th slight bow and respectful speak teacher ,and end his cultivation and stand up G.C come to him and said you for more then half a year just solidate your cultivation according to your teacher teaching and didn force to try obtain your second soul ring .I knew it was hard for you but it was lead a solid foundation for your future you have to understand,yes teacher .Now from today let me tell you your schedule for next one year are you ready Yes teacher I will personally go with you this time.teacher are we going outside the Wuhan city? Yes, Star Deo forest the largest forest of this continent where you obtain your second soul ring not only that after that we go to sunset forest where we both leave and pratice there for a year, do you want any other thing no teacher ,good.

Now let check your physical strength, ok teacher lets start, G.C directly give him the pressure of soul power 16 then slowly start to increased,17..18…19….20..21….22..23..24..25…26…27..28..29….30 at 30 Chen Yang only have a silght single drop of sweat on his forehead, G.C nodded and said after let see your limit and continue to increase his soul power upto rank 36 where he didn able to withhand pressure and adjust his body towards down wards to reduce the pressure and G.C stop the soul pressure and smile to him and said your second ring to be 1000 year whitout the problem but the maximum limit must under6,000year old .

Brat now tell me Which soul beast you choose as your second soul beast ,teacher I want a human shaped demon spider as my second soul ring and so that I move towards control type soul master.Brat good…what you want to be controlled type soul master are you mad….what are you thinking about your future ,why are you wasting your soul ring on know that a soul master can only absorb nine soul ring and you have to waste just like that …Teacher listen to me first ok! good good!!!! if you didn give me proper explanation for it, you are going to looked for good beating From me for the sure.

Teacher it like that I always didn tell you a secret of mine, before awakening my grandfather tell me that if I able to awaken a hammer type spirit so, try not to tell any about it when you see any person and at awakening i awaken a phoenix. so, My grandfather didn care but I always keep this a secret because I have another Wuhan that was this and open his left hand, What second Wuhan twin spirit? 3 Twin spirit martial soul appear?? After seeing his Wuhan ,G.C was shock and mutter to himself Clear sky hammer?? no it was impossible my heir can never we belone to Clear sky sect!!!!….After stabilizing his mind and he see clearly this hammer has thunder attribute in it which not like CSH but this hammer is similar to it . okay good so you want to make this spirit as control type spirit and your hammer type spirit as attack correct yes teacher good I approved it. Now lets go to Star deo forest.

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