Fairy Drop

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Chapter 1

Am I your first fairy?

Then let me tell you a very important secret.

Fairies are omniscient, but ignorant.

I know that bread is baked until it’s golden brown

What is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside

I don’t know what kind of emotion it is to think it’s delicious.

I know that the sea has natural blue waves and white foam

What is the coolness of the waves and the coolness of the wind

I don’t know what kind of emotion it is to be cool.

Knowledgeable and inexperienced, smart but naive

Children hugging an unread language dictionary.

Fall, fall

To this land, to this world, to you.

You know, you’re actually the first person to me too.

Be friends with me.
Make a contract with me

Please stay by my side as I learn the world.

Doom becomes Om and Om becomes breath.

You breath, I give you my form to Origin

Origin presents Terra to us,

Your vis and my vita.

Our Soul Spirit contract.

Shaking Candle Tower.
Trial round and round.

The stellar planet

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Please open your door to me

Give me your breath

I will be your strength.
I will protect your life.

Because I want to live with you.

If you like me like that, just follow me.

Issen, Furyl, Bacallas, Grandpa, Yula.

Fall, fall

To this land, to this world, to you.

Fairy Drop, Fairy Drop.



Fairy drops began to fall for 13 days this year.

Fairy drop.

It was the name of the rainy season that fell every six years for 13 days across the universe.
It got its name because it rains raindrops that contain a lot of the psychic energy necessary for the birth of a fairy.


Fairy Drops fell generously in the deserts of brown sand, in the craters of boiling red lava, in the forests of green trees, in the blue seas, and in the developed cities where people live.


In winter, it rained instead of snow for the first time in a long time in Ulan, the northernmost fortress, where a blizzard blows all the time.

“It’s a fairy drop!”

As the whole world began to get drenched, people alike left a bucket outside their house to receive fairy water.
Read only at pm tl.

It was not intended to aid in the birth of the fairy.
Fairy water flows and flows, naturally stagnating somewhere, and after being affected by the surrounding environment for a long time, it was necessary to have the will to be born.
The odds of a fairy being born out of stagnant water in a can were extremely low.
Even if one was born, it must have been a fairy with the attributes of a can.

The reason people receive fairy water is because it is a healing medicine.
Drinking a cup of fairy water, which is full of energy, clears your head and improves your mood.
How could such precious water flow into the soil?

Trading with fairy water was strictly prohibited by law, but it was allowed to personally place a barrel outside the house to receive fairy water.
People were happy to conserve and drink the fairy water they had collected during the Fairy Drop until the next Fairy Drop.

In this relationship, the fairies would usually wake up in the untouched nature rather than in the city.
Of course, there were fairies born in the city, and right now, here in Ulan.

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A drop of water bounced off the top of the highest spire in the castle with a clear sound.
The water droplets reflected Ulan’s scenery on the surface when first woken up.


People were running around in the rain, laughing and not even using umbrellas.
If it doesn’t rain during the Fairy Drop period, which is said to be the blessing of the Origin given, when will it be? People didn’t even care about the cold.

From the center of the universe, the light of Origin, the sun that gives a clear view of the world, twinkles and illuminates the ground, and clear raindrops soak the devastated land.



Even though the cool and scorching icy wind blew, the people just rejoiced.
People were enjoying this moment full of vitality.

‘It’s fun.’

The scenery of the water drops was very impressive.
The refreshing pleasure overflowed and even the person watching was happy.

‘Ah! That’s what happiness is…’

‘Happiness is a very good thing.’

The drop of water rolled down and gathered other water droplets together.
The water quickly rose and the water droplets became streams.

After looking around the scenery of Ulan for a long time, the stream paid attention to the end.

Beyond the forefront of the Carbid Empire, an achromatic dark space squirmed.
A stream of water cascaded down, facing the ominous landscape.

Ancient Darkness.”

‘You have to fight Doom to protect your happiness.’

‘You need strong attributes to fight.’

The stream of water glared at Doom and ran down and down the tower’s wall.
It reached the bottom of the citadel, stagnated for a while, then flowed down the slope and was sucked into the rainwater drain.

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