Sanas POV

”The wedding is in three hours. How can she do such a thing. How can she play with my sons life. ” Aunty was crying continuously.

”Rajesh please do something, I can see her like that. ” Uncle pleaded to papa.

”Rajesh Bhai I know you have done a lot for our family but can I ask one last thing. Please don deny. ” Jaya aunty requested to papa

”Ofcourse bhabhi. ” Papa assured her.

”Can you give us your daughter for our son. Please Rajesh Bhai, please Sudha. ” Aunty gave everyone a shock and I was standing dumbfounded.

”Jaya you don have to request us. Sana now belongs to your family. ” Mama said assuring Jaya aunty.

”Yes bhabhi she now belongs to your family. ” Papa too said the same thing. Here my marriage is getting fixed and no one asked me if I am ok with it or not. WTF is going on.

”Princess I hope that you will keep our word. ” Papa said. Yeah now the emotional blackmail will begin. I agree what happened is wrong but atleast ask the groom also if he is ready.

”Papa, mama, aunty, uncle give me 5 minutes please. These things are too much for me. Shreya where is the restroom dear. ” I said and left with Shreya.

Why me god why me? I agree I love Veer but he doesn love me. He would never be happy with this alliance. Moreover even if our marriage happens he will curse himself. I can see him in pain but I also can deny my parents. Please I just hope Veer denies to this marriage, he thinks me as his best friend. He would never be happy if this marriage happens. Please Veer please deny to this alliance.

I came out of the restroom went where everyone waited for my answer.

”I am ready for this marriage. ” I said and everyone face beamed with happiness. ”But is Veer ok with this? ” I asked.

”Veer… ” Aunty looked into his sons eyes pleadingly.

”Yes mom. I will do anything for you all. ” He said but I can sense the unwillingness in his voice.

”Umm papa..mama can I talk with you for 5 minutes. ” I asked them.

”Sure princess. ” Both of them said in unison and we went out.

”Papa…are you sure about this. ” I asked.

”Princess…we know Veer from when he was a child. He would surely keep you happy. ” Papa said.

”Yes princess. He is a nice boy. And you are lucky to have him as your husband. He is one in crores. He will keep you happy. Don worry. ” Mama said.

Why is everyone hell bent in killing me? I agree I always wanted to marry Veer, but not like this. He is not happy with this marriage and anyone can clearly see that. Veer am sorry, I hope you will forgive me.


After 2 hours

”Umm uncle…aunty the priest is calling for Kanyadaan. ” Karan said and I was scared like hell. Veer is not a cruel guy, he respects women but still am scared how would he react after our marriage. Will our relation be same?

”Lets go Sana. Its time. ” Mama said and we 3 went.

After a series of rituals, came the time of tieing the nupital chain and applying vermilion. Now am his legally wedded wife. Now am no more Sana Sharma, am Sana Veer Rathod now.

After some more rituals and games the wedding was completed and now came the time of sending off the bride. I cried my heart out. But its the rule right that everytime a girl has to sacrifice. And I was no exception. I had to move in with Veer into a new family.


In Veers room

I was sitting in the centre of the bed, still scared of his outburst. He is someone who you can never control when he is angry. But now I guess I have to bare with his anger for the rest of my life.

There he came, from his face I can make out that he is sad, broken and devasted.

”Sana… I don know how to say this but.. this marriage means nothing to me, if…if you want you can divorce me after 6 months. I am sorry I spoiled your life. ” Veer said facing his back to me, his bride whom he married some time ago.

”Veer.. you know what maybe this marriage is nothing for you, but for me its everything. The seven vows we made is completely true for me and I shall abide by it till my death. You may not accept me as your wife but I accepted you as my husband the moment you tied this holy chain around my neck and applied vermilion. ” I said while tears flowed from my eyes without my permission.

”I am sorry Sana. I really am. ” He apologized to me but for what.

”Veer.. can we give this relationship a chance. ” I asked hoping for a positive response.

”Sana I don know literally I don what to say. I am just tired. I just need some sleep. ” He said and went near the couch to sleep.

”Veer.. you can sleep on the bed, I will take the couch. Moreover you won fit in the couch. ” I said.

”Its ok I will manage. ” He said without any emotion.

”Veer please. I don have the patience to argue with you. Please. ” He came near the bed and I went near the couch to sleep.

Oh god how can I sleep in this lehenga. Ofcourse I don have my clothes those are in my home because of this sudden wedding. Atleast I have my phone. Shit no battery!!! Wow. Its as if the whole world wants me to suffer. I think I should ask Shreya or Aunty. They can help me. Its better if I ask Shreya.

I turned towards the door to go out and ask Shreya for some clothes.

”Where are you going at this time? ” Veer voice yelled. Is he angry? Ofcourse he is.

”Actually I don have clothes so I will ask Shreya so… ” I couldn form words. For the first time am nervous to talk with someone. The girl who was called the queen of debates is nervous to talk with his husband. Great.

”No need to ask to Shreya. Open the closet. There are some of my clothes. You can wear them and tomorrow morning Karan will go and get your things. ” Veer said sternly. If it would have been some other time I would have not cared for his anger, but now the situation is different. I can take risk of making him more angry.

”Ok. ” I just said this and went to change.

I hope tomorrow would be better. I hope Veer will be back to normalcy. I hope everything will be good. I just hope. And with that hope I tried to adjust in this not so comfy couch. Anyways I guess thats my fate.


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