Dark Masked Tym

The champion

”Get him! ”

The people in the dark arena shouted as the enormous man raced towards the scrawny fellow.

The smell of blood, and the sweaty bodies of those around, didn deter them from shouting out.

”Kill him! ” More men placed a bet on the enormous man, defeating the lanky man.

It was an uneven fight, and they all knew that.

There was no way the gaunt man can defeat the bulky man, who has been a champion since he started fighting in arenas.

Until now, no one has ever defeated him.

The hefty man ran towards the gaunt man who has been beaten without mercy.

The poor fellow isn like the champions who have been battling regularly since he turned 7.

This man was only here because he was in debt, and his debtors has confiscated all he has, including his family.

Hes here to get the money. However, things aren looking so good for him.

He has no hope of defeating the champion, yet hes not ready to give up.

It will be better for him to die here. At least, he won have any reason not to repay the debt he owned.

”Kill him! ”

Spurred by the encouraging words from the blood-hungry Humans who were shouting, the fat fighter kicked the slim one on his stomach.

”Ouch. ” The poor man cried out in pain when his back met the dark, solid ground of the dim ring.

He didn back off. He rose from the ground.

”Boo! ” The men around the ring laughed as they observed him stagger. Yet, he didn withdraw. He stood his ground and observed the brawny fellow with a smirk.

”If you want to kill me, just do that already. ” He wiped the blood from his mouth as he took steps towards the brawny man.

”Die! ” the brawny fellow growled before he raced towards the lean man. Unexpectedly, he took hold of the man and snapped him in two.

The shouts from the men around the arena intensified when the brawny man threw the dead man to the floor.

He groaned as the claps, from those around, intensified.

It spurred him to make them happy.

”Who will dare challenge me! ” he growled, ”Im the undefeatable mask! ”

His growls and words caused the crowd to erupt in shouts.

Their boos built up as he watched them, with a smug expression on his face.

Three of the men working in the underground tavern came and carried the body of the unfortunate man out of the place, to the shallow grave they dug for this purpose.

”Who will dare challenge me? ” The brawny man hit his hand together as he growled.

He took a step towards the people sitting close to him, before he took another step back, growling as he did so.

”Who dares to challenge me? ” He growled once more as he levelled glances at those around, but no one dared to confront him.

Everywhere was quiet.

”See? Im the champion! ” He beat his hand on his

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