his eyes.

— Yes, goodbye.

I began to slowly leave, still feeling his gaze.

”I ts okay, as soon as I get used to it, I will wipe out everyone who interferes with me from the face of the Earth! Well, Ill start by looking for a temporary lair and servants.

I walked along the dark streets, meeting rabble, in the form of drunkards and homeless people. Suddenly, a good two-story house appeared before my eyes, in which the light was not on.

As I approached the door, I listened for sounds, but felt only faint sniffling on the second floor and snoring on the first floor. With ease, breaking the lock, I entered the house.

The snoring was still going on as the sniffling stopped, replaced by an anxious shuffling that was heading towards me.

— Come out, crone.

From around the corner of the stairs appeared a small old woman, the most ordinary: a gray-haired, wrinkled face with warts, decrepit hands and a hunched body, fear was read in her eyes, but also radiated with confidence.

* lice *

She threw what seemed to be an ordinary knife, but energy similar to jamon emanated from it. No problem, I dodged and stayed where I was while the Stand walked over to the bed where a small, black-haired girl was sleeping.

— Trying to attack knowing you can win, how heroic. Too bad its not a good story.

The Stand grabbed the sleeping body, the girl immediately woke up, but was unable to make a sound, due to the fact that her throat was squeezed with a small force. Tears began to flow from the granddaughter, from a sense of impending death.

— You answer all the questions, and I won touch her, — I said with a smile.

She looked at the childs body hovering in the air, thinking.

— … O-okay, — the grandmother agreed.

— First of all, Id like to make myself comfortable.

Sitting on a small sofa, I took my favorite position, throwing my right leg.

— What is this knife, what is it made of?

— In appearance, he is no different from the usual, but if Im not mistaken, then he is able to harm me.

— …This is a knife made from a special ore that has absorbed sunlight…

In the blink of an eye, my eyes widened in surprise, but I quickly calmed down as I began to think about it.

” So there are also weapons with solar energy.

— How can I get them?

— I do not know.

— You need them to kill demons, right? What are demons anyway?

She looked at me questioningly, but answered anyway.

— Eh, yes, this is the only weapon other than wisteria and the sun that can kill them. Demons are monsters that trap and eat people. For the sake of fighting them, an organization called ”Demon Slayers ” even appeared.

— Hmm, I was expecting to know more about them, but something more important has come up.

— Wisteria, is it a plant?

— … Yes, — and pointed to the branches in the vase.

Getting up from the sofa, I went to the vase, a strange aroma came from the plant, but I did not feel any weakness or anything like that.

— How does it affect demons?

— It scares them off, and possibly poisons them.

— So they only fight the demons with these blades and the plant? ”

” How strange that sounded.

— …

— Khaa.

The Stand tightened its grip, nearly breaking the childs neck, which had a positive effect on the Corga.

— They use a breathing technique.

— Hmm, breathing, yes, this is getting interesting.

— Lets elaborate.

— With the help of it, a person is able to achieve maximum strength and the ability to control his own body.

— I wonder if I can use it, although it might be an alternative to jamon.

— Great, where is the base of these fighters?

” No matter how strong this monster is, he cannot defeat all the pillars at once! ” thought the grandmother, having come up with a brilliant plan, in her opinion.

— …At the Ubuyashiki estate.

— Well, the last question. How do you know all this, it is unlikely that such information is available to an ordinary person?

— My son was a hunter.

*Sigh* I see, the Stand released the girl.

— Khaa, kha, kha, granny.

— I promised I wouldn touch her, but nothing about you.

I pierced her head with my fingers, beginning a bloody but brief feast. The girl desperately roared, looking at the dead body of a person close to her. Having finished absorbing the blood, I removed my fingers when the grandmothers corpse immediately fell to the cool floor.

The granddaughter immediately ran up to the body, starting to shake it, when suddenly the grandmother grabbed her hand.

— Gra-, — the girl said with a smile and tears in her eyes, but did not have time to finish, because the zombie, who used to be a loved one, bit her neck and pulled out a piece of flesh.

— Khhhh, — the girl tried to say something, but due to the damage to her neck, only wheezing came out and she trembled weakly.

*Crunch* *Flesh tearing sound*Yum*Crunch* *Yum*

— I promised I wouldn , — I said with a smile as a purple, thorny vine wrapped around my arm.

I activated the second Stand, the same one that started awakening in Jonathan, and after that, in all of his damn descendants!!!

” I don feel the Joestars, which makes sense. Ill have to check something later.

After deactivating the stand, I thought about the following actions, what is the best thing to do when a couple of dozen zombies approached the house.

” Ill send a couple to the demon slayer lair to find out their power level, and then maybe Ill visit in person. Speaking of demons, the flesh bud that I installed on Muzan is not felt, apparently he found it and removed it, with regeneration, it won cause problems.

— You five, — I pointed to 2 homeless people, an alcoholic, an alcoholic and a boy, – go to the Ubuyashiki estate and kill everyone.

— Of course, Mr. Dio, — they answered in unison as they set out on their mission.

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