Dark Masked Tym

The last mission

The female didn look bothered.

However, the champion who was on the floor was infuriated at the masked who thought to make his ridicule in the presence of the villagers who have always worshipped the places his feet trampled on.

”How dare you! ” He growled at her as he joined both hands.

His actions caused his muscles to bulge a bit.

This he did, to intimidate the masked man.

Yet, she wasn bothered.

”If you want to play, go out there and look for children to play with. ” The female made a shooing motion towards the champion.

The gasps from the villagers were unmistakable as they wondered who the masked man was.

”You dare ridicule me? ” the champion growled. ”If you dare, come to the ring, lets duel. ”

The female stood to her feet. ”Duelling with you is a waste of my time. And I don have ample time to waste. ” She placed a coin on the table and made to leave the tavern.

However, the infuriated champion wasn about to let the female ridicule him and go Scott free.

”Where are you going to? ” He raced towards her, intent on keeping her at the back.

What he wasn expecting was his plans backfiring.

The girl took a squat on the ground. She caught his left leg in her hands and threw him to the table in front of her.

The female didn stop at that, she kicked him in the face, took him up by the hand, and kicked him to the table by the left.

”Argh! ”

The villagers cried out as they watched the masked man expertly beat their champion.

”If you want to fight, pick on someone your size. ” The female wiped her hands on her body, ”Im the Dark Masked Tym. Know the name, and let it ring a bell in your ears. ”

With one final glance at the crowd, she left the place, for a quiet place to ride the pain out.

The whispers from the villagers increased the moment she left, as each wondered who the undefeatable masked man was.


That fateful night was when she got the popularity now.

Known as the undefeatable Dark Masked Tym, Tym became popular in the Kingdom.

And that was the position she held for five years, as no one was able to defeat the Dark Masked Tym.

She was the terror both young and old feared. And she loved and revelled in it.

It was her legacy.


Tym walked through the forest as she wondered where Cicil was.

It hasn been up to a Minute since they left the village, but she can seem to find the small mischievous darling.

”Sister! ” A young, chubby red-haired girl called out as she ran towards Tym.

”Cicil! ” Tym called out in a stern voice. ”How many times have I asked you not to call me, sister? ”

”Oh, ” the young girl looked down in shame. ”Im sorry, Tym. I won ever call you sister. ” She brightened up instantly, ”should I call you brother, instead? ” She grinned.

”Yes, that will be better. ” Tym sat on the floor and patted the space next to her. ”Come and sit with me, ” she smiled.

”Yes, I will, brother Tym! ” Cicil happily sat on the dirty floor, next to Tym whose entire senses were attuned to their surroundings.

They were many miles from the village. However, she can help but be cautious.

”Whats wrong, Tym? ” Cicil furrowed her brows as she watched Tym who was occasionally glancing around.

”Oh, its nothing, Cicil. ” She patted Cicil on the head, ”how have you been? ”

”Fine! I went out with the other children! ”

”Oh, really? ” Tym placed a hand on her chest. ”Tell me, how was it? ”

”It was not like going out with you, but it was okay. ” Cicil pouted, ”when can I come to live with you, Tym? I don want to leave in the village house any more. ” She pouted.

Tym smiled as she watched Cicil, ”it will only take a full moon before I complete the Mission, Cicil. Subsequently, we will leave the village for another one.

And when we do, I will rent a house for us. We will stay together after that. ”

”Really? ”

”Yes. We will rent a house, and I will stay with you for as long as you want. ” Tym smiled as she ruffled Cicils hair.

Cicil wasn her biological sister; however, they have lived together ever since Tym found her by the bank of the river.

It has been seven years since that fateful incident that changed Tyms life.

Before then, she was a young vagabond who goes on little missions for anyone who can pay.

She isn concerned about the nature of the work if it gives her enough money to live by.

However, when the gods blessed her with Cicil, she cut down on the work she does.

And now, she was on her last mission. Tym has determined to stop the dark art, and go into something legal, for Cicils sake.

And they are about to do that.

”Where are we going, Tym? ” Cicil furrowed her brows at Tym. ”Are we going back to the village we left or a new one? ”

”We are going to the capital. ”

”Wow, are we going to the royal palace? ” Cicils eyes grew bigger as she asked, with childlike innocence.

”No. ”

Tym planned to stay out of sight until she has saved enough money for them to leave the country.

However, when she noticed the change in Cicils countenance, she tried to appease the girl.

”We are not going to live in the palace, but I will make sure I take you there. Don worry, okay? ”

Tym has no plans of taking Cicil to the palace. She only lied, to make the girl happy.

”Really? Are you going to take me to the palace? ”

”Yes, of course. I will do that. I will take you to the palace. ” Tym wore the new mask she got.

Unlike the one she wore when she came into the village newly, this one only covers the eyes and the nose.

The rest of the face is left open.

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