in full view of everyone, so he whispered, “It’s too crowded, go a little to the side.”

Tian Yang nodded, squeezed closer, and put a hand on Rong Yue’s waist.

Rong Yue: “…………”

Rong Yue’s upbringing prevented him from beating up a sick person, so he didn’t care about it, he simply relaxed to eat.

He also smoothly ate a small red fruit that Tian Yang fed to his mouth.


The two people were eating as if no one else was around when they suddenly heard a female voice screaming, “Why are you here!”

Rong Yue turned his head with a frown and saw a girl wearing a flower garland.
She was wearing a light linen dress, her figure was shapely, and if she wasn’t cross-eyed, she was quite a pretty girl.

He recognized her from Yue’s memories, she was the chief’s youngest daughter, Yu Lian.

Without waiting for him to speak, Tian Yang first put down his bowl and stood up, stepped in front of Rong Yue and asked with a smile, “What’s wrong Missy, have we been expelled from the tribe? Not even allowed to eat a mouthful of rice?”

Tian Yang was the former tribe’s number one warrior, even though he was sick from poisoning, his strength wasn’t one in ten, but his aura was still powerful.

Yu Lian couldn’t help but take a step back, holding back her fear, she shouted angrily, “Yue never goes out! Did you force him? Although he is useless, he is also a sacrifice, if you mistreat him, you’re going to be driven out ……”

Before she finished speaking, Rong Yue stood up first, still holding the fruit with one hand, his other hand grabbed Tian Yang and put him behind him.

“Who abused me?”

His temperament was gentle, but his eyes had no warmth.
Yu Lian froze at the unfamiliar look, and suddenly screamed in shock again, “Yue! What happened to your, your hair!?”

Seeing the curious gazes, Rong Yue sighed: “Yesterday I was sick and inadvertently used Heavenly Hearing when I was unconscious.
The god told me …… I’m too sad lately, if I continue like this, I’ll get white hair.”

The crowd around: “…………”

What was going on? It sounded like nonsense, but it had a wonderful convincing power!

Seeing Yue talk back to her, Yu Lian became even more angry.

She had become accustomed to bullying Yue since childhood, Yue had never resisted.
He was such a person, and now he dared to talk back!

“Today is a celebration that belongs to me! I forbid you to come, and you are not allowed to eat my father’s food again!” She pointed at Yue and yelled, “From now on, you’ll only be able to eat Tian Yang’s catch! You’ll have to starve if he’s starving! Do you hear me?”

Without waiting for Yue to answer, a tall, strong man suddenly appeared behind Yu Lian and interjected, “Why is Xiao Yu here? Who’s that?”

Yu Lian’s eyes widened in aggravation, “Sen Qiang, what are you asking about him for, I’m your wife!”

The First Warrior of the Sentei Tribe narrowed his eyes at Rong Yue.

Rong Yue locked eyes with the other.

He was strong, and if he were replaced in his Continent, he could probably be a level fifty mini-boss.

In his original body, it was still manageable, but if they fought now, the level one him and the debuffed Tian Yang would definitely suffer a loss.

Just as he was cautiously assessing the strength of both sides, Sen Qiang suddenly smiled lewdly: “You’re my original wife? Quite pretty …… Come with me, I’ll take you too.”

“…… I refuse.”

“He refuses.”

Two voices sounded one after the other, and Tian Yang stood next to him, no longer playful.

“He is my deeded wife, don’t be too greedy.”

Rong Yue frowned.

He knew that, according to the rules of the tribe, Tian Yang and Sen Qiang, could fight for him.

Being forced to “marry” someone was already very strange, he didn’t want to experience the more excessive “two people serving one husband”.
And Tian Yang gave him a good feeling, if he had to choose a person to partner with, he would rather choose Tian Yang.

But Tian Yang was poisoned and sick, he may not be able to overcome this problem.

This small problem of poisoning, if placed in the heyday of Rong Yue, a [divine prayer] could completely heal him.

But now …………

It didn’t matter, he could use the method of this world.

Rong Yue: “Sen Qiang?”

The strong man from the tribe next door answered and looked at him with interest.

Rong Yue smiled slightly, tilted his head and asked him: “Yesterday I had a vague premonition in my heavenly hearing, and god told me that today I will be able to measure the fortune of a destined person, without any payment.
I choose you, do you need it?”

Sen Qiang narrowed his eyes and smiled lewdly: “That would be nice ……”

The main ability of the sacrifice was to measure good fortune, but there were quite a lot of instructions.

Because the “divine power” of this world had a lot of rules, each prediction would take the sacrifice’s sincere heart and soul, and it wouldn’t always be successful.

Therefore, the sacrifice was mostly for the whole tribe, few priests were willing to use the heavenly hearing for a person.

As for Yue, although he awakened to become a sacrifice, he could hardly do decent divination, but now he wanted to do one for Sen Qiang ……

Yu Lian thought that he wanted to please Sen Qiang, and her teeth clenched with anger, but she was just a wife after all, and she didn’t dare disobey her husband, so she could only glare as she stood aside.

Soon, with the help of the crowd, a simple divination table was set up.

The wooden table was a round stone plate, the inside was roughly divided into two halves, the left was painted red with flower juice, the right was just the gray stone, a handful of grass and wood ash was evenly sprinkled into the disc.

Immediately after, a little girl of four or five years old with messy hair climbed onto the table, covered the stone plate with a lid, then took two steps backward, raised her hands above her head and kowtowed three times.

This was the dust removal session before doing the heavenly hearing – according to Rong Yue’s judgment, there was no practical significance.

He reached out and picked up the little girl who had finished kowtowing, gently placed her on the ground, and smiled at her.

Then sat down solemnly on his knees on the round straw mat.

Rong Yue didn’t make any eye-catching movements, yet every move was sacred and solemn.

Before he officially started, there were no more whispers around.

“There is Sen Qiang, asking the sky to hear, is the road ahead auspicious or evil?”

His soft ethereal voice lingered, Rong Yue’s hands were against the sides of the stone plate, as he asked three times in a row.

Suddenly, a breeze brushed by.

The crowd held their breath.

Rong Yue smiled and raised his hand to make a gesture, signaling Sen Qiang to come to the front to see the result.

The crowd of people watching weren’t willing to stand still, they pretended that Rong Yue also called them, one by one, they stretched their necks closer.


Hi, I wasn’t able to update due to family issues, my granny had a stroke earlier this month, and entered a stroke-induced coma, she woke up on Monday, but she’s wheelchair bound now, I’m happy she made it but it’s sad that time is moving, now I have to deal with the fact that she doesn’t have much time left.
May you continue to be with your loved ones for as long as you can.
Updates will resume for all novels as I spend time with my granny .

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