Chapter 94: Caught And Cut Into Pieces For Research

In the living room.

“Son, the time is here.
Hurry up and enter your examination identity number.”

Wang Shengguo kept staring at the clock for a long time.
The instant the second hand jumped to 12:00, he urged Wang Teng.

“Dad, is there a need to be so anxious?” Wang Teng didn’t know what to say.

There was a laptop placed in front of him, and the login page was already opened on the screen.
All that was left was to enter the examination identity number.

“Hey, move to the side.
I’ll do it.” Li Xiumei was even more impatient than Wang Shengguo.
She pushed Wang Teng away and took his identity card to enter the number.

After verifying the information, she clicked the submit button.

Language: 136

Math: 141

English: 143

Level Inspection: Extreme martial disciple (one-star soldier level martial warrior – actual)

Martial arts written: 145 (out of 150)

Actual combat assessment: 100+20 (out of 100)

When they saw the information on the screen, Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei weren’t able to speak for a long time.

Then, Li Xiumei logged out and logged in again.
This time, she rechecked Wang Teng’s identity number and made sure that it was the same before she clicked the submit button.

The results didn’t change.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei exchanged glances with each other.
In the end, Wang Shengguo said, “Log in again.
I’ll do it this time.”

Li Xiumei passed the identity card to him and moved away from the seat.
She allowed Wang Shengguo to operate the laptop.

Wang Teng: …

The two of them logged in three times, but Wang Teng’s result didn’t change at all.
The numbers were still the same as before.

“This is enough.
Am I even your biological son? I just scored a little better, but you don’t believe me at all.”

Wang Teng rolled his eyes when he saw that they were still at it.
He looked at them with an ‘I’m extremely hurt’ expression.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei smiled awkwardly.
They suddenly felt that they had indeed gone a little overboard there.

“Son, you can’t blame us.
Your results are hard to decipher!” Wang Shengguo exclaimed.

“Also, how did you manage to score so well? I never saw you studying.
Tell me, did you see the exam questions beforehand?” Li Xiumei leaned forward and asked him mysteriously.

“Seriously? Will I be able to know the questions for the university entrance exam so easily?”

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He had predicted this, though, so he could only explain patiently, “After I started practicing martial arts, especially after I became a martial warrior, I felt that my brain started to work better and better, and my memory increased.
I’m able to memorize any information after reading it a few times.
My brain spins furiously now.
This is one of my secrets.
Don’t tell anyone about it.

“If I get caught and get cut into pieces for research, you will lose a genius son.”

He purposely sounded more serious because he hoped that his parents would cooperate with him and help him lie to outsiders.

“Pfft, what do you mean by getting cut for research? You love to talk nonsense,” Li Xiumei said angrily.

“I think I’ve heard of a situation like yours before.
Your brain started getting clearer probably due to the increase in spiritual power.
Oh right, someone’s daughter participated in the martial arts exam two years ago and astounded the crowd with her unexpected results.” Wang Shengguo thought for a moment before touching his chin and opening his mouth.

“Spiritual power?!” Wang Teng repeated the words.
He wondered if spiritual power had anything to do with Spirit.

“This thing sounds a little unreliable and magical.
I’m not clear on the details, but I heard that there are very few people who are born with spiritual power.
They are all special talents,” Wang Shengguo said confidently.
It seemed that he had only heard of rumors regarding this thing.

“That means that our son’s condition isn’t a huge secret.
He might even be the special talent you mentioned.” Li Xiumei heaved a sigh of relief.

“That’s right.
However, before we ascertain the facts, let’s not announce it to everyone.
Let Little Teng take care of his matter himself,” Wang Shengguo said.

Li Xiumei nodded.
She looked at the results on the screen and smiled uncontrollably.

“Our son’s ability will probably scare a lot of people.”

“Haha, they should be scared.
I will show everyone that my son isn’t worse than anyone.
He is even more outstanding than the self-proclaimed geniuses out there.” Wang Shengguo felt relieved and exceptionally proud.
However, he didn’t lose his cool.
He continued, “But, we must tell other people that our Little Teng is very hardworking at home.
That way, it won’t sound so astonishing.”

“That’s right.
If he’s too outstanding, he might be caught and cut into pieces for research.
His brain has finally started spinning faster.
It’d be a waste if it was cut.” Li Xiumei nodded in agreement as she rubbed Wang Teng’s head.

Wang Teng: …

This feeling wasn’t good.

However, his parents ignored him and continued complimenting the results on the laptop screen.
They couldn’t get enough of it.

“Son, what’s wrong with the result of your level inspection and your actual combat assessment?” Wang Shengguo asked curiously.

“During the level inspection, I only displayed the power of an extreme martial disciple, but during the actual combat assessment, I released my true ability as a martial warrior.
Governor Jiang saw it, so that might be why they added a bracket behind the result,” Wang Teng explained.

“You even met Governor Jiang?” Wang Shengguo was flabbergasted.

“That’s right.”

“Oh my god, your face is even bigger than your dad’s.
I have never seen Governor Jiang before,” Wang Shengguo lamented in envy.

“Old Wang, yours is too low.
Let me bring you out to see the world when I’m free.” Wang Teng patted Wang Shengguo’s shoulder like an elder.

“Get off me, you little brat.
Why are you laughing at your dad?” Wang Shengguo slapped his hand away angrily.

Then, he continued asking, “Why about your actual combat assessment result.
The total score is 100, but you got an additional 20 points.”

Wang Teng touched his chin.
He guessed, “Maybe they added additional points because I killed a star beast.”

Actually, he wasn’t sure either.

“Star beast!” Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei exclaimed, “Why is there a star beast during the actual combat assessment?”

“An accident.” Wang Teng smiled awkwardly and told the whole story.

“Oh my god, it looks like many examinees were killed.
I didn’t expect the actual combat assessment to be so dangerous.
Are you hurt?” Li Xiumei was filled with worry when she finished listening to Wang Teng.

“I’m fine.
Look at me.
That was just an accident.
In the past few years, the examinees only got injured.
No one died.” Wang Teng hurriedly consoled his mother.

“That’s good,” Wang Shengguo chimed in from the side.

At this moment, Wang Teng’s phone rang.
It was a call from Lin Chuhan.

He picked up the call.
“Hello, class monitor.
How is your result?”

“Wang Teng, I passed! I actually got 80 for my actual combat assessment.
80 points, Do you know that I scored 80?!”

Lin Chuhan’s voice on the other end was filled with excitement.
This was the first time Wang Teng saw her losing her composure.

Wang Teng was stunned too.
Lin Chuhan had only managed to kill five mutated beasts, and four of them were even low-level.
Only one was a middle-level mutated beast.

Also, she didn’t rely on her ability to kill them.
Her method could be considered a little scheming.

But, she managed to achieve good results.
It seemed that this result wasn’t just based on the number of mutated beasts one killed.
There were also other elements involved.

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