The child kept wriggling and struggling, looking like a black coal ball.



When Rong Yue’s hand loosened, the briquette spirit whooshed to Tian Yang’s feet, stretched out two small black hands, and grabbed Tian Yang’s calf.



Tian Yang looked down: “?”



The coal ball spoke with a clear and loud voice: “Abba–!”




Tian Yang: “No, I didn’t… I’m not your Abba!”




Rong Yue look at the hilarious scene: “The child is so big? You’re such an irresponsible Abba ……”




Tian Yang was confused for a while, then grabbed the little ball and looked at it with a stern frown.




“Try shouting Abba again.”





The little coal ball shivered and honestly lowered its head: “…… Lord Tian Yang.”





This was a child of the tribe, it recognized the warrior Tian Yang’s scent and followed it.




Rong Yue subconsciously sniffed the air: “Does Tian Yang smell that bad?”




…… So Tian Yang took the child to “take a shower” with a dark expression.




It was raining outside, so Tian Yang picked two large leaves to wash the child clean.




Anyway, this world didn’t care about hot baths, they used the rivers and the rain, it was like the difference between a bath and a shower.




When the child’s features were revealed, Rong Yue felt it was a little familiar.




Yesterday, when he made the false divination, he recognized that messy hair!




And looking at her soft features …… it was a little girl!




Tian Yang realized as he was bathing her, but in such barbaric tribes, they didn’t care much about gender, plus the child was too small.




Tian Yang also bathed, the bl00d on his body was scrubbed away, he also washed his animal skin skirt and wrapped it around his waist even though it was wet.




He held the child in his arms and sat close to the fire to dry up.




“She can smell special scents because she has a gift.
We call those who have the ability to distinguish scents, ‘scouts’.
Do you remember Yue Dong?”



Rong Yue thought about it and plucked out the name from his memory: “I seem to remember, he often followed you during your hunts, in the end he turned out to be a white-eyed wolf.”


[TN: White-eyed wolf—- an evil person.]



Tian Yang’s eyes flickered: “Don’t say that.”




Rong Yue hummed and picked another thin branch from the pile of firewood picked by Tian Yang, he wanted to remove the wooden thorns on it, but it was quickly snatched by Tian Yang, he said his hands were too tender.





Rong Yue didn’t argue with him: “Roast a little more, the little ball is also hungry.”





Tian Yang spoke while roasting the meat: “Yue Dong is our tribe’s best scout, every time the group hunting, he accompanies them.




“‘We, our’ tribe?” Rong Yue interrupted him.





“Oh, he’s the best scout of the Gongshan tribe.” The meat smelled tempting in the fire, and the little ball was drooling furiously in Rong Yue’s arms.
Tian Yang looked at them with an amused smile, “The scouts have to guide the team at the beginning of the collective hunt.
They can distinguish the difference between the scent of large prey and small and medium-sized prey, and the more powerful ones can tell people apart with only their scents.”





Rong Yue was curious about everything in this world, he sniffed and asked, “So it’s like a dog’s nose, can it be trained?”




Tian Yang shook his head: “It all depends on talent, and the older you get, the more the skill will degrade.
For example, Yue Dong, in the last hunt I attended, he didn’t serve as a scout.”



The meat was ready.



Tian Yang routinely dripped a little bit of sour fruit juice on it, it made the meat more delicious and gave it richer layers, but it also reduced the grease on it.




With the burning eyes of the big and small one on him, he tore the meat with his bare hands and gave more than half of it to the small ball, and handed the rest to Rong Yue.
After all, he had eaten a lot before.





Rong Yue ate two bites and asked the little ball: “Is your Lord Tian Yang’s food delicious, or the tribe’s food better?”





The little ball ate enthusiastically: “Lord Tian Yang’s food is really good……”




Rong Yue finally relaxed.
If the tribe’s food was more delicious, it would be a bit of a loss.




“The child I picked up is not bad, from now on she’ll be our tribe’s scout.” The food  was delicious, so Rong Yue was obviously happier: “Don’t mention that Yue Dong or whoever, he didn’t help the injured you before, and now he even thinks you’re dead.”




Tian Yang was silent for a while, and replied with a low hum.




Rong Yue could tell that Tian Yang didn’t like this topic, he looked down and asked the little ball, “What do you want to do? Do you want to go back to the Gangshan tribe?”




The little ball quickly replied, “Auntie Xue Qi said that I should find the fairy flower and bring it to her.
I haven’t found it yet, I have to find it quickly, Grandma Xue Qi is still waiting for me.”




Xue Qi?




Rong Yue and Tian Yang looked at each other.




Rong Yue asked some more questions, which pieced together the process of what happened.




The little one’s real grandparents died accidentally when she was young, and the tribe raised her.
But she wasn’t well enough to run fast, she could only do things like picking fruit.




After the land subsidence, she followed the other cubs and escaped, but the high priest Xue Qi quietly called her aside, told her to go to the forest to find a “fairy flower”and bring back to her.




So this silly child, began to look for the beautiful fairy flower like a fly without a head, so sure that Grandma Xue Qi was still waiting for her in the same place.




“Grandma Xue Qi said she was waiting for me right there, for her fairy flower.” She lowered her head: “But I walked for a long, long time, but I still couldn’t find the fairy flower.”




“Then it rained heavily …… then I smelled Lord Tian Yang and came looking for him.”




Tian Yang asked in a cold voice: “What did Xue Qi say she wanted you to pick the flowers for?”




The little ball replied cluelessly, “I don’t know, but this is what Auntie Xue Qi wants, so I must find it for her.”




The fairy flower was a very beautiful flower, but it was also very rare, even as the former main warrior, Tian Yang had only seen it three times.




In “Yue’s” memories, he couldn’t find a trace of it, he only knew it was a beautiful purple flower.



Sending a small child outside to find this kind of nebulous thing, Xue Qi’s meaning was obvious enough.




The little ball was given up.




Rong Yue felt a chill in his heart.




He wasn’t a compassionate person, and he wouldn’t say “God will forgive you” compassionately to every believer who came to confess, he could endure the cruel competition, but he couldn’t understand the hypocritical deception.




Xue Qi may be a good leader, but she was definitely not someone Rong Yue agreed with.





“I’ll lead you to it.” Not waiting for Rong Yue to return to his senses, Tian Yang first said in a warm voice: “This kind of flower is hard to find, just follow me, and when you find it, we’ll send it to Xue Qi for you.”



Rong Yue fiercely turned hks head, only to see the little coal ball’s eyes glowing, like a cannonball, she ran and glued herself to Tian Yang’s lap: “Abba–!”





Rong Yue watched the two of them and silently tried to figure out the little ball’s illness.



Although he didn’t ask carefully, after hearing the symptom was “not very able to run”, his first thought was congenital heart disease.




The holy light ball could only heal wounds, not cure diseases, he had to brush up on his skills a little more.



“By the way,” he suddenly remembered something: “Little cub, what’s your name?”



“Grandma and Dad called me Er Er, but Grandma Xue Qi didn’t give me a name.”




Rong Yue was even more angry: “Then we will give you a name!” He waved his hand: “Er Er Er, it sounds like a bark, let’s call you Ergou.”




Tian Yang praised him: “Sounds swift and agile, not bad.”





The freshly minted Ergou shouted happily, “Ergou, I’m Ergou!”




After the excitement, she tiredly fell asleep in the corner.




After discussing with Tian Yang, Rong Yue decided to recuperate from his injuries for two more days and then set out to find a suitable territory.



By then, Rong Yue’s weakness would have passed, and Tian Yang’s internal organs would be much better.



Who knew that the plan couldn’t catch up with changes, the rain became heavier and heavier during the night, washing away the already torn earth.




Farther up the mountain, mud and water wrapped in trees rushed down from the heights layer by layer.




The cave they were in was in the lower terrain, it was originally dry and pleasant, but by midnight, the mud and water outside poured into the cave.




Tian Yang was already alert.



Immediately he noticed, he took the still dazed Rong Yue on his back, and held the child in his arms, before the cave entrance was flooded with mud and water, he rushed into the rain.




Xue Qi was right, this area was indeed no longer suitable for human settlement.




The disaster came so suddenly that they didn’t even have a chance to breathe.
Rong Yue ambled on Tian Yang’s back and used the ball of holy light to light the way ahead.
Tian Yang’s breaths became deep and shallow and  he began to stumble more often.




Rong Yue’s back was mercilessly beaten by the rain, but compared to Tian Yang, his situation was a lot better.
He could use himself to block the rain for him.



When it was almost dawn, in addition to the cub being protected in his arms, Rong Yue and Tian Yang were exhausted and confused.
When a huge tree rushed forward from afar, Tian Yang actually failed to react!




“Yue!” He was hit hard by the tree, and hung by the branch of the tree body, he uncontrollably slid into the distance at a very fast speed.
Rong Yue’s brain was blank, he desperately reached out-




Finally, he grabbed something!




The giant tree raced into the distance, and Rong Yue lost consciousness midway.





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