Chen Yang released his Wuhan and directly cast his First soul skill Which can increased his body strenght to certain except not only that but also help him to mave his move safer then cast fire web towards human shaped demon spider(HSDS).

HSDS didn wait for attack approch him and cast the poision web towards Chen Yang and started to moved towards him,After seeing it Chen Yang also stop at his place seeing this in dark G.C was ready to kill HSDS but at this point he noticed Chen Yang was opening his left hand slowly and already phoenix was disappear from the sight but there was a large hammer which was comeing out with thunder attribute on it and at the same time when HSDS going to Kill Chen Yang with his legs The hammer struck the spider face the weakest point and thunder was the most good method that can be used to kill the poison. so,the HSDS was also no exception but fly server meter away which also lead to his damage body more to bleed and increased his hatred toward Chen Yang But He barely can move now on the other side Chen Yang was pale because he used all his strength without reservation so that he can give the fatal blow to the HSDS and it was his oppurnity .Chen Yang without and preparation move towards HSDS to kill it because he already close his eyes, when Chen Yang was near 2m from HSDS and ready to make his blow HSDS make his blow by moving his legs and also released his web by all his strength to kill Chen Yang ,Without any preparation Chen Yang was struck at that place at this time G.C shot and move Chen Yang close to him and Break his legs which make chilling cry from the spider but G.C didn even look at him,just stare at C.Y and smile sayed now you know what was your mistake in it, It was this that I tell you before entering in the forest never underestimate your enemy even you are sure to win. If I didn shot today you had already died by this careless move you better clearly understad the truth. Yes teacher I also know how native just now I behave,good for your other things be talk later after you start your training with me for next one year and I will make sure you never ever going to make these silly mistake ever.Now go kill it You already made him to used his all strenght now he really didn have strength for the fatal blow. After listening to his teacher Chen Yang Come to 200 m distance from the spider and possed his phoenix Wuhan and released his first soul skill fire trap with activation of his head external spirit bone with this his melting power increase by several degree the strong intention for kill him can seen by him in the spider eyes G.C speak Do not afraid you can make the fatal blow if you afraid now may be cultivation road come to the end just because your inexperienced towards soul beast you show this mistake but I sure that you never do it now kill it,listening to his teacher Chen Yang regain his confidence and stare at spider after trapping him he again released a trap just this time it closed his moith how much he move, he not able to open his mouth after confirmation he again released dagger and make the fatal blowand kill it, a purple color soul ring come out of it.G.C speak to him at this movement you First come to your perfect condition before absorption because his intention to kill you was so strong that it undoubtedly try to lead to kill you during absorption,so you prepared well, yes teacher.

After half an hour C.Y come to its perfect stage and ready for absorption of spirit ring. After that he come near the corpse of spider and seat crossed legs and started to move his cultivation and absorb the soul ring , during the time sweat and blood continue to come from his body not because it was not in limit but due to resentment that the spider have before he die G.C expected it but didn except that C.Y condition continue to go worse but he knew that if he can undergo this change his temper and body will definately increased by much so he also didn plan to interfere in it. From starting of absorption to now more then day was over and seeing Chen Yang condition G.C smile because the fighting was complete and Absorption was coming to end ,After two hours Chen Yang Open His Eyes and smile his face become more handsome and height grow by some cm not only that his soul power increased by 4 level reach 24 with stable and most solid foundation that not any body can have ,because of excess energy he didn rush to breakthrough like he did in his first time so he didn have to waste time in consilating the cultivation and waste half year time in making it solid he make it stable. G.C smile at him and replied good you learn from your previous mistake now let me see your soul skill, Chen Yang say with smile yes teacher It was weapon type soul skill with from a sword with both fire and poison attribute, not only that it also add poision on my first soul skill but it never be notice by anyone because it was given him very slowly that he even not able to find anything and when he find it was too late. same rank or below soul master may die directly if he touch my sword directly and any higher then me effect was seriously injured and more then 30 rank may be slightly injured in consciusness but we go further it may didn have any effect.

Good It may become your one of the whole card in the future don show to anyone are you understand yes teacher I understand good.

suddenly, accompanying the sound of splitting cloth, the clothes on Chen Yangs back suddenly tore open. Standing Front of him G.C Can see with his eyes to Chen Yangs backbone, on either side were eight fist sized bulges.

Chen Yang currently looked like he was withstanding immense pain. Blood started oozing out of his skin again, his entire body convulsing.

Immediately afterward, the eight bulges suddenly ruptured. The strange thing was, Chen Yangs skin didn peel back. Eight fist sized dark purple objects came out of the nubs, growing with an astonishing speed.

When the eight bulges broke and grew the dark purple objects, Chen Yangs entire body became relaxed, his expression smoothing out, but his body still convulsing.

Under G.C surprised gaze, the dark purple objects grew over a meter in the blink of an eye, and were still extending with frightening speed. When its length went past 1.5 meters, the end grew a joint-like thing, and the dark purple once again extended from the joint in another direction.

”This, this is….. ”

The eight dark purple objects continued to grow until they reached three meters. Completely shining purple, they looked extremely smooth. They were the thickest near Chen Yangs back, tapering until they filed into a sharp points at the end.

”Aren these the legs of the Man Faced Demon Spider? ”

Looking at Chen Yang, and looking at the corpse of the Man Faced Demon Spider, G.C discovered that the objects that grew out of Chen Yangs back looked very similar to the Man Faced Demon Spiders legs. Only, they were slightly thinner overall and looked more lustrous, accompanied by a faint sweet fragrance.

The bizarre scene still hadn finished. As those eight spider legs on Chen Yangs back extended behind him, they began to slightly move rhythmically, the four lower spider legs slowly pierced the ground, unexpectedly lifting Chen Yang sitting crosslegged on the ground, raising him into the air.

Chen Yang right now, like they were eight three metre long arms, looked extremely strange.

Chen Yangs body finally no longer convulsed, the clothes he wore were already completely shredded. Gradually, the previously spreading Golden pheonix fire slowly gathered back together, instead upwards around his body, bundling him in what resembled a large cocoon, with only the spider legs still moving slowly on the outside.

Faintly within, he could only hear the sound of snapping bones echo from the cocoon. As for what was actually happening to Chen Yang G.C know but seeing his disciple going through so much pain he was not happy but he knew that this all are his chances the external bone and even rarer spider lances how much people want it,must never let any ody know before he can protect himself yes.

One double hour passed, two double hours passed, the color of the dark gradually went from dark to bright, and once more travelling from bright and entering darkness. A whole twelve double hour of waiting made G.C utterly exhausted due to nervousness. But he didn dared be careless, he could only wait.

The one thing making him feel relieved was that the eight spider legs that had grown on Chen Yangs back moved constantly, showing traces of life.

”En—— ”

A low groaning sound roused ,G.C looked towards cocoon with expectations.

The Golden pheonix become some dark in color and slowly the fire was breaking like pheonix rebirth from ashes came undone, one by one rolling outward, gradually revealing their owner within.

Chen Yangs body was covered by a dark brown layer, and as Pheonix dispersed, this dark brown substance gradually came off his body like it was fruit peel, revealing the body inside.

Chen Yang currently didn wear a strand, his whole body completely naked. The muscles on his body had unexpectedly become extremely distinct, and although they weren bulging exaggeratedly, it gave off a feeling of brimming with strength. Under the bronze colored skin there was a faint purple light haze moving around. Entirely floating in the air, the previously crossed legs had already unfolded, limbs sagging naturally, the entire person appearing to be permeated with a kind of demonic feeling.

In Chen Yangs disheveled black hair, several locks were bright purple, that purple hair in itself seemed to emit a similar light, making Golden crocodile see unusually clearly.

The previous groaning was emitted by Chen Yang, right now, both his eyes just slowly opened, a completely bewildered expression within his eyes.

Chen Yang himself also didn know what had happened, he only continuously suppressed and endured extreme pain. As the extremely violent pain suddenly disappeared, a kind of difficult to describe relaxing pleasure spread throughout his whole body in a moment.

The pain could be endured, but the instant the relaxing pleasure arrived after the extreme pain, Chen Yangs entire person in the end sunk into a deep sleep. As he once again recovered consciousness, it was the scene where he fight with HSDS that had just witnessed.

The scene before him was hazy, like it was shrouded in a layer of white cotton. Various kinds of senses gradually returned to the body, following his consciousness gradually awakening, the scenery before Chen Yang gradually became clear.

His body was indescribably comfortable, like every single cell within the body was cheering excitedly, only somewhat itchy, rather like something was stretching out from his back. He was able to feel the moistness of the earth, and the brush of air surrounding him, but Chen Yang vaguely discovered, it seemed to have somehow become different.

oneyellow and one purple, two spirit rings revolved around Chen Yang moving rhythmically up and down his body, that purple spirit ring looked exceedingly clear, the purple shining within, setting of Chen Yangs naked body extremely clearly. only those eight three metre long enormous spider legs on his back still remained.

The eight spider legs simultaneously rose to his back, although they looked monstrous, they didn at all affect Chen Yangs mobility.

G.C speak to Chen Yang your luck was excellent even I have to Evey you a mere brat the soul bone you get was another external spirit bone from now on you have two spirit bone both are externally some soul master didn have one soul bone in his life and most of them have not seen an external soul bone in there life but you just in two absorption you absorbed two external soul bone what a luck. okay first you never show to other you used as your another hole card now lets start your tranning so lets go to sunset forest where we can start your improving fighting style and self awareness from them on you will truly step on the path of soul master and there you also obtain your third soul ring when you touch the barrier of rank 30 so,just ready we are now going with flight so that we can temper your body by air pressure so that you can adapt faster.

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