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Was the wound from the beating a bruise? First, examine the wound and, if the wound is too severe, get some medicine to help heal the bruise.

It was the moment I took my hand off the child’s cheek.
The child who was just staring blankly at me suddenly sniffled.

The boy put his face toward me, sniffled and wrinkled his nose.
Do I smell? I closed my eyes and pushed my face out so that he could sniff me to my heart’s content.

How long has it been-

Suddenly, my hair curled up.


As soon as I opened my eyes, screaming in surprise, my hair snapped into the child’s mouth.

What, what? I was startled and hardened, but the child chewed my hair like gum.

He couldn’t get enough of it, and was sucking it up so hard, it felt like his hard teeth were going to reach my scalp in an instant.

I was blown away.
Why is he like this all of a sudden?

“Don’t eat! Don’t eat!”

Pulling my hair and screaming not to eat did not slow the speed of the teeth coming in.
A damp breath spurted out from just above my head.

I feel a sense of crisis.
If I do this, I will bite through the face to the core.
Am I going to be cut in two by my first person’s teeth as soon as I’m born? My hair was bleached white.


As I burst into tears in embarrassment, the crackling sound of his teeth stopped suddenly.

I shook my head as I grabbed my hair.

“Do not eat.

As soon as I was freed from the child, I backed away and stuck to the wall.

“You’re bad! How could you try to eat me!”

Full of betrayal, I screamed, but the child just looked at me with eyes that seemed confused and did not know what to do.

This was the first time I had ever seen another different expression.

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I couldn’t help it.
Even before I was born, I enjoyed seeing his various expressions, and I coughed.

“Don’t eat me.
Never eat me.


The child then laid sideways on the floor without answering.
With the side of his head on the floor, he looked at me, who was glued to the corner of the room and the wall next to it.

What’s with that strange reaction? I slowly walked over and looked down at the child’s face.
As if the last time he chewed my hair was hard, he looked helpless, as if all his energy had waned.
The embarrassment that was cute earlier from him was no longer felt.

Behind his slowly blinking eyelids, there were empty eyes that I had seen before.
He seems to be a bit sad…

I had a question because he had never looked at me with such dead eyes.

Why? Why are you looking at me with these eyes?

Because he couldn’t eat my hair?

“Did you want my hair to eat like that?”

The most plausible questions were asked, but no answers were returned.

“It wouldn’t taste good…”

I tilted my head and remembered that he wouldn’t say anything


Something twinkled in my mind.

If you don’t know, I can become a teacher and teach you!

“You don’t want to talk to me, do you? You don’t know what to say?”


As there was still no response, my confidence waned a little.

“Just say one word, ‘yes,’ as you would answer that man, okay? Then I will tell you…”

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I’ll teach you.
I don’t know if I can teach well, but I’ll try.
Before I could say anything else, the child suddenly pricked his ears and jumped up to his feet.

I hesitated in surprise, but the child picked me up roughly.


I screamed in pain from him holding me so tightly that I fell to the floor and crouched.
I clenched my fist against my chest and felt the floor with my other hand.

Not long after, the iron door swung open.


It was the voice of the man who trampled on me earlier.

The boy’s body was about to tremble.


The child’s body shook violently.

The child’s upper body was lifted up slightly.
I barely lifted my face and saw his large, thick hands clasping the nape of the child’s neck.
His thumb was pressing on his flat neck.

“Where did it go?”

Eyeballs protruding from the back of the child’s shoulders gleamed and the child leaned down and scanned the floor.

“Huh? Where did the weeds I stepped on go?”


“Did you eat it?”


“This bastard is annoying! Vomit it!”

A dull noise could be heard from above me.

“Spit it out! Vomit!”

Despite the man’s merciless touch, the child did not let out a single groan.

The smell of fishy blood permeated the entire room from the child’s slender hands.
The child clenched all five of his fingers and clenched his teeth.

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