Crusade of the Director

Markleeville, Georgia

1996, July 20th


It was only until the words ”President to Director ” seeped from the congress representative that Andrew Broward finally paid attention to the announcement.

”What did he just say? ” Andrew asked Joey Nail with an eyebrow raised.

”It seems we don have a President anymore. Congress just went ahead and decided to put all power to this ”Director ” not even **ing asking the country, no vote, just complete bull-crap. ” Joey answered with an anger in his voice, and a little fear.

”Can they do that? ” Andrew asked stupidly

”They are the government they can do whatever they want I guess, but this is unnatural. This is not what I wanted to hear when I heard special congress announcement yesterday. This must be a joke, right? ” Joey complained as he always did, but this time Andrew was right there with him, no one in America has even seen this Director and now he gets to make the big decisions and run us, FUCK THAT! Andrew thought, then he took a sip of his black coffee, they had been sitting in the Fish-Hook a local bar that was usually quiet, but after what was just announced it was far from it, most patrons had their eyes glued to the T.V. trying to drink as much information as they could to gossip later to their loved ones and friends ( as well as beer) Joey sat and shook his head with a jerk.

”This is what starts Americas decent, With the death of Congress. ” Joey muttered. Yes, Congress was also being disbanded, America (Starting tomorrow) was going to change horribly, for now the citizens were almost in full panic. The announcement had ended with the last words of, ”The new laws shall be passed tomorrow. ” And the bar became silent. Everyone including the bartender had gotten lost in their own thoughts, and one by one the patrons slowly began to leave until only Andrew, Joey, and the bartender Rus were left at the bar. Rus then looked at the two of them.

”Well, you two better head out, I gotta close up here. ” Rus said, Andrew agreed and left a five-dollar bill on the bar. Joey stayed, asking if he could get one more beer to calm his nerves. Rus understood and gave him one last beer and then had one himself. Andrew waved at them both and left the bar, deep in thought, thinking ”this has to be a joke, they can just get rid of democracy, can they? ” and he shuddered and continued to his truck. His leg caught a crack in the parking lot, and he stumbled a little, knocking his semi round glasses from his stubbled face. He reached down and feeling very embarrassed he felt them, without them he can see anything accept a blinding colorful blur. When he found then he was relieved to see they had not been cracked or damaged, he wiped off the dirt and gravel on his plaid shirt. He then entered his 1995 Ford F150 and did not turn on the radio as he usually did. He was too afraid to hear and even worse announcement. That would not come until tomorrow at 12:00pm.

Andrew made it home around three in the afternoon, and entered his house, his wife Mary was still at work and his son, Brandon, was active playing with his bike as usual. He knew tonights pillow talk with his wife was going to be hard. She had been wanting to leave America for a while now, Mary was originally from Canada and her family, still lived there, Andrew did not like the idea of the cold, and knew tonight was going to be a big debate on whether to move or not. Andrew, for once, thought that maybe that wasn such a bad idea. Andrew then remembered it was his turn to make dinner and so he did, still filled with worry for the future.

Mary had gotten home and could smell the tendering of steaks and roast. She noticed Brandon was already asleep and Andrew was in the Kitchen doing the after-cooking dishes. It was almost mid night, and she was so worn out by the stress of the Pharmacy and the fear that came from this afternoons announcement. Andrew turned.

”Hi honey. ” He spoke, with a plate in one hand a dish towel in another.

”Good God! What happened Drew, did everyone in government just shoved each others heads in each others asses? No more Congress, no more president. I have never been so scared for the future. ” Mary vented to her husband.

”Yeah, I know what you mean, and I know what you are going to suggest next, and I think we should wait and see what happens. for all we know this is just a late April fools joke ” Andrew explained. (It wasn ).

”What if it isn babe? What if they really are cutting democracy from the list? ” She asked.

”I don know Mary; I honestly don know. Like I said we will just have to see and act when its appropriate, now though is not the time, I don want to act in fear, we need to be collected on this. ” Andrew explained, Mary thought ” Smart ass ” after he finished. She knew it was no use arguing with him when he gets smarty like this, she sighed.

”When did Brandon go to bed? ”

”Around eight. And yes, he brushed his teeth. ” Andrew replied

”Good. ” She added, Mary started to help Andrew with dished when he stopped suddenly and looked out the kitchen window.

”What is it? ” Mary asked

”I don know, I just have this sinking feeling in my gut, like a storm is coming, fast and its going to be brutal. I can shake it. ” Andrew shivered. Mary hugged him tight, and met his gaze, she could see the uncertainty in his expression, and the fear…

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