after the land subsidence, the tribes we encountered along the way, whether they moved or not, all seemed quite chaotic …… but that tribe, somehow, it was very normal.”


“Ah,” Bao Xing clapped his hands, “I remembered, their pitched tent, it had a red pattern.”



Yang San’s raspy voice rang out, “Pattern!?”



Bao Xing was startled, Yang San was so ugly and one-eyed, she shivered and moved over to Rong Yue.


Yang San couldn’t care less: “What kind of pattern?”


A small sandbox made by Rong Yue was brought in, and Bao Xing warily took a branch and drew a half-open oval on the sandbox, the inside of which looked like a spiral.


“I can’t remember, but probably ……”



Yang San got agitated: “It’s this! This is the symbol of the Paradise Tribe!”


Rong Yue pondered for a moment, “I understand.
They are currently very close to us and are emboldened.”



Tian Yang spoke, “Let Yue Dong go find it.”



Rong Yue nodded: “Yes, Yang San, go and call Yue Dong over.”



Bao Xing was pulled outside to rest.
Rong Yue and Yue Dong discussed the matter of using the scouting ability to find the Paradise tribe.



“I thought this kind of tribe would cover up and act cautiously, I didn’t expect them to be so arrogant.”



Yue Dong clenched his fist: “It’s too close to us too! When the Creek tribe met them, they were about four days away from us.
When that woman met them just now, she was a little closer, three days at most!”



“Yes, so Yue Dong, take Xiao Ergou and Yang San to find them.
I don’t believe that with Xiao Ergou’s nose, we can’t even find the tribe.”



This matter was arranged, Rong Yue calmed down his depressed mood, then turned his head to find Bao Xing.



Bao Xing had already began chatting with Guoguo and the girls, just now she had been crying, and now she was smiling and laughing.



“What do you have in your goods? We really have something to exchange with you.”



Bao Xing also knew by this time that this tribe had a lot of good people: “Okay, you guys feel free to look, if you don’t know, just ask me.”



This wooden sled cart had a lot of things inside, three young girls pulling it was quite difficult.



“Salt bricks, nectar, paraffin wax ……”



In addition to some small tools made of wood, Rong Yue wanted everything.
There was even a roll of light silk cloth inside.



Rong Yue knew very little about weaving materials, the game world in this regard wasn’t in line with reality, he only knew that he had clothes to wear.



When he came to this world, he was really uncomfortable with the linen clothes for a while, but now he was getting better, but he still wanted it when he found out that there was such materials here.



It was so long, couldn it be the robe he was used to!? And it wouldn’t cause heat in summer!



Rong Yue dropped the wooden gadgets and piled the others together, “Little Bao Xing, state a price.”


Bao Xing was dumbfounded: “Wait, these are very expensive, worth at least 50 guinea pigs! Do you have that much to exchange? Even if you do, it’s too far to transport to our salt department!”


Rong Yue wondered, “Then you have traveled so far, what are you exchanging?”



“Other tribes have some things unique to their tribe ah, such as this jar of nectar, is what we exchanged ……”



Well, specialties.



What were the specialties of their tribe?



At present, they seemed to specialize in the old and weak ……



Rong Yue suddenly spoke, “Okay, Bao Xing, let’s take a bag of sugar first.”



Although a little reluctant, Bao Xing still agreed, Rong Yue carried back the sugar, and prepared to make tomato sauce.



Success was of course the best, failure …… it was just a bag of sugar, Bao Xing couldn’t do anything.



Wash the tomatoes, boil water….



Tian Yang quickly used the bone knife to cut the tomatoes into small pieces, and finally poured it into the tile pot and mashed it.



The sugar bag was opened and inside were finely crushed red-brown crystals.
Rong Yue tasted a little, found that it was indeed sweet, then he poured a small half of the bag into the jar.



The strength work was done by Tian Yang, he pounded and stirred ……



Finally, the tomatoes were made into a paste and poured into a stone bowl.



The dark red sauce emitted a sweet and sour aroma, Rong Yue picked a bit of the sauce with a small clean wooden stick and put it in his mouth.


–His mind exploded!



–Explosion of taste buds!



— How in the world could something be so delicious!



— it could really feed a nation!



He hurriedly picked another bit and stretched it to Tian Yang’s mouth.



“Is it good?”



“Not bad.”


Rong Yue cradled the wooden bowl in his arms and experienced the joy of the harvest.



“I want to plant this field, all with tomatoes!”

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