: “It’s not like that, but it’s a little weird.
Although I haven’t had much contact with him before, is he like the rumors?”




A little sacrificial priest who hid in the leader’s house and stayed indoors and acted like a doll.




What was the use of being beautiful? Yue Dong didn’t think much of Yue.




After he came back from Xingye mountain, he listened to Li Shui’s report.
On the one hand, he was extremely dissatisfied with the situation, on the other hand, he felt disdain for Yue.




  However, his disdain disappeared after he found that Yue and Tian Yang disappeared together.




In any case, according to Tian Yang’s weak body, Yue still accompanied him, which showed  his loyalty.



But he never thought that the Yue he met was completely different from what he heard.



It even made him wonder if he was the same person.




Tian Yang seemed to know what he was thinking and smiled, “You’re right.”




Yue Dong’s hand shook to the point that he almost cut his hand: “Wait, what do you mean!?”




Tian Yang: “I don’t know the details, but Yue is now the soul of a person from another world, he admitted it himself.”




“My brother!” Yue Dong stumbled and grabbed a thorn head: “Then you’ll live with him like this!? If he is an evil spirit that possessed…”




“No.” Tian Yang whispered.




He piled up the cut vines and threw them at an open space: “His energy is very warm.”




He experienced it and knew how fascinating the vigorous power gushing to his heart was.
It was like a gentle hope, as if it could wash away the darkness and violence in his bones.




Tian Yang still remembered the light he saw through his eyelids.



When he recovered from the serious injury, the first thing he saw after he regained his life was Rong Yue’s pale but confident, beautiful face.




His whole body was wet with sweat, but he still wore a casual smile.
He clearly performed a miracle, but it seemed as if he had just done a trivial thing.



Yue Dong was speechless.




But he always followed Tian Yang’s lead, “Oh, forget it… What’s his name? Is he also called Yue?”



Tian Yang suddenly realized that he hadn’t asked Yue’s real name.



But… there was no hurry.




He didn’t answer.
He looked into the distance.
A ferocious looking stag was hiding behind a tree and secretly watching them.




… it looked delicious.
He would like it.




Tian Yang stood up straight, gearing up for three seconds, and then he ran out like an arrow off the string!




He threw the bone knife and cut the hind leg of the buck, then he quickly used the knife to end its life.



Yue Dong came over and looked: “What good luck! Can you take it back?”




Tian Yang held his aching chest, “Cut some more firewood.”




They were busy for a while.
Fortunately, they caught a fat animal, they called back the little ball, and went back with the firewoods and vines.




The sky was now completely dark.
From a distance, they could see the fire and the holy light ball floating around Yue.




Rong Yue stood up, “You’re back.”




Tian Yang smiled at him, “Are you hungry?”




Rong Yue: “You can barbecue it first, Li Shui will teach me how to weave the rope.”




This kind of vine had a smooth surface and wasn’t long enough to go down to the bottom of the valley.
If it was tied together, it would loosen.
On this continent, the default was to weave vines with special techniques and then connect them into ropes.




There was only four people and a small child, so Rong Yue had to help.




As for whether he could or not, he was sure he could learn.




The holy light was like a bright lamp.
Even if the sky was dark, Li Shui could still see his hand movements as she taught Rong Yue step by step.




As Rong Yue worked, he didn’t forget the situation below the valley, “The situation below is not very good.
Later, take some food and feed everyone.
Don’t die”




Why did this sound strange? Yue Dong nodded, then he remembered, “If we’re going down, who’ll pull the rope on it?”




Tian Yang looked around and pointed to the lake: “There’s a big stone over there.
Go and move it.
Then we can tie the rope to the stone.”




Yue Dong followed Tian Yang’s finger and saw a boulder high enough to tower over him.




Yue Dong: “…..”




He went with a resigned sigh.




Ergou helped Tian Yang lift the stick and break the branches.
She didn’t talk much.




Rong Yue looked at her: “Wasn’t it fun in the forest? Why aren’t you lively?”




Ergou pouted in disappointment: “I didn’t find the fairy flower today…”





Rong Yue clumsily bent the vine in one direction.
He did it according to Li Shui’s instructions: “Is the fairy flower beautiful?”




Ergou: “It’s beautiful!”




Rong Yue: “So many people want it?”




Ergou frowned: “It should be.
Grandma Xue Qi wants it, and everyone I used to know wants it.”




Rong Yue struggled with the rattan in his hand, but he still raised his eyes and asked, “So it’s beautiful and many people want it, but it can’t be owned by everyone – it means it’s precious.”




Ergou subconsciously picked the branch on her hand and looked at him stupidly.




Rong Yue smiled softly: “If you can get it easily, it’s not precious.”




The last sunset sank.




Rong Yue looked up and looked at the stars in the sky.




 “Life is precious, freedom is precious, and feelings are precious.
Your fairy flowers are more beautiful because they are precious.
If you can’t find them in one day, you’ll find them in ten days.
If you can’t find them in ten days, you’ll find them in a hundred days.”




Rong Yue made the last knot and finally breathed out: “Precious things are not so easy to have, you have to find them slowly.”




Ergou nodded vaguely: “Lord Yue, the rope you made is really ugly.”




Rong Yue: “……”



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