Dark Masked Tym

Her security

Tym strode into the tavern for the last time before she leaves. The mission, she was given was about to be completed. And the man she was sent to assassinate was here tonight.

All she needed to do was to bid her time until she strikes.

The once noisy tavern became quiet the moment the Dark Masked Tym made an appearance.

It was as if a cold bucket of water was poured on them.

No one dared to make a sound as she strode into the place, with her face veiled, and the mysterious attire she was putting on. No one would have thought the male that wreaks havoc in the underground tavern is a female.

”Why is this place dull? ” She glanced around the place that has fed Cecil and her.

This was the last time she was going to show herself here. And thereafter, its straight to the capital.

No one said a word. And no one dared to challenge her.

”Im putting up a bet of 10, 000 dueallas! ” She shouted, to get the men around, to do something.

*10,000 dueallas is the equivalent of a million dollars. It was sufficient wealth to get a person a noble ranch.*

Her words caused murmurs around as each of the men tried to think of a way to get the money.

With that amount of cash, their life as peasants will upgrade.

The cash is adequate to make them close to nobles.

”Im betting 1000! ” One of the champions shouted as he came forward.

Before Tym, the bulky man was one of those who instils fear in the villagers.

However, since Tym moved to the village, none of them has made a sound.

She became the fear that instils fear in those others fear.

”Good. ” Tym smirked, ”whos betting? Facing just one opponent isn suitable to match me. ”

”Are you looking down at me? ” The unwieldy man narrowed his eyes at the masked Tym. ”If you think you are smug enough, remove the veil and face me! ”

”My veil? ” She chuckled at that, ”if you think my veil is your weakness, then you are nothing but a sissy. ”

The crowd gasped at the Masked mans words.

”What did you say? ” The bulky man asked as he closed the distance between them. His eyes were narrowed to slits, and he looked damn murderous.

”Thats the spirit. Come on now. ” She beckoned to him with her hands, ”thats it, love. Show me who has the greater power among us. ” She walked into the arena, to wait for the man who dared to challenge her.

With a shout of a cry, the man ran into the arena.

Tym glanced at him in disinterest as she deflected his attacks without breaking a sweat.

”Is that all youve got? ” She scoffed at him.

”I will teach you who the champion is. ” He roared as he advanced towards her.

Tym stood her ground and watched him. It was at the last minute that she changed her stance.

Instead of standing, she jumped and kicked him right on the head, sending the man into a deep sleep.

Tym landed on the floor and clapped her hands as if she were wiping the dust off it.

”Who else? ” Tym glanced around the ground.

Just at the same time, she saw the man she was targeting leave the tavern.

”Since no one is up for it. I will take my earnings. ” She took both her money and the one she got from the bet before she hastened after the man she was sent to assassinate.

The crowd stood there in shock as their minds tried to process what had just happened.

This was unlike the other times when the fight lasts more than this.

Back then, the dark-masked Tym fights for longer than an hour.

But this night, it wasn so.

She hasn fought for up to an hour.

Tym ran out of the tavern, just in time to see the man turn the corner.

She silently ran after him.

There weren enough people out here, so it was able for her to track him without his detection.

Down the dark streets, and alley, they went, until the man entered a shop.

Tym hid in one of the stalls, to wait for him.

The man didn waste any time in the second tavern in the city.

Unlike the one Tym frequents, this hidden tavern is known for the ills it houses.

Not only are criminals the ones who frequent the tavern more, but they also sell hard drugs there.

And that was what the man went to pick up. He only goes there once a month, to get an aphrodisiac, to spice his pleasure life.

The man pretty much has a simple lifestyle.

His life was so simple it made Tym Wonder what he might have done to enrage the person who sent her to do the work.

However, Tym didn dwell on it much.

It wasn her job to know things like this. Shes only after the money she gets at the end of the work, and not the reason for the work.

The man peered around the empty street to make sure no one was following him, before he started for an alley that will lead him directly to the pleasure house.

This was his last stop for the day.

Tym silently followed him, as she bade the time until she kills him.

She was as stealthy as a cat, and her eyes scanned around as she sought the right moment to show herself before he reaches the pleasure house.

Unbeknownst to them, another assassin was hanging at the end of the alley, in the darkest part.

The dark-clothed assassin was dressed in completely black attire. Her head was hanging down, with her legs were up in the air. In such a way, it seemed like she was hanged with her limbs up.

She folded her arms and closed her eyes as she patiently waited for the appearance of the man they sent her to assassinate.

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