er of Lord Tian Yang, they were still four men!



But after Sacrifice Yue added these “wheels”, even a woman like Bai Tao could pull it!



Sacrifice Yue was really great!



Two days ago, the topic of who was qualified to be the chief between Sacrifice Yue and Lord Tian Yang had been quietly circulating among the crowd.
Many people were grateful to Sacrifice Yue, yet they felt that in terms of ability, it still belonged to Lord Tian Yang.



When Sacrifice Yue said he could also participate in the hunt, many people didn’t believe, but now, looking at his actions, they no longer felt uncomfortable.



How much more whimsical ideas did Sacrifice Yue have?



How could they say that Sacrifice Yue wasn’t capable!



After two days of rest and preparation of adequate food, the “quarry exploration team” led by Rong Yue, Tian Yang, Yue Dong, Ergou, Guo Guo, Bai Tao and Yang San, officially set out.



Last night, Rong Yue had summoned the “exploration team” to the tent for emergency training on finding crops.



The three weren’t too stupid, but Guoguo obviously had the best memory.
Rong Yue gave the recipe book to her once, yet she could remember at least eight or nine.



Xiao Ergou repeated it a few times then she remembered, but Yue Dong, he scratched his ears the whole night.



On the road, while dragging the car, Yue Dong kept muttering: “Eggplant …… corn …… red pepper …… ”


The crops in this world were similar and different from the Xingyue Era.



According to the elimination method of Yue Dong and Tian Yang, it had been confirmed that at least twenty to thirty common vegetables existed here.



They had seen them before, they just didn’t know they were edible and had never tried them.



There was a small bag of seeds in Rong Yue’s package, but unfortunately most of them were flower seeds and couldn’t be eaten.



The only exotics were the seeds of peach and orange trees, which were handed over to him by mistake by a player during one of the game missions.



In the NPC strategy of the Xingyue Chronicles, it was written that Rong Yue loved to grow flowers and was more partial to yellow flowers ……

In fact, although Rong Yue didn’t dislike the flowers, it wasn’t as deep as love.



If he had to like a yellow flower, he would rather like the flower of the cucumber vine.



Cucumber with garlic was also a dish he aspired to taste.


He had never eaten it.



The journey was uneventful, he didn’t know if the vegetation in this neighborhood was relatively sparse, even the animals were rarely seen.



Rong Yue followed Tian Yang with his staff in hand, and Xiao Ergou rode on Tian Yang’s shoulders, sniffing from time to time for the smell of animals nearby.



After walking most of the way, Ergou’s nose suddenly twitched: “Abba, Abba, I smell people, many people!”



Tian Yang turned to her, then she remembered: “Lord Tian Yang ……”



Bai Tao frowned: “It shouldn’t be, people are only sent to the stone mountain when the tribe needs stones, how can there be many people gathered in front of it?”



The crowd raised their guard and didn’t forget to look around as they moved forward.



Just like this, they walked for a while, suddenly Bai Tao screamed as her feet fell on empty space, she fell into a hole in the ground!



“Sister Bai Tao!” Guoguo shouted in horror, crouching at the edge of the pit.



The smoke and dust confused her eyes, she couldn’t see for a while, then she saw a familiar reassuring white light flying out, illuminating the dark hole.



The others reacted and moved forward, following the position of the ball of light to check the depth below.



Yue Dong shouted, “Bai Tao-! Are you hurt!”



Echoes burst, after a while, Bai Tao shouted back, her voice was a little shaky, she was probably scared: “I …… I’m fine!”


Yang San breathed a sigh of relief.
He was just about to help them find a way to pull her up.
Suddenly, he felt that the soles of his feet hurt, as if he had stepped on something different.



He squatted down to look… It was actually a piece of rope.



He was acutely aware of something and loudly reminded, “Be careful! It’s people! It’s people who dug holes!”



However it was a step too late.



Suddenly out of nowhere a group of people jumped out, there were 30 or 40.



Rong Yue and the others were surrounded by the sharp tips of spears and bows and arrows, circling them in the middle, as if they were hunting them as animals.



The leader of the group had a vicious face with a small bump on top of his head.




He stepped forward and opened his mouth, his saliva sticking between his separated upper and lower teeth, distinctly disgusting.



“There is poison in the cave, and your companion will die soon.
If you want the antidote, hand over the food you’re carrying!”






Silence spread in the air.



Rong Yue,still kneeling at the entrance of the cave to check the situation of Bai Tao, took a long time to finally confirm that she was okay, before slowly standing up.



He just turned around, when he saw the face of the leader, he quickly looked away: “Oh my God, you’re so ugly.”



The boss of the group: “……”


The boss’s eyes were dark, and he was about to explode from anger.
He saw the beautiful white haired priest point in his direction: “Wait!”


The words choked in his throat and choked until his lungs ached.
Finally, the boss resisted his anger and answered, “what are you going to say!?”



Only to see the white-haired priest push the tall warrior beside him and speak gleefully, “Tian Yang look, the piece of grass that they trampled down, is that a twist!?”



Tian Yang looked at it in appreciation, “Yes, it’s a small bush, but it really is.”



Rong Yue: “We found twisted seeds! I just don’t know if this wild seed is good ……”


They felt choked.



The people surrounding them all felt a great sense of humiliation.


A mere team of five people, why were they not afraid of them!?



How could they not be afraid of them!

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