Demon King Arise The Path to Power

The destruction of Greenfield

Somwhere near the peaceful village of Greenfield, located on the border between the demon kingdom and the allied nations. The village is nestled in a lush green valley, surrounded by rolling hills and dense forests. The night is quiet and still, with no hint of the doom that is about to befall them.

In the nearby forest, the demon kings army of orcs is preparing for their attack. The orc commander, Charlok, is a large, hulking brute with a thick, bushy beard and piercing red eyes. He stands at the head of his troops, barking orders and riling them up for the attack.

”Listen up, boys! ” Charlok growls in a deep, guttural voice. ”Weve been waiting for this moment for far too long. The time has come to take what is rightfully ours – the women of this village. Well breed with them and grow our army. ”

His underling, Merling, a smaller, scrappier orc with a jagged scar running down his face, nods in agreement. ”What about the men, sir? ” he asks.

Charlok sneers at him. ”They
e not worth anything. ”

Charlok turns to the rest of the orcs, a wicked grin spreading across his face. ”Remember, boys, the women are the prize. Take as many as you can and bring them back to the kingdom. The demon king has big plans for them. And as for the men… ” He draws his sword, the sharp blade glinting in the moonlight. ”Slaugther all of them. ”

The orcs let out a bloodthirsty roar as they prepare to attack. Charlok raises his hand, giving the signal to move out. The orcs charge towards the village, their war drums pounding and their battle cries echoing through the forest.

A few minutes before on the village side, all is quiet. Two guards, Marc and Jerry, are on duty at the gates. They are both drunk and laughing boisterously as they joke about which woman in the village they would like to bang.

”I tell you, Jerry, its got to be Elina, ” Marc slurred, a lecherous grin spreading across his face. ”Have you seen that body? Those curves! Id do anything to get a piece of that. ”

Jerry snorted. ”You
e not the only one, Marc. Ive had my eye on her for a while now. Ill bet you a silver coin I can get her to go out with me for the next Beltane. ”

Marcs eyes narrowed as he considered the bet. ”You
e on. But I have a good feeling about this. Elinas going to be mine. ”

Meanwhile, Elina is in the barn feeding the pigs and talking to them as she always does. She is a kind, gentle woman with long, flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She takes comfort in the simple pleasures of life, like tending to the garden.

Suddenly, she hears the war drums and an alarm bell signaling the attack. She panics and tries to run to her house, thinking of her sister who is alone there. As she makes her way through the village, she sees burning arrows raining down, setting houses ablaze and causing screams of terror. They are getting attacked.

Elinas heart was pounding in her chest as she ran through the flaming village, the sounds of screams and arrows filling the air. She could hear the orcs coming closer. She knew she had to get to her house and find her sister, Seras, before it was too late.

She pushed herself to run faster, her feet pounding against the ground as she fought to reach the safety of her home. But as she neared the house, she saw the village gates being breached by the orcs, their massive bodies overpowering the militia as they stormed through.

Elinas heart raced as she rushed into the house, her eyes scanning the room for any sign of her sister. She finally spotted her huddled under the bed, her eyes wide with fear.

”Seras, we have to go! ” Elina shouted, her voice urgent as she grabbed her sisters arm and tried to pull her up. ”We can stay here, its not safe! ”

But Seras was frozen with fear, her body trembling as she clung to the bed. ”I can , Im too scared, ” she sobbed, her voice shaking.

”You have to move, now! ” Elina yelled, desperation rising in her voice as she yanked her sister to her feet. ”We don have much time! ”

Just as they began to move, the door to the house was bust open and three orcs stormed in. Elinas heart pounded as she grabbed her sisters hand

”What do we have here? ” one of the orcs leers, his eyes raking over Elinas body. ”Two

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