Goddess’ Story 2

I heard from the Goddess the story before the Special Ward was created.

It was understandable that men have lived near to each other naturally since ancient times.

Surely, they couldn’t help but get together.

And it was the United States that stipulated the desires of such men, to be safer.

However, it deprived many ordinary women of the opportunity to interact with men.

The United States, which first started such legislation, would have offended the vast majority of women in the world.

Opposition movement――a demonstration and such must have happened at some point.

Regardless, the United States got many men to fly there.

Many Japanese men had also immigrated there, so Japan decided to imitate what the United States did.

That was the beginning of the Special Ward.

“Since the special ward was created not long after, the number of men traveling to the United States has decreased, right?”

『”The special ward wasn’t created right away.
Kind of gradual? For example, in this Special Ward Tokyo, it took ten years to complete.”』

“That’s… quite long.”

Ten years is long. But, since they were building a town in the middle of Tokyo, it should take that long, I guess?

『”It seems that there was opposition. There are also other problems… For example, women and companies that couldn’t live in the special ward must be moved, but the country had a headache to get all the need to make it happen.”』

“Was it that hard?”

『”It seems that the original plan was to have the male and female ratio 1:4 or 1:5. However, if that was the case, the economy wouldn’t circulate properly, so it seems that the ratio was settled down to 1:10. There are ten times as many women as men, but some would be part of the men’s families, so actually, there are fewer ordinary women living in the special ward.”』

Still, in the end, most women must leave the area of the special ward.

“That’s why eviction huh…”

『”When the special ward was created, men moved in from all over Japan, so it seems that the policy of the United States wasn’t completely wrong.”

“I wonder if all men had such desires.”

『”Well. Men gradually moved in, and women who couldn’t live in the special ward gradually left, but it seems that it was especially difficult to evict a company that couldn’t stay in the special ward.”』

“Moving the company huh… it must have been difficult.”

『”In the case of a company, regardless of whether it makes a profit or not, if there is a building of that company in a special ward, a large amount of tax will be incurred.”』

“That’s tough.”

『”For offices, it was fine, but it seems that all industries that use a large land had evacuated. The site then was revived as a park and forest, and the surrounding area was fenced off. At that point, the Special Ward Ordinance came into force, and the rights of men were protected by law within the special ward.”』

The story of the Goddess was detailed and included information that “Taketo Souya” didn’t know.

It sounded like a part of the dark history of the world, something that students wouldn’t learn in middle school.

On the contrary, there was a memory of learning the financial part.

For example, a considerable amount of tax was being poured from outside the Special Ward to maintain the Special Ward.

In addition, men living in Special Ward would receive monthly living support funds.

All women, regardless of where they were living, must donate 150 yen a month to support men’s lives.
[TN: 150 yen, roughly about 1.3 to 1.5 dollars]

It was a small amount of money, but in a society where the ratio of men and women was broken, it was like 100,000 yen every month for each man.
[TN: roughly about 1000 dollars]

And women living in the Special Ward were charged with taxes under various names.

Though unwillingly, they accepted it and paid it.

After all, if they paid, they could live in the area where men were living.

They thought that it was cheap if it could be solved with money. Really, it was truly ‘a carrot and stick’.

By the way, such a similar thing also existed for men.

Male Service Activities were obligatory for boys over the age of 16 who were attending co-ed schools.

Simply put, men had to smile somewhere for about three hours.

However, they could get 15,000 yen just by doing it once.

Converted to an hourly wage, it would be 5,000 yen.

Men seemed to do it at least 20 times a year, but there was no limit to the number of times.

All male university students were obliged to serve, and the same was true for men who couldn’t find employment.

This service would be exempted once the men get a job.

Male Service Activities huh… What a good part-time job!

Also, you can get as much as you want, which means you can get enough for living without getting a real job.

Asked to fulfill the simple wishes of women.

And instead, you will get paid.

Seems that the men of this world are reluctant to go.
But I think that it’s okay to sprinkle your charm for just three hours. It’s too good to waste.

“I must do the service activites when I turn 16, is it? Well, I’m looking forward to it.”

Women in the world were looking forward to seeing boys who came in service.

The companies, organizations, girls’ high schools, girls’ universities, and etc.
were said to be the ones requesting the service.

A place to visit is full of women… it’s more than welcome in my book!

『”Taketo-kun’s birthday is May 20th, so it’s pretty soon.”』

I can even get money while being pampered by women. Well, well, I want to go every day if I can!

“The service activities, you can only go when school is off, is it?”

『”Right. Mostly on Saturday. When a man visits, it seems that the company of school will make adjustments temporarily.”』

“Saturday huh, it’s like parent’s day in elementary school… Wait, you mean, just because a man will visit, the schedule of the company or school will get changed?”

It seems I must think better if that’s the case, I don’t want to disturb people’s normal schedules too much.

Well, anyhow, I’m looking forward to it.

『”As for the story, that’s it.
How is it? Did you find it helpful?”』

“Yes, very”

I think I heard useful information.

『”Then I’m looking forward to the next offering.
Please give me something delicious.”』

Something delicious, huh? That’s fine, but don’t you think of me as a food-carrying creature?

Well, as expected of ‘Famine’ Goddess, is it?

Anyway, I thanked the Goddess and decided to go home today.

Seems like it’s better if I visit frequently with offerings.

I mean, what if I come empty-handed and get divine punishment? It won’t be a joke.

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