All the sl-aves in the room wanted to follow, but Rong Yue didn’t want all of them.


At first, he didn’t want those who hid in the hole, and later ran out when they saw the fries, and he also didn’t want those who rushed up to grab and push.
This removed a large part, there were 20 people left.



Bao Di look at those slaves with mixed feelings, and then looked at Rong Yue: “To redeem a slave in our tribe costs five hundred dried meat.” After saying that, he looked up and down at Rong Yue, he didn’t think he had that much.



Rong Yue nodded, “Yes, there’s enough.” He pointed to the hills and said they were inside.


Bao Di was dumbfounded, he thought he was talking nonsense, but after letting the people pulling the cart disperse, Bao Di really dug out three big bags of dried meat in that pile of debris!


How could this be!?



Bao Di’s hair stood on end.
He remembered that this white-haired priest’s miracle wasn’t only this, he held a wooden stick that could glow in the air, an the fact that few people could drag such a heavy cart.



Such a big thing, if brought in from the outside, how would it no be noticed by the guards! But, no!



His master was also very powerful, but that kind of power was still within his knowledge, but he simply couldn’t understand this white-haired sacrifice!



Bao Di wiped his face, and didn’t ask, he let the slaves count the dried meat, One person really counted 500 pieces and more, which was enough.



The twenty slaves who were enlisted now really believed they were dreaming, but the dream was still a little confusing.



They were used to listening to the leader’s words.
Since they were bought and they wanted to, they consciously formed two lines.


Rong Yue scanned them with satisfaction, the slaves in the Salt tribe were sturdy and clever.
After returning to the tribe, if the work was done well, they could replace the Creek tribe hard labor group.
They had transported almost all the stones but they began to cheat, and often clashed with the tribesmen.
Rong Yue was upset for a long time, but the stones hadn’t been completely moved.
When the slaves of the Salt tribe who he cheated, no, convinced, were brought back, they could share some work then he’d no longer need those people.

These slaves were used to living a hard life.
They had a numb sense of resignation in their eyes.


But Rong Yue believed that there was no desire for survival that couldn’t be awakened by a good meal.
If no, then two or three meals a day!



The group of people left in a big way, and went out right under the eyes of the night guards.


Bao Di gestured to the guards, stopped at the wooden fence, and waited for the others and the supplies to all go out before telling the guards the truth.



“That is a rather divine tribe, I have taken their leader as my teacher, and I will return when I have learned some skills.
It may take three or five years.”


The guard said he would pass it on to the chief.



“Oh,” Bao Di said, “and the slaves they took away, they were all exchanged with dried meat and left there in the upper salt cave.
Send someone to get them tomorrow so they don’t get eaten by the other slaves.”


He said many more words and had to say goodbye to the guards as he watched Rong Yue and the others walk further and further away.



“Tell Abba for me!”


Guard: “……”


The guard was dizzy: I remembered it very well! But you talked so much that I’ve forgotten a good part of it!



The journey of more than twenty days, the way there and back was smooth.
During the day and night, Rong Yue met the most capable slave among the two dozen people, named Ah Chuan.



Ah Chuan came with a pendant, called Xiao Le, he talked a lot but he was also cute, Rong Yue also liked to tease him.


One was down-to-earth and the other was funny.
Rong Yue had a good time…


Then one morning, Rong Yue suddenly found that the magical pattern on Tian Yang’s chest was growing!



Rong Yue tilted his head to the sky: “Why ah ah ah -”


He reached out and slapped Tian Yang’s chest, slapping it loudly: “Wasn’t it fine before!? Tell me why!”


Tian Yang’s chest of course didn’t answer, but it was a little painful, so he restrained Rong Yue: “Stop it.”


He described how he felt: “I often feel like there is a fire burning in my heart.”


“When did it burn?” Rong Yue asked.



“When Ah Chuan made your bed and Xiao Le slept with you.” Tian Yang replied.


Rong Yue: “……”



He laughed: “Don’t make it sound so strange, Ah Chuan made the beds for everyone, Xiao Le was a little sick, so I let him lie down for a while to rest, what do you mean sleep with me?”



But Rong Yue wasn’t a fool, he heard from Tian Yang’s straightforward narrative that Tian Yang was jealous.


Tian Yang was actually jealous! Just because he was getting close to someone else? So Tian Yang liked him!


No wonder he asked him which was more important, him or the tomato.



Rong Yue had insomnia that night and considered his feelings for a while.



He had no experience in this, in the game world, he was a good pope with a blank love history, after coming here, he was a good tribe builder who was focused on eating.


He didn’t even know his sexuality.



The mainland was also very strange.
Although the sacrifices were sterile, they were all male.
If a man originally liked women, but was forced to marry a priest, could he still be with a woman?



On the other hand, if the sacrifice liked women but had to marry men, how would he adjust his psychology?



If he didn’t talk about sacrifices, can two men fall in love on this continent?



At least the people he knew, there seemed to be no such tendency, Ah Jiu and Guoguo, Yue Dong and Li Shui, were ordinary male and female combination, Bai Tao was also married, the rest of the tribe were also male and female couples.


Rong Yue thought, he didn’t understand anything, so how could he judge his feelings?


Tian Yang was handsome Compared with the players in the Xingyue Era, he was more handsome.
Rong Yue looked at him for a while, and then felt that he was imagining things.



In any case, the current Tian Yang wasn’t normal, perhaps his exclusive desire for him was amplified by the influence of the magic Qi, making him get jealous easily .



Thinking of this, Rong Yue’s mood relaxed a little, but he still couldn’t sleep, so he went out of the tent to get some air.


But the smell of dog food came from the wind.



Rong Yue saw that Ah Chuan was holding Xiao Le, and they were leaning against a big tree, and they looked very happy.


Ah Chuan was a little bigger than Xiao Le.
Xiao Le shrunk himself into a ball and rolled in Ah Chuan’s arms, rubbing against him.
That scene was too beautiful to watch.



Rong Yue shrunk back, so they were a pair!


He asked Ah Chuan to make his bed and let Xiao Le warm it… Wait, he didn’t!


Rong Yue scolded Tian Yang for ten minutes.
He blamed him for taking his thoughts too far and finally fell asleep.



What he didn’t know was that when he fell asleep, he habitually curled up and leaned toward the hot Tian Yang beside him …… The next day Rong Yue woke up and felt arms around his waist again.
He numbly pushed away Tian Yang, got up and went out for air.


When they got back, he’d sleep separately from Tian Yang.


No more of this!


Then Rong Yue put the wooden cart, dried meat and some necessary water in his system backpack.


The same thing took up one space, and Rong Yue had a lot of packages with many pieces.
In addition, they had just killed a bear as big as a house before, so Rong Yue had enough dried meat in stock.



So although the team had more than thirty people, they weren’t hungry, as the forest got more and more dense, they actively hunted to replenish their stock.


The potatoes didn’t move, Rong Yue intended to go back and plant a batch first.



Because the seeds couldn’t be found, Rong Yue also dug up some live plants of potatoes in the mountains when he left, and intended to go back to have people study how to plant it.


So they ate and drank, they were obviously in the wild, but the slaves gained some weight.



On this day, the people from the Salt tribe saw the spectacular stone wall from afar and thought, “The legendary Xingyue tribe, they had finally arrived.”


Life here, was it really going to be good?




“Sacrifice Yue and the others have returned!” Bai Tao hurriedly said.


“What!?” Guoguo was shocked: “Back so soon? What happened?”



“Open the door.” Ah Jiu said calmly.



Only for them to see eight people tied side by side in the open space at the back of the small wooden building used for deliberations.


On the far left was the wanderer who had attacked Rong Yue, and the seven at the back, except for an initial member of the tribe, the rest were all members of the Creek tribe’s hard labor group.



Speaking of these people, even Ah Jiu wanted to use eight hundred words to spit at them.



It turned out that after Rong Yue and Tian Yang left, as the days passed, the hearts of the people gradually fell apart.



After all, the salt tribe was far away, a one-way trip took nearly a month, it was a long time, naturally, some people wanted to make trouble.



The first to feel free, was the wanderer.



This wanderer was a a person born for the word “lewd”.
His lustful heart was like running water that never stopped.


When Tian Yang and Rong Yue were around, he was afraid of being beaten and acted honestly.
As soon as the two left, he was ready to move.
He often harassed the passing aunts and sisters with his eyes.



He didn’t do anything, just looked, the women really couldn’t do anything.
They couldn’t gouge out his eyes because the other looked at them, right?


However, when the leader didn’t return, the wanderer became more and more serious.
He not only watched, but also took other men to watch together.



Finally, after unremitting efforts, they planned to do something.



There were so many women in Xingyue tribe but Bai Tao was more mature and pretty.


One dark and windy night, the group of eight took advantage of Bai Tao getting up at night, they cornered her and tried to insult her.



But Bai Tao used to be a female soldier.
She left after she was injured.
Although she quit, her force value couldn’t be underestimated.
She fought with all her might, shouting.
Finally, the three Yang brothers arrived first, shouting while fighting, and finally Bai Tao was rescued.


This happened the night before.


They discussed all day what to do with these scum, but didn’t get a result.



Guoguo wanted them to be expelled, Bai Tao wanted them to be castrated, as for Ah Jiu, in fact, he preferred to kill, but in the end it would be up to Sacrifice Yue and the Chief.



As a result, they came back after a day’s delay.
Guoguo was worried that Sacrifice Yue would feel that they neglected their duties.
Ah Jiu was relieved.


Taking this opportunity, he happened to discuss with the Sacrifice Yue about what to do next time such a thing happened.


Setting a standard and following it in the future should enable many people to settle down.



Rong Yue came back, a mouthful of water hadn’t been drunk when he heard such a bad thing, he was shocked: “so arrogant?”


Guoguo was filled with righteous indignation: “Yes, I’m furious! We absolutely cannot let them stay!”


Rong Yue turned to Bai Tao, “Are you okay, are you hurt?”



Bai Tao froze, the concern she received made her heart warm.
She lowered her voice: “Yes, I wasn’t too strong, but everyone came just in time.”


Rong Yue said seriously, “Don’t worry, I will definitely give you an explanation.”



The crowd gathered in the small wooden building, Guoguo pointed to the eight people, and again told the cause and effect of the interrogation.


The leading wanderer grinned: “It’s just a woman.
We didn’t steal your food.
As for being so angry, wouldn’t it be a contribution to the tribe if she got pregnant? You are so few that you had steal slaves …”



The wanderer looked at Ah Chuan and Xiao Ke who were standing behind.
Ah Chuan didn’t move, but Xiao Le shrank to block the red scar on his forehead.



The wanderer continued: “We are so short of people.
Would you like me to help you have more children?”



Rong Yue was furious.



“What were you going to do?”

The three Yang brothers, Guoguo and Bai Tao and Tian Yang gave their opinions.



The girls were relatively soft hearted.
The three Yang brothers combined their characteristics and made creative punishments of “abolishing their eyes”, “cutting their legs” and “cutting their arms”.


Rong Yue didn’t say yes or no, he asked Ah Jiu what he thought.
Ah Jiu though they should be killed.



“How to kill?” Rong Yue asked with a smile.



Ah Jiu thought a little: “They should be killed in front of others.”



Rong Yue nodded and asked Tian Yang, “What about you?”



Tian Yang shook his head: “No killing.”



Rong Yue asked, “Why not?”


Tian Yang: “Because there are more evil things.”


A smile flashed in Rong Yue’s eyes.
He looked at Tian Yang approvingly, touched the back of his hand in reassurance, and then stepped forward.



“Your chief is right.
These few people cannot be killed.”


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