Dio Brando in Demon Slayer

Chapter 1: Second Chance

”Kono Dio, dhaaaaa, Kono Dio, daaaaaaa! ”

The powerful vampire was finally defeated.


In the middle of the night snow-covered forest lay a yellow-haired, buff man. He was wearing a yellow jacket and a tight-fitting black tank top, as well as pants with a crotch cut in the same color as the jacket. On his head was a crown with a symbol of the heart, repeating his kneecaps.

– What? Where I am?

He hastily stood up and looked around, trying to figure out what had happened.

– Winter forest? Is this really paradise? No, I lost and died… So, where am I?

Dio was surrounded by snow-covered trees, snowdrifts, and a lone bird on a branch.

– Apparently after death, I was moved to another world. Was I given a second chance? Hmm, the stand stayed with me.

Behind him stood a tall and very muscular, gray-skinned humanoid figure wearing a golden robe that had green heart motifs.

— The World!

The slight swaying of the trees, the falling snow stopped, indicating the activation of DIOs Stand ability, the stop of time.

”This is a great chance to carry out my plan, but before that, I will destroy all the enemies that might get in my way! ” I need to get started, first Ill find some settlement to provide myself with information, shelter and slaves.

And he went in an unknown direction, trying to find at least something.


# Not far from Kamados house #

Lights were burning in a small house and the laughter of children was heard, all this was observed by the strongest and first demon, Kibutsuji Muzan, who sought to find a means that could give him immunity to the sun.

” A large but defenseless family is a good snack, you can also try … Hmm, I feel a third-party presence.


It took about 10 minutes until I felt at least someone.

”Although physiologically the creature is similar to a person, it smells of death from it. It is possible that it is a vampire or a zombie, or maybe another undead unknown to me. It would be great to immediately kill this creature, but information is now much more important. But also intimidation is also a good option.The World!

The swaying of the trees, the falling snow, the noise from the house, everything stopped.

”1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

Reading the time, the vampire slowly moved towards the humanoid figure.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Great, great, my time stop has increased, Dio thought with a slight smirk.

”Greetings, lifeless friend.

”Better try kindly, its too dangerous to fight right now.

Muzan immediately prepared for battle, because earlier, he felt the presence at a distance of 100 meters, but the enemy instantly appeared near him, and he did not even feel it.

e not a demon, but you have a similar smell, who are you? ”

”Demon means interesting.

”Hoho, Im just a regular vampire, you can put your claws away. ”

Muzan wondered if it was worth listening to this creature called a vampire. But the thought that he might recruit a powerful henchman was stronger than fear.

– Okay.

– Thats good, Im Dio Brando, and who are you?

”Get in trust, get what you want, and then stab in the back, no matter what tactics and honesty, the main thing is victory.

With hesitation, the demon replied:

– Kibutsuji Muzan, demon.

”Sure, where are we? ”

Even though he is an unknown being, I feel no hostility from him… If I try to absorb him, maybe I will gain immunity or become stronger, the primordial demon thought.

Thoughts of recruiting were immediately forgotten, three words eclipsed his brain: immunity to the sun.

”What a stupid creature, do you think you can win? ”

As soon as the demon made a dash, Dios Stand began to attack him.


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