Chapter 97: Was The Game Not Fun Anymore, Or Was The Alcohol Not Nice?

After seeing Principal Yu and the school leaders off, Wang Shengguo stood at the door, a lot of emotions brewing inside him.

“Why are you standing here in a daze looking as though you can die without any regrets?”

Li Xiumei popped her head out from his back and looked at him curiously.

The atmosphere was destroyed in an instant.

“I…” Wang Shengguo took a deep breath.
In the end, he didn’t say anything.
He just walked into the living room in frustration.

He saw Wang Teng examining the rewards on the table.

He exclaimed, “These are not ordinary items at all.
It looks like your principal put in a lot of effort this time.”

“If our son was not outstanding enough, why would they gift him these precious items?” Li Xiumei said proudly.

Wang Teng ignored his parents’ boasting.
As their son, he felt that he shouldn’t cruelly deprive them of the only joy left in their lives.

He looked at the three items in front of him, especially the dark ice stone in the box.
Principal Yu said that it was extremely precious, but he didn’t have an exact idea of its value.

It looks like I have to find some time to research it or ask someone who knows about it.

Wang Teng kept the black stone.

The family of three could finally sit down and have their meal.

At the same time, in Jiang City, the news that the Iron Fist Clan was annihilated couldn’t stay hidden anymore.

The members of the Iron Fist Clan who were out to do business had gotten lucky and managed to escape the ordeal.
When they returned to their headquarters, they noticed that the main entrance was wide open and the entire building was dead silent.

Then, they saw the scene that they would never be able to remove from their memory.


Corpses covered the entire floor with a fearful expression on their faces; they didn’t die peacefully.

The fortunate survivors were scared out of their wits.

Some people wanted to look at the surveillance footage to find out what happened, but all the cameras were destroyed.
No evidence was life behind.

All the cash and expensive items had disappeared.

The Iron Fist Clan was left with an empty shell.

“That hostage was saved by someone.
Could it be someone from his side?” a person suddenly said.

“Whether it is or not, all the advanced stage martial disciples in the headquarters have been killed.
Do you think we can regain our previous standing just by ourselves?” another person trembled with fear and said.

“Also, the news that the Iron Fist Clan has been annihilated will spread soon.
Our enemies won’t let us go so easily.”

“Where are those people from Capital Xia? They have a martial warrior among them.
If it’s really done by the hostage’s men, the plight of our Iron Fist Clan is all caused by them.”

“Are you planning to find them for revenge?” Someone sneered.

“Let’s disperse.
The Iron Fist Clan no longer exists…” someone said weakly.

Everyone’s gazes landed on that guy.
He laughed awkwardly and said, “I’m just making a casual suggestion.
Don’t look at me.”

“Let’s disperse.”

“Right, let’s disperse.”

“Goodbye, everyone.
I hope that I won’t see any of you again in the future…”

Everyone scattered in an instant.
They left without showing any signs of hesitation.
Only the person who came up with the suggestion was left standing on the spot in a daze.

“The Iron Fist Clan is gone.”

In a hotel’s luxurious presidential suite in Jiang City, a man spoke.

In front of this middle-aged man, a twenty years old young man with short hair was sitting on a chair.
He was wearing a bathrobe and swirling the wine glass in his hand.

The red wine in the glass spun lightly.
The young man said calmly, “Oh?”

“I made a trip personally.
Almost everyone was killed with a single blow, including the advanced stage martial disciples.

“The boss of the Iron Fist Clan is also gone.
However, there are burnt marks found at the scene,” the middle-aged man continued.

“Martial warrior?

“Fire element martial warrior?”

The young man raised his eyebrows.
He finished the red wine in his hand in a single gulp.

“That is my guess too,” the middle-aged man nodded and replied.

“Pfft, let’s go back to Capital Xia.
Let other people take care of these miscellaneous things.
I’m irritated.” The young man stretched his back and scoffed.

“Aren’t you… going to act?” The middle-aged man asked.

“I said that I’m going back to Capital Xia!” the young man said coldly.


Wang Teng didn’t know the scenes going on in Jiang City.

Regarding Wang Shengguo’s predicament, he knew from the boss of the Iron Fist Clan that the other party was from Capital Xia.

In his previous life, the people that had wiped the Wang family were from Capital Xia too.

Although the timing wasn’t right, it was most likely the same people.

This was the martial arts era, and there was a martial warrior on the opposite side… That made sense.
Based on how powerful they were, they would definitely have a martial warrior.

In front of them, the Wang family was as weak as an ant.

But, he was the variable.

Now, Wang Teng was the top scholar of the martial arts exam.
Even Governor Jiang knew who he was.

The other party wouldn’t dare to touch the Wang family easily.
The Wang family wouldn’t have any life-threatening danger in Donghai.

If not, the headlines the next day would be—

The top scholar of the martial arts exam in Donghai got exterminated?

This wasn’t just a slap to Donghai’s face.
It was a challenge to the authority of China’s law.
No matter how powerful the other party was, they couldn’t act without any fear.

Hence, the Wang family was temporarily safe.

However, he still needed to guard against the other party’s secret acts.
As long as it was within the rules, these acts were allowed.

The Wang family wasn’t able to evade it.

Wang Shengguo and Wang Teng’s grandfather were all wily old foxes in the business world.
Naturally, they wouldn’t sit and wait for their enemies to look for them without making any preparations.

Wang Teng didn’t have to worry about the company.

Now, what he needed to do was to increase his capabilities as fast as possible.
If he was powerful enough, he could kill all his enemies with a single slash of his sword.

The only thing that Wang Teng couldn’t understand was how the Wang family managed to provoke those people.
After all, the other party had a huge and powerful background.

He asked Wang Shengguo the same question before, but his father didn’t know the answer.
He was kidnapped for no reason, so he was utterly confused too.

At this moment, Wang Teng met Xu Jie and his other friends in a quiet bar.
There were beers, fruit juices, and all kinds of snacks on the table.

They were all chatting and laughing.

“Top scholar for the martial arts exam!” suddenly, Xu Jie shouted in surprise.

The three of them stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.
Before this, they had heard that his result was not bad, but they only knew that he was the top scholar now.


For a moment, they just stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

Wang Teng was already used to this kind of reaction.
Everyone who heard the piece of news for the first time would be dumbstruck.

Sigh, he was a failure!

Fortunately, the system didn’t abandon him.

Wang Teng sighed in his heart.
He started eating snacks all alone and let the trio continue their astonishment.
After they regained their senses, they would continue the conversation.

A few minutes later, the three people finally snapped back to their senses.

“Congratulations, Brother Wang Teng!” Xu Jie said in a complicated tone.

In the past, they were all useless and cocky rich second generations in other people’s eyes.
But now, Wang Teng had soared up into the sky with one leap.
Xu Jie felt hurt.

Wasn’t it good to stay together like a loving family and fail the exam together?

Was the game not fun anymore, or was the wine not nice?

Why did he need to immerse himself in his studies? Why did he become the star student that he always hated?

Xu Jie started doubting his life.
The lonely feeling of being abandoned engulfed his entire body, and a dark grey aura spread around him.

Wang Teng: …

Bai Wei: …

Yu Hao: …

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