In our solar system ,there are many galaxy in that galaxy there may be difference rule of heaven and earth. So,Similar to one of those Galaxy Where a person who achieved god hood are lived for a infinite of years according to us humans, only by passing there position to other through inheritance they can leave this place.

They are divided by strength like the strongest are called ”Divine King ” whose soul rank was 150 or higher, Below them was

Half Step Soul King :- 131-149

1-rank Divine Soul :- 120-130

2-rank Divine Soul :-. 110-119

3-rank Divine Soul :- 100-109

They all maintained the stability of continents under this Galaxy, By call all the person form those continent who reach the power of 100 Soul Power that where they called them Gods and allow to any body to interference in it.

similar to many of these continent this Fan-Fiction story was about Douluo Dalu continent.

Where a person at the age of 6 awakening there Soul and Decide there future.

From this continent for more then 50,000 year not even a single person able to assign to Godhood.

In this continent most powerful force was Wuhan hall or Martial Soul Palace,Whose leader was Serphine family whose surname are quan, whose head is quandaluo rank 99 tiltle daluo.

Only one of the 3, 99 rank Title duoluo (ultimate titlt douluo).

In douluo continent ranks are divided in numbers like

0-10 :- soul scholar

after killed suitable soul beast and getting 1 soul ring the person can be call soul master.

10-20 :- Soul master

20-30 :- Soul Grandmaster

30-40 :- Soul Elder/Soul Verenable

40-50 :- Soul Ancestor

50-60 :- Soul King

60-70 :- Soul Emperor

70-80 :- Soul Saint

80-90 :- Soul Douluo

90-94 :- Title Douluo

95-98 :- Supreme Duoluo

99 :- Ultimate Douluo

99+ :- Quasi Douluo

100 :- God

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