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I was startled by the sudden noise and shook my head.
I looked around and made eye contact with the child who was staring at me.



How long was I asleep for?

There was no natural light, so I couldn’t tell whether it was morning, noon, or evening, so I couldn’t gauge the passage of time.
I gave a brief greeting and then flapped my wings to clear my mind.


Where was I lying down?

The place where I was lying was on the palms of the child’s finely gathered hands.
Did you see me sleeping soundly and made a hand bed for me? Excitement surged.

This! Cute! Boy!

“Thank you! Thanks to you, I slept well!”

I smiled broadly and flew once, rubbing my face on the child’s finger.
I flew here and there on purpose, and the child did not catch me, only chasing me with his eyes.

Now I feel a bit relieved.

But what was that noise?

I looked around and looked towards the door to find a plate in the slot.

It was dinner time.
Meals came in twice a day.
The child would always go to the door and empty the dishes on the plate.
Even when I was a pool of water or the plant, he didn’t take his eyes off of me…


My memories, which had been completely forgotten, crept up from the bottom.

As soon as I was born, I was almost eaten by a child.

This guy…

Did he ever see me as delicious food?

Could it be that he saw me as a side dish at every meal?

Maybe even now when I am a fairy?

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If it’s dinner time now, he’ll be hungry, right?

Was it not that he was putting his palms together to put me to sleep, but he was contemplating whether or not to put me in his bowl and eat me? Read only at pm tl.


No way.
I quickly brushed off my wings, dispelling my uneasy suspicion.
He wouldn’t have protected me like that if he thought of me as a delicious meal.
He probably tried to eat me just because he didn’t know what to do.

I stopped thinking and flew towards the slot where the plate was placed.
When I looked back, the boy was leaning against the wall with his hands hanging down on the floor, watching my actions.

How far can I go? Can I go out? I faced the child and moved a little closer to the entrance.

Slowly, slowly, slowly.



I was snatched away.
It happened as soon as I was about to get out of the reach of the child.

“You were leaning against the wall over there.
When did you get here? Do you know how to move in space? Why are you so fast?”

Startled, I calmed my beating heart and patted the child’s hand.

“I’m not going.
I’m not going.”

He wouldn’t let me go even though I patted his hand.

I looked up in amazement and almost passed out.


The child was staring at me blankly.
It was the pure face I had always seen.
But why? It felt very frightening, unlike usual.

A faint light flickered from above illuminated only half of the child’s face, and half was immersed in darkness as usual.

The side I was accustomed to was the dark face side, but it was also that side that now felt my fear.
On the half-darkened face, the only thing that shined was the water-soaked eyes.

Fairies could glimpse emotions through the body fluids of creatures.

The child now… He looked at me and I felt his hunger.

The child slowly opened his mouth.
The crooked teeth gleamed pale in the light.
Transparent saliva was welling up on the corners of his mouth.

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Unknowingly, I was terrified by the ferocious hunger of a child I had encountered for the first time in my life.
I was already caught up in the illusion of being eaten by a child.

“Don’t eat me! Please!”

I pushed the child’s hand away and cried.
Then the strength of the child’s hand was released.


I slumped to the floor and sighed.

“You really tried to eat me.
It’s too much.”

Too much, too much, how could you try to eat me?

Do you really see me as food?

Things like that happen too.

Even though I cried because it was too much, I was subtly convinced.

To be honest, I can’t help it when he sees me as food, right? A puddle is drinkable water, and grass is an edible plant.
I didn’t speak or move back then.

To sum it up, the grass that turned into a fairy right in front of his eyes.

‘Moving grass = fairy’

…Of course he would be thinking that.
So far, I was okay with that, because it was somewhat correct.
The problem was that he goes beyond this perception.

‘Eat grass = Eat fairies’

…It seems that he even thought of that.
Even if I’m the cutest fairy in the world.

He doesn’t know how to speak, so maybe… I’m sorry to think this way, but the probability of basic common sense lacking was 99%.

Maybe he didn’t even realize that I was reborn as a different race called a fairy, so he was thinking of it as ‘grass = fairy’ rather than ‘grass → fairy’.

As soon as I understood it, my heart calmed down and my crying stopped.
I wiped away my tears, and a positive mind sprung up.

How about food? No matter how he sees me, he must have cherished me.
To protect me, he was bruised.

It was also certain that I comforted the loneliness by being by his side.
The emotion that awakened me as a fairy was not appetite, but solitude.

A brightly colored edible herb grown in the corner of the room.

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“How dare you look at this fairy as a herb…”


What scared me was that the child who had always treated me like an expensive ornamental plant would eat like a starving child for the rest of his life.
When I was done grasping the situation, the child’s appetite no longer frightened me.
Now he looked like a human kid who didn’t know anything.

In the beginning, I was not afraid of Doom, but rather a powerful drop of water that ignited a fighting spirit.

“Hey, cutie, you are mistaken.”

In the past, I was a nutritious grass that you could eat apart from not being born, but now that I have become a fairy, I can’t be eaten.

“If you don’t know, just let me know.
I mean, I am not a vegetable that will quickly become your meal, but that I am a pretty, cute, and precious fairy who wants to be your friend.”

Yes, there are piles of things I want to teach you, but let’s get this straight.

I shook my head.
The child was looking at me like a strange thing.

I am not a meal.”


“Don’t eat me.

His greedy eyes have already grasped everything.
I’ll run away as soon as he shows any signs of eating me.

I can use Patares before he eats me to get out of there.
I cried twice because I was afraid.

“If you want to eat , I’ll give you a honey chestnut!”

Keep in mind I’m not who I used to be!

He couldn’t understand it, but I let go of the threat and bravely walked forward in front of the slot.
I pointed at the plate fiercely.

“Look Carefully.
That’s not me, this is what you eat…”

Are you eating right?

Looking at the things on the plate, I blurted out the end of my words.
The meal on the tray, where the dirty residue dried up, contained a dirty soup with unidentified ingredients floating around and black bread that looked hard.

It was said that humans boil and eat a warm soup with fresh vegetables and thick meat sliced ​​in them.
They kneaded wheat flour and baked bread in a blazing oven.
They said it was fluffy…

But this food was as poor as the treatment here.

I looked down at the tray with an uneasy feeling.
The soup was not what I was expecting, but the bread might be surprisingly soft and delicious.
I heard that there are many types of bread that are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

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I sniffed and tried to tear the bread apart.
But the surface was as hard as a stone, and it was difficult.
Contemplating, I opened my mouth and bit the bread.


It’s hard enough to be used as a weapon, so I couldn’t even taste it.
If I chewed forcibly, my jaw may be crushed.

I grabbed my tingling chin and gently lowered my face into the dirty soup this time.
I stuck out my tongue and licked the soup a little, then spat it out of the bowl.


“I’m surprised.”

All of a sudden, the boy squatted next to me, put his face close to mine, and watched what I was doing.
The shiny eyes with brightness contained only me, not the bread or the soup.

“Have you been eating like this?”


When I go out, I have to bring a bunch of delicious things.”

It’s unbearable that the first person who will be my first friend eats like this.
As I mumbled grimly, the child reached out to the bread without saying a word.
He broke the loaf of bread in his hands and held out a piece to me.


Startled by the child’s unexpected behavior, I flapped my wings.

“Are you giving it to me? Well… .”

It’s okay to want to gain weight, but it won’t taste good.
When I tasted the soup, I expected the taste of the bread to be the same as well.

A fairy can live by drinking only water.
There was no need to forcefully eat something that didn’t taste good, so if I had to eat something, I would choose to eat only delicious things.
It should be said that hobby was built-in by default.

But even though I didn’t want to eat it, I wanted to receive it because it was given to me by that child.

As I tilted my head and hesitated, the child followed me and tilted his head, and dipped his index finger into crumbly breadcrumbs from the slice of bread and held it out to me.
He seemed to think that the bread piece was so big that I didn’t want to eat it.

I will have to eat like this… I finally put my hands on the child’s index finger.

It was breadcrumbs for a child, but still a bit big for me.
I grabbed the crumbs with both hands and carefully gnawed at the edges.

The bread I ate for the first time in my life was as cold as if it had been frozen and was dry and crumbly.

The child watched me eat breadcrumbs, sticking out my nose for a distance, and watching it come out.
Are you curious about me eating breadcrumbs? Is it fun?

If you’re having fun, I’ll enjoy it too.
Watch as much as you want.

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