Everything was perfect.

Even the half underground house for one person which is the size of the bathroom of the house lived before.

The fact that had to work starting next was also not a matter to me.

Ive finally escaped from that hell-like house and got my freedom. I could live happily just from that one thing.

But… .

”Im pretty sure told you to live as quiet

as a mouse without any fuss, with not

even your breathing sound could be

heard. ”

A man opened his mouth.

His hateful gaze on me seemed as if he was seeing a hideous bug.

”I heard that you acted like an mad dog at the crowned princes return ceremony banquet. ”

Those icy deadly gaze seeming like it wants to kick me to death was familiar to me.

It was the kind of gaze I always got from that house.

However it didn mean I was fine even though I had experienced it a lot.

”What was your purpose for acting like that? ”

I couldn breathe right at his aura. My lips started to tremble in fear.

It was then.

A white chart appeared in front of my face.

And I could see the words written line by line in the chart.

1. How do I know?

2. I didn have a purpose.

3. (With a pitiful tone of voice) Well… Um, thats…..

…What is this?

I was going to ask what this was, however as if something was stuck in my throat, I couldn let out a sound.

The mans voice threatened me when I just stood there without speaking a word.

”You better speak. ”

I felt the deadly aura to the point it hurt my skin. Ill die when I don give an answer.

I unconsciously pressed the number 3 on the white chart.

”Well… Um, thats…. ”

The same words on the chart automatically came out my mouth without my wills.

What the. Whats this?!

My mouth opened idiotically, still not believing what just said.

I couldn take guess what kind of situation I was in right now.

I was in an unfamiliar place when I woke up, and came to face these unfamiliar people whom all held deadly aura.

I couldn think a thing as if I just woke up from sleeping.

”Well um thats, next. ”

The man didn seem to like the incomplete answer as he commanded me for the actual answer with a scary face.

It was then when the new sentences eventually appeared in the chart.

1. Im sorry. Ill act properly next time.

2. A stupid maid was the one to start all the fuss.

3. The lowly ones treated me low. The me who is the only daughter of Eckart!

I didn have time to sit around, thinking of what was going on right now.

I hurriedly picked an answer while taking hint of the mood here.

Even though I know nothing, I must speak of something in this situation. This was the result of my reaction from all the painful experiences back then.

”Im sor…. ”

”We wouldn have met each other like this in the first place if it was something thatd all be solved with a simple apology. ”

My line was cut by him right away.

My heart reached the bottom from the stabbing tone of voice he used.

I curled my body up instinctively. Then the man spoke in an icy tone.

”Penelope Eckart. ”

Penelope Eckart?

”Well withdraw our name Eckart from you for some time. ”

The line and the name was very familiar.

I raised my head in a lightning speed.

Then I could clearly see the face of the man I couldn see well before.

The man who was some distance away from the bed was not one of the people of that house, but a foreigner who Ive never seen before.

The blue eyes that reflects the ocean, and the black hair that reminds me of obsidian.

Above them was a long bar that was similar to the phones battery sign, with the white word that sparkled.

In… terest…?

If my eyes are perfectly fine, then the white sparkling words above the mans head definitely said Interest.

”Definitely no parties or banquet during that time, and your absolutely not allowed to leave the room. You think over

what you did wrong, and think of what youd do from now on during…. ”

”….. . ”

”Where are you looking at? ”

The mans emotionless face turned to a frown as if he was unpleasant with me staring at something else than where I was supposed to look.

However I couldn react to that and only kept on checking the bar above the mans head.

[Interest 0%]

No way….

I unconsciously shook my head couple of times.

It was really unbelievable.


”The rumours saying that you went insane was true. ”

The man glared at me for a moment from my weird actions before turning away from me.

He walked toward the door with big and fast steps as if he didn want to stay in the same place with me for even a second more. [Interest 0%] Is moving away from me.

What did I do wrong?

It was the time I think about what this situation was about while staring at the back of the leaving figure.

I felt someones eyes on me with the aura seeming to mock me with a smirk.

I turned my head to see another person with pink hair, standing with his arms crossed in the shadow by the door.

He had the same blue eyes as the person who just left. His face held a smile that seemed to ridicule.

[Interest -10%]

The white word sparkled above the boys figure.

Its even a negative.

”Fool bitch. Serves you right. ”

Unlike how he has a pretty face, he swore some nasty bad words and left the room following the man who previously left.

Thud-! The door slammed.

I stayed seated with my head blank for a long while in the room where only I existed.

My head didn work well and I still couldn figure out the situation I was in currently.

I thought for a while and realized that the place I was in and the two people I just saw were both somewhat familiar to me.

”Its a lie, right…? ”

I could finally speak what I wished to

speak when I was left alone.

But I didn have time to notice that.

I couldn believe this. This was not something that happens everyday for me too.

”Theres no way though. ”

It can be that the scene from a game I was playing before falling into sleep was replaying like its reality.

And with me as one of the characters in the game.

”Im dreaming right now. ”

There didn exist another case for this other than that.

However no matter how much I pulled on my hair and pinched my face, I still couldn wake up from this dream.

”N, no… No, no! No! I say no-! ”

Penelope Eckart.

She was the villainess of the most popular game for girls these days, and the heroine of the difficult mode.

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