Demon King Arise The Path to Power

Arrival: Showdown at the Gates

as you say you are ”

Eiji stood tall and squared his shoulders, his eyes blazing with determination staring right back into the cold eyes of the burly man. ”I don have a sword, ” he said, his voice firm and confident. ”But if you
e willing to lend me one, Ill happily take you on. ”

The big bandit sneered at Eiji, clearly not expecting this response. The guard with the badly maintained armor, however, seemed to be amused by the idea of a little fight. He gestured to the other guard, who tossed his sword to Eiji.

”All right, ” the guard said, a grin on his face. ”You two can have at it. Whoever wins gets in. Try not to end it with one swing big one. ”

Eiji picked up the sword that had been tossed to him, getting into a ready stance. The big bandit had drawn his axe, and the two men circled each other warily, sizing each other up.

The line infront of the gate has turned into a circle, in the middle Eiji and the burly bandit circling. It was the bandit that took the initiative and rushed at Eiji.

The fight began in a blur of steel and sweat. The bandit swung his axe with all his might, trying to throw Eiji off guard and finish it with one swing, but Eiji was ready. He deflected the blow, his sword ringing out as it met the axes edge.

The two men exchanged blows, their weapons clashing and scraping against each other. It was clear that the bandit was taller and much stronger than Eiji , but Eiji s quick ripposte and nimble movements kept him on the defensive.

Eiji saw his opportunity and took it. With a quick step to the side, he managed to get behind the bandit, dodging another incoming swing from above, and deliver a swift, precise strike. His sword sliced through the air, and as it connected with the bandits neck, a spray of blood splattered out in all directions. The big mans head fell to the ground with a thud, and his body crumpled to the ground moments later.

The other bandits looked on in shock, their jeers and insults silenced. Eiji stood tall, his sword at the ready.

The guards watched the fight with a mixture of surprise and admiration. They had clearly not expected Eiji to be able to take down the burly bandit so easily, and they seemed impressed by his skill and determination.

The other bandits, on the other hand, looked on in shock and disbelief. They had clearly underestimated Eiji , but their eyes were filling with rage about the loss of their boss.

They stepped forward, a sly look in their eyes. ”Well make you pay, ” one of them said, drawing his sword. He was a slim, agile man with a sly grin on his face. ”We ain afraid of no boy. ” Said the one with a tatoo over his left eye.

The guard looked at Eiji, a curious expression on his face. ”Do you want to keep fighting? ” he asked. ”Or are you satisfied with your victory? ”

Eiji considered his options. He was tired and hungry from his travel, and he just wanted to get inside the town and find some food. But he also knew that he couldn back down now. Who knew what these two cutthroats would do if he would not deal with them now.

”Ill fight, ” he said, his voice firm and confident. ”But I won let this go on forever. I just want to get inside and find some food. ”

The guard nodded, a satisfied look on his face. ”Very well, ” he said.

Eiji turned around to face the two bandits, they were already rushing towards him.

As they came closer, Eiji made a step forward and kicked the slim one against the leg, he stumbled and fell the ground while Eiji was avoiding the other ones club.

He spun around, his sword slicing through the air as he stepped forward and then backward. Pulling the sword down and slicing the back of the poor slim one, as he was trying to get back up again. He cried out in pain and fell back to the ground.

The other bandit turned to face Eiji, trying to take another swing. But it was too late. Eiji was already ready for the next strike, and with a quick thrust of his sword, he plunged it into the the bandits head.

As the fight came to an end, a loud clapping echoed through the air and it became silent. Eiji turned towards the sound.

He saw a tall, muscular man walking through the gates, his armor shining in the sunlight. The guards at the gates bowed low as the man approached, their faces filled with respect.

”Greetings, Baron, ” one of the guards said, his voice filled with reverence.

The baron chuckled, a deep, rumbling sound that echoed through the air. ”I was wondering what all this ruckus was about, ” he said, his voice deep and commanding. ”And it seems that I have found an interesting newcomer. ”

He walked towards Eiji, his eyes studying him carefully. ”Who are you? ” he asked, his voice filled with curiosity. ”I don believe weve met before. ”

”My name is Eiji , ” he replied, his voice strong and confident. ”I heard that you were looking for some new recruits, and I thought I would see if I could join your team. ”

The baron nodded, a satisfied look on his face. ”Well, Eiji, ” he said. ”You have proven yourself to be a skilled fighter. And I have a feeling that you will be a valuable addition to my team. Why don we discuss the specifics over dinner? I would like to get to know you a bit better before we finalize the deal. ”

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