The sprout flapped two leaves.

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‘How was it? Is this your first time seeing this? Is it fun? Isn’t it amazing?’


The boy sighed in admiration.
The sprout was also thrilled.
The boy’s voice it had heard for the first time was so soft that it thought he was beautiful despite the sound of metal scraping his vocal cords.

A dazzling brilliance could be seen in his pale pale blue eyes.
The boy’s eyes were still hazy like a misty sky, but he still felt alive as a human being.
It was different from the helpless look he had before.

The sprout was excited and shook the leaf.

‘Not enough.
I want to see more, more, more of your different sides.’

Sprout wanted to ask the boy.

‘What shape do you like?’

The body has not yet been fixed.
Until sprout was born as a fairy, it could change into any shape it wanted.

As time passed, the buds grew.
Sprout looked at the shapes of plants in knowledge and pondered the appearance of the body.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to just choose an existing plant, but Iitwanted to become a boy’s favorite if possible, so referring to his reaction, it changed the shape of the stem and leaves to create the body.

The boy also carefully felt the leaves and stems with his fingers.

The boy seemed to like bright colors that were not seen around, so it dyed its body with a color close to the light pink.
The stems were smoothed out to avoid piercing the boy if the thorns were raised.
For the boy who frequently touched the leaves, fresh and strong leaves were grown.

The boy stared blankly at the sprout, which had grown so fast that it could no longer be called a sprout, with his eyes glimmering.

The soft yet fresh plant did not show any signs of wear and tear as if it were a puddle, so the frequency of the boy reaching out increased.

The boy’s gaze was ecstatic as if he was looking at the most beautiful thing in the world, and his hand was gentle as if he was caring for the weakest thing.
The plant felt so cherished that it stretched out its leaves like photosynthesis in the absence of light.

‘Not enough.
Show me a different side of you.’

It was thirsty because there wasn’t enough.
The plant loved the light in the boy’s eyes and the way he touched it, but the boy was still mentally exhausted.

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The boy had been staring at it all day, even when it was a pool of puddle, but now he was even clinging to its side.

However, as much as when he felt the presence of the man coming, he got up quickly and hurriedly went to the front of the door at an angle to cover the plant and stood there.

“You’re so smart these days”


“Well, now I’ve got an answer.
You’re finally doing something I like.”

The boy was quickly pulled out of the room with his usual expressionless expression.
But the plant knew the boy’s heart was beating like it was going to explode.
It was such a loud beat that the leaves trembled.

‘What is so scary?’

The plant did not understand the boy’s fear because it didn’t know anything about the boy…

So, overlooking the cause of the boy’s fear, it grew its size, and the catastrophe came not long after.

“Damn, what is this?”

At last, the man saw the plant, and he came to the plant with ferocious footsteps.
The boy, who had convulsions as if struck by lightning, jumped between the plant and the man in a convulsive state, covering the plant.
Witnessing the boy’s urgent desperation, the man’s whites flared with anger.

“You bastard, you pretended to be a good listener to hide this!”


The boy’s back was slammed against a wall and rolled over.
The plant was so startled that it froze as the chains rattled and scratched the floor.

As the man spit and tried to approach the plant again, the boy managed to crouch around the plant.


The boy’s body continued to shake violently.
A heavy breath came out and spilled onto the plant.
The man grabbed the boy roughly and tried to get him up, but the boy struggled to hold on to the floor.

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The boy tried to protect the plant by drawing out all the strength he had normally hidden, but his stature was too small for the man, and there was no groove on the floor to hold onto.
Eventually, he grabbed him by the nape of his neck and fell back again.

Stomp! Stomp!

The man trampled and crushed the defenseless plant.
The fragile leaves were torn to shreds and clung to the floor, dripping with gooey sap.
The man was rubbing the plant to the ground, pressing hard with his heel, and suddenly his feet moved away.


While the man was being pushed by force and fell on his butt, the boy trembled and tried to gather the plant scattered here and there with his messed up hands.

…Unable to think in shock by the sudden violence, the plant shuddered as the hot liquid fell on its body.


The man’s face, who had been sitting down with a bewildered face, was dyed dark red because he could not understand the situation.

“I’ll report and see you later.
You are dead.”

The man jumped up and looked down at the remnants of the plant as if sneering at the remnants and kicked the door to go out.
The boy didn’t care whether the man went out or not.
He simply looked down at the messed up plant in disbelief.
The boy’s eyes, staring blankly at the plant, were wet and damp like soaked paper.

The plant that was crushed were soaked in the boy’s tears.

Human body fluids contain emotions.
At last, the plant realized the identity of the darkness that laid beneath the boy’s heart.
After despair and resignation, it becomes dry.

The name of that painful feeling was loneliness.

The boy’s deep solitude caused a great ripple in the soul of the plant.
A feeling of pity began to build up deep in its soul, and the plant finally knew for sure what it had been hoping for.

‘I, I want to see your smiling face.’

‘Do not cry.
I hate it when you cry.’

It wanted to shout so much, but without a neck, it couldn’t make a sound.
It wanted to wipe the tears away, but without a hand there would be no action.
The only sense that the current plant could affect was the boy’s perspective.

‘I want to reach you.’

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‘I want to hug you.’

‘I want to appease your loneliness.’

It hated the lonely darkness that had taken over his heart.

It wanted to cast out all his darkness.

If it can’t get rid of it, it wants to get rid of it by eating it.

If it can’t get rid of it because he’s already empty, it wants to fill his empty space.

And when he’s full, it wants to protect him so the darkness can’t haunt him again.

‘What? What should I do?’

Until the main body was completed, it could be reproduced in the same form as many times as possible.
But that wasn’t the point.
It was wrong.
Color alone could not comfort the boy’s loneliness.
The plant hastily rummaged through all of its knowledge.


It needed flowers.
People generally say that seeing flowers makes you feel good.
From what it has seen so far, the boy seems to like it too.

Then let’s be flowers.

Much more lively than it is now.
With a look that is beautiful enough to keep the eyes moving, yet comfortable.
Shedding a gentle fragrance.
A flower with such a bright color that even just one single flower can fill it with emptiness at once… To become a flower.


The remnants of the plant turned into tiny water droplets.
Thousands of drops of water gathered in one place, illuminating the dazed boy.
After linking each other, the puddle was revived as a stem and a leaf that it was familiar with.

But this time it didn’t end there.
At the edge of the plant, a pale pink bud with a soft light was shining.
In front of the boy’s rough breathing and his eyes that seemed to pop out, the petals that had formed a bud in a swirling shape unfolded one by one.

…It was blooming

The blue eyes, filled with tears, were filled with petals.

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The flower looked at the boy, waving its body gently.

The boy was making a face it had never seen before.
His face dyed with a warm color enough to want flowers to take root.

‘You’re so cute when you smile like that.’

The flower wanted that.

‘I’m curious about you.
I want to know you.
I want to talk to you.’

So, the flower wanted to be born.


The flower was engulfed in bright light.
The petals swarmed back into buds like a whirlwind, and the leaves completely enveloped the stem.

Before long, the buds were dripping down, and a young and cute face popped out from within.
From the body the leaves had been hiding, short, white limbs stretched out.
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The pale pink petals became part of the softly curving hair, and the pale pink leaves became a part of the sky blue skirt.
The light pooled behind her back spread out through her thin wings.

The fairy slowly raised her long eyelashes.

The light of the universe was gathered together and beaten by the brilliant eyes as if they were driven together, forming a shabby boy’s image.


This being would have become a powerful dark fairy had it not met the boy, because this room was so dark and damp that it could be left with the dark attribute.

However, consciously or unconsciously, this being, who had been overly engrossed in the boy throughout its growth, eventually blossomed into a flower fairy.

The young boy shoved his face towards the baby fairy so that their nose touched.
Blinking and looking at the boy, the fairy finally said what she had always wanted to say whenever she saw the boy.


The fairy smiled broadly, flew up, and kissed the boy’s red cheek.

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