Demon King Arise The Path to Power

The destruction of Greenfield

little human bitches for us to play with? ”

Elinas screams filled the air as the orcs tore off her clothes, their rough hands ripping at the fabric of her dress. They started with the buttons, pulling them off one by one. Elina begged and pleaded with them to stop, her voice shaking with fear and desperation. But the orcs only laughed and continued their assault, their rough hands exploring every inch of her body as they stripped her.

Next, they moved on to her bra, their fingers fumbling with the clasp as they freed her breasts from the tight fabric. Elinas nipples hardened in the cool air as the orcs leered at her, their mouths watering at the sight of her exposed body. She tried to cover herself, but it was no use. The orcs were too strong, their hands holding her down as they violated her with their eyes.

Finally, they moved on to her panties, their rough fingers pulling at the waistband as they ripped them off her body. Elinas legs were spread wide, her most intimate areas exposed to the orcs leering gaze. She begged and pleaded with them to stop, her voice hoarse with tears and terror. But the orcs only laughed and continued their assault, their thick penises already hard and ready for her. Elina knew she was at their mercy, her naked and vulnerable body completely at their disposal.

Elina writhed in agony as the orcs filled her with their cum, her body slick with sweat and semen. ”Oh god, please stop, ” she cried, her voice hoarse with pain.

One of the orcs walked over to Seras, who was huddled in the corner in terror. He grabbed her by the arm and yanked her out of the corner, tossing her onto the floor next to Elina.

”No, please, ” Seras begged, her voice shaking with fear. ”Don do this to me. ”

”Don worry, little human, ” he sneered. ”This will be over soon. ”

Seras screamed and begged him to stop, but the orc only laughed and continued, his rough hands holding her down. As the orcs finished with Elina, they left the two women lying on the floor, their bodies bruised and battered.

Elina and Seras lay there, sobbing and shaking, their bodies sore. They knew that they were lucky to be alive, and that they had somehow managed to survive the the orcs.

The village is in chaos as the orcs continue their attack. Houses are burning, women are being taken, and the men are being slaugthered left and right. The orcs are a frenzied, bloodthirsty mob, their faces contorted with rage and lust.

”Get the women! ” one of the orcs roars. ”Take as many as you can. ”

Elina and her sister are eventually taken as well, dragged away from the village and into the forest. They are thrown into a large tent, where they are joined by other women from the village who have suffered the same fate.

”Whats going to happen to us? ” one of the women sobs, her face buried in her hands.

Elina wraps her arm around the woman, trying to offer some comfort. ”I don know, ” she says softly. ”But we have to stay strong. We have to hold onto hope that one day, well be rescued and reunited with our loved ones. ”

The orcs come and go, taking the women for their own pleasure and then returning them to the tent when they are done. It is a never-ending cycle of abuse and degradation, with no hope of escape.

”I can take this anymore, ” one of the women moans, her body trembling with grief and exhaustion. ”I just want to go home. ”

Elina holds the woman close, tears rolling down her own cheeks. ”I know how you feel, ” she whispers. ”But we have to keep fighting. We have to hold onto hope that one day, this will all be over. ”

As the weeks turn into months, the women reached the demon kingdom. But till then they had become nothing more than objects to be used and abused. They are constantly hungry and thirsty, their bodies dirty and covered in bruises and welts. They are constantly afraid, never knowing when they will come for them next.

But despite their despair, they hold onto one glimmer of hope – the hope that one day, they will be rescued and reunited with their loved ones. They cling to this hope as they wait and pray for their salvation.

This event started the war, that would rage on for a whole decade between the Demon Kingdom and the allied nations.

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