Demon King Arise The Path to Power

Secret: Candies and Motives

Eiji walked through the streets of the town, his senses on high alert as he kept watch for any signs of danger. He had been working as a guard for the baron for a few days now, and he had used this time to get familiar with the place and its people.

As he patrolled the town, he couldn help but overhear snippets of conversation and gossip between the people. It seemed that the baron was not well-liked among the people, with many of them expressing their hatred and resentment towards him for allowing the demons to live in the town. The people in the town treated the demons extremely poorly, even resorting to violence in some cases.

One thing that particularly stood out to Eiji about this town was the strict rules and regulations that seemed to govern every aspect of the demons lives. They were not allowed to buy food, clothes, or basically anything, and were only allowed to work the worst and most menial jobs. And when they did get paid, it apparently was in a strange currency called ”candys ” that seemed to serve as both money and food at the same time.

Eiji couldn help but feel a sense of frustration and anger at the way the demons were treated in this town. They were barely allowed to survive, let alone thrive. As expected, was the reality nothing like the baron made it sound like. It was discrimination like this that he used to fight against, but he knew better to take rash steps, information first then the rest. Even after performing the ritual twice he wasn strong to go against an entire town. Atleast not yet.

But there was one thing that captivated Eijis interest. He had been curious about the strange currency that the demons seemed to gain when working in this town called ”Candys ”. He had never heard of or seen anything like it before.

Eiji couldn help but wonder where the candys came from, and he was determined to find out more about them. He tried asking the townspeople about the candys, but they seemed to know very little or were unwilling to talk about it.

Eiji continued his patrol route, keeping a watchful eye on the people and demons of the town. As he walked through the streets, he couldn help but notice the miserable and impoverished state the town was in, he could understand the townspeople a little bit even. If it was him in their shoes he would probably blame the demons aswell for their misery. It seemed easy to do so.

He couldn help but feel the hostile and resentful stares of the townspeople. They seemed to hate him and everything he represented, and they made no effort to hide their contempt. Suddenly, Eiji heard a commotion nearby. He unsheated his sword and began to run towards the sound.

”Please, let me go, ” the girl begged, her voice shaking with fear.

”Shut up, demon, ” one of the two tall man infront of her snarled. ”You
e nothing but a freak. You deserve everything you get. ”

The demon huddled in a corner, her eyes wide with fear as the two closed in around her. She knew that she was no match for their brute strength and cruelty, and she knew that her fate was all but sealed.

”You demons are all the same, ” one of them spat. ”You think you can just waltz into our town and take whatever you want. Well, you
e wrong. You
e nothing but a burden and a curse, and we
e going to make sure you pay for your sins. ”

The demon knew that there was no reasoning with these hateful and narrow-minded people, and she knew that her only hope lay in escape. She tried to run, but the ruffians grabbed her by the arms and held her fast, their grip like iron.

”Please, I beg of you, ” the demon cried. ”Don hurt me! ”

It was at that moment that Eiji arrived on the scene, his sword ready.

”Stand back! ” he shouted, his voice ringing out through the street. ”Leave this demon alone, or face the consequences! ”

The two hesitated for a moment, their eyes flickering back and forth between Eiji and the demon.

”What are you doing here? ” one of them snarled, his eyes narrowed with hatred. ”This doesn concern you, baron dog! ”

”Ill decide what does and doesn concern me, ” Eiji replied, his voice firm and confident. ”And I won stand by and watch you bully this demon. ”

The ruffian sneered at him, his fists clenched with anger. ”You think you
e better than us, just because you have a fancy sword and lick the barons boots? ” he spat. ”Well, you
e wrong. You
e nothing but a weakling and a coward, and Ill prove it to you right now! ”

The other one grabbed his companion by the arm, his eyes filled with warning. ”Don be an idiot, ” he said, his voice low and urgent. ”This isn the time or the place for a fight. ”

The first one hesitated, his fists still clenched with anger. But he knew that his companion was right, and he reluctantly nodded his agreement.

”Fine, ” he said, his voice dripping with disgust. ”Well leave this one alone, for now. But well be back, and well make sure this demon pays for her sins. ”

They then turned around and fled, disappearing into the shadows of the streets.

”Are you alright? ” Eiji asked the girl, his voice soft and gentle. ”Did they hurt you? ”

The girl looked up at him, her eyes filled with gratitude and relief. ”Thank you, iam fine ” she whispered.

Eiji reached out a hand and helped her to her feet, his face neutral and professional. ”Its my job to protect people like you, ” he said, his voice firm and business-like. ”Now, lets get you out of here before those three come back. Can you walk? ”

The girl nodded, her eyes filled with determination. ”I can walk, ” she said, her voice low and resolute.

”Where do you live? ” he asked, his voice low and concerned. ”Is there somewhere safe that I can bring you? ”

The demon girl hesitated, her eyes downcast. ”I live in the inn, ” she said, her voice low and sad. ”If you could bring me there that would be great. ”

Eiji nodded ”If you can show me the way, i still getting used to this place. ”

”Sure! ” the girl replied excited and they started to walk back onto the main street, the girl leading the way.

”Im Eiji, by the way, ” he said, offering her a small smile. ”Whats your name? ”

”Im Ayla, ” the girl said excited.

”What were you doing in this part of town? How come those two attacked you? ”

Ayla shrugged ”I dont know, was just coming back from work. Then they approached me. They wanted my candy, but i didn give it to them. ”

”What is it with these candys? It seems to be such an important thing in this town. ”

Ayla shrugged, a look of confusion crossing her face. ”I don know, ” she said, her voice filled with innocence. ”Ayla just work hard and Ayla gets candys. Ayla eats them and Ayla grows up. Thats what Jackie always tells me atleast. ”

Eiji frowned, his mind racing as he tried to understand what Ayla was saying. ”What do you mean by grow up? ” he asked, his voice filled with curiosity.

Aylas eyes lit up, a look of excitement crossing her face. ”If you eat your candy every day, you grow up fast, ” she said, her voice filled with enthusiasm. ”And once you are big enough you can live with the baron and eat as much candy as you want and dont have to work hard anymore! ”

Eiji thought about this information for a while. Finally he turned to Ayla again. ”Do you know where the candies come from? Who is making them and distributing them? ”

Ayla looked at Eiji. ”I dont know, sorry ” she said, her voice hesitant. ”Ive always just been given my candy by Jackie, if i do the work she gives me and i do a good job i get candy. But besides that i dont know. ”

”Who is Jackie? ” Jack asked.

Ayla looked at Eiji, a look of uncertainty crossing her face. ”You dont know Jackie?, ” she said, her voice hesitant. ”I thought everyone knows jackie?. ”

”Like i said Iam still new in this town, been only here for a few days. I have still to learn alot about how things work here. ”

Ayla looked at Eiji, with a big smile. ”Then its your lucky day!, ” she said, a hint of excitement in her voice. ”She is probably at the inn, she is always there so lets go meet her! ”

As they walked through the streets of the town together, Eiji couldn help but feel a sense of excitement and determination. He knew that he was one step closer to understanding the mystery of the candies and this Jackie seemed to be a person he should talk to.

As they walked, the streets grew more and more crowded, and Eiji could feel the tension in the air. He could see the mistrust and hate in the eyes of the townspeople as they passed, and he knew that Ayla and the other demons were not welcome here.

But Ayla didn seem to notice. She chattered happily about her friends and her life at the inn, completely oblivious to the hostility around her.

”I can wait to show you where I live, Eiji, ” she said, her voice filled with enthusiasm. ”There are so many other demons like me there. Everybody is so nice to each other. Its a really special place. ”

Eiji smiled down at Ayla, his heart filled with warmth at her words. He couldn believe how young and innocent she was, despite everything.

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