Tym trailed the man, not knowing that another assassin has been deployed to do the same.

The assassin closed her eyes as she silently bid her time, for when to strike.

At the end of the alley, Tym tried to carry out her plans. However, she wasn fast enough.

The slash of the sword came faster than she anticipated, and the head fell to the floor.

Tym instantly glanced at the Assassin who killed the man she has been targeting for long.

The head of the man, rolled to the floor as the assassin pointed her sword at Tym.

”Who are you? ” Tym narrowed her eyes to slits. ”What do you want? ”

The assassin started laughing, ”oh, what a lucky day for me. I got to meet the rumoured dark-masked Tym. ” She scoffed, ”today, I will end it for you. ”

”And what are you still waiting for? ” Tym smirked, ”bring it on. ”

The deed has already been done by another. However, she wasn about to let the assassin go.

This was a task that was supposed to be done by her. Killing the assassin will mean she has completed her work.

The assassin smirked, ”you are as proud as you were rumoured to be. ”

”And its bad? ” Tym narrowed her eyes at her, ”If you think its bad, help me cut my tails. ”

She took a fighting stance as she got ready for what was about to happen.

The assassin smirked as she watched the infamous dark Masked Tym.

Tonight will be the night she attains what she has been fighting for.

Should she defeat the Dark Masked Tym, she will automatically be the invincible who was able to defeat the undefeatable.

The assassin flew down from where she was hanging and faced the Tym. She pointed her bloody sword at her, in challenge, as she sneered.

”Its time to show you who the master among us is. ”

”Please do. ” Tym looked at her in disinterest.

She detests it whenever someone acts so high and mighty, as if they can move mountains with their words.

The assassin raced towards her, but at the last minute, she docked.

Having known the masked Tym, and watched her fight, the assassin knew how much she ducks whenever shes attacked. That was why she ducked the moment she reached Tym.

What she wasn counting on, was her moves being read by Tym.

Tym Smirked at the assassin, whose moves were easily read. She jumped up at the time the female took a squat, and kicked her on the back.

”Nice move. ” The female smirked, ”I see you have done your assignments, well. ”

”The more you talk, the lesser you know what to do. ” Tym frowned at her, ”you need to quit speaking if you want to progress.

Although, I don intend to allow you to leave here alive. ”

Tym picked up a rod from the floor and pointed it at the female.

”Challenge me if you dare. ”

Her voice was as calm as it has always been. The sound was neither feminine nor masculine. It was just a neutral tone.

With a shout of battle, the assassin rushed towards the masked Tym, intent on slicing her with the sword.

Like a zap of light, Tym raced towards her. She hit the assassins head with the rod and kicked her in the stomach.

With a cry, the assassin fell to the floor. Her head felt broken.

The collision with the wall aided the kick in breaking her back.

Tym advanced towards her. She picked up the assassins fallen sword and trailed it toward them.

”When you get reincarnated, meet me at the arena. ”

With a slice of the sword, Tym let her head, roll on the ground.

She dropped the sword on the ground, and with one glance at the bodies on the floor, she raced into the night, just in time to escape the village securities.

Tym went straight to the Oak tree and got her payment for the last mission.

There was no one around, it was just the money, and something written on the clothes.


Those were the only words which were written on the piece of clothing. But it was more than enough for Tym to know what it was all about.

She deposited the piece of clothing in the forest as she took the money with her.

This was her last mission in this village.


”Oh my! Look at those houses! ” Cicil who has never been to the capital gasped at the beautiful houses.

The exquisiteness of the place made all the houses she has lived in her whole life dull in comparison.

It felt as if she has been living in a hut all through her life.

”The house I got for us is beautiful. ” Tym smiled as she watched Cicils happy face.

It made her happy to know she was the one who put those smiles on her face.

”Really? Are we there already? ”

”No. It will take us time to get there. ” Tym opened the side of the carriage she was sitting on and glanced around at those who were walking through the busy streets of the capital.

Unlike the village she came from, the streets of the capital were bustling with people.

Men and women in different colourful attire were going about their business, not mindful of the carriage with the curious child in them.

”Ah, I can wait to see our House. I bet it will be beautiful. ”

”Yes, its as beautiful as you are, my love. ” Tym smiled at her.

”Why are you still wearing your veil, Tym? We are out of the village. Do you still need to put them on? ”

”Yes. ”

The veil has become a part of her. And not only that, it was her security.

”Oh. ” Cicil pouted, ”Ive never seen your face without the veil. ”

”And its for your good, little one. You don need to taint your innocent eyes by looking at me. ”

Her security was one thing, but the scar on her face was part of it.

She doesn want others to see her weakness.

Thats why she always wears a mask when shes with Cicil.

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