Chapter 90: The Boss’s Privacy

“I will make a trip personally.”

Wang Teng’s mind worked at full cylinders.
It didn’t matter if it was a scheme by those people inside.
His father was detained, and he must fetch his back.

“Will there be a problem?” Li Xiumei was still a little worried.

“Don’t worry, Mom.
You have seen your son’s ability.
I didn’t even release one-tenth of my potential just now,” Wang Teng comforted her.

“In that case, be careful.
Don’t get hurt.”

One was her son, while the other was her husband.
She was worried about both, but she could only rely on her son now.

Fortunately, her son had already grown up.
When the pillar of the house collapsed, he was able to support the family.

Wang Teng nodded.
He turned and prepared to leave.

“I will go with you.
It will be more convenient for me to contact Grandfather’s men,” Wang Yanan suddenly said.

“That’s right, you can go together.
You can take care of each other too.” Li Xiumei nodded.

Since Li Xiumei had already agreed, Wang Teng had nothing to say.

The two of them got in the car and left Donghai City.
They entered the expressway and headed towards Jiang City in the neighboring province.

Along the way, Wang Yanan glanced at the rearview mirror with the corner of her eyes while driving to size up Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was sitting in the back seat at this moment.
He had his eyes closed and was holding the rectangular casket with one hand.
He wasn’t moving at all.
He was extremely quiet, and there were no emotions on his face.

He really felt like a different person now.

Whether it was his aura or his way of doing things, they were worlds apart from the past Wang Teng.

In the past, everyone just felt that he was playful, ignorant, bossy, arrogant… But today, when she saw him again, his performance surprised her.

The most important thing was, her younger cousin was actually a powerful martial warrior.

Martial warrior!

If grandfather knew that her young cousin Wang Teng was a martial warrior, he would be so happy that he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Honestly speaking, when you suddenly realize that someone whom you were familiar with, someone you thought was ordinary, was actually extremely powerful, the feeling was indescribable.

At this moment, she recalled the scene when Wang Teng had swung his sword.
Everyone was dumbstruck at that second.

All the schemes and tricks were useless in front of true power.

In the future, their Wang family would have a martial warrior guarding them.
The Wang family would definitely climb to a higher position.

Also, if Wang Teng continued to become more powerful, the future of the Wang family…

Wang Yanan shook her head.
She shouldn’t be thinking so far ahead.
She should save her second uncle first.

It shouldn’t be a problem since her martial warrior cousin had come personally.

They drove for five hours and finally reached Jian City.

Along the way, Wang Yanan didn’t interrupt Wang Teng.
She drove for the entire journey, so she seemed a little tired now.

“Have we reached?”

Wang Teng felt the car stop.
He opened his eyes and asked.

Let’s find the person whom grandfather sent to negotiate first to understand the whole situation.” Wang Yanan parked the car outside a hotel and brought Wang Teng into a room.

A man around 30 years old greeted them.
“Manager Wang.”

“Tell me about the situation,” Wang Yanan went directly to the point.

The man nodded and said, “It’s not working.
No matter what conditions we promise them, the other party is unwilling to let him go.
They seemed to have other motives.”

“What is the background of the other party?” Wang Teng frowned and asked.

“Iron Fist Clan.
They have more than ten advanced stage martial disciples.
No one dares to provoke them,” the man replied with a solemn expression.

“In that case, there shouldn’t be a problem if we uproot them completely, right?” Wang Teng asked nonchalantly.

“That’s right,” the man nodded and replied.

The moment he finished speaking, he suddenly realized what he had said.

What did this young man mean?

He looked at Wang Teng with a puzzled and shocked gaze.

Wang Yanan was looking at Wang Teng in astonishment too.
Uproot them completely? Was this what her cousin was thinking?

If those people know that they had offended a martial warrior, they would probably be overwhelmed with regret.

“There are too many people in the day.
Let’s act at night.”

It was already past three in the afternoon.
They could only wait slowly.

Although he wanted to save Wang Shengguo as soon as possible, Wang Teng knew that he mustn’t act rashly.

Also, based on Wang Yanan’s guess, the other party wouldn’t hurt Wang Shengguo since they wanted to use him as their scapegoat.

Hence, he was temporarily safe.
There was no need to worry.

Wang Yanan was tired after driving for a long time.
She booked a room and took a rest.

In the evening, the three of them had dinner and waited until 10 pm before heading to the headquarters of the Iron Fist Clan.
Wang Shengguo was locked up there all this while.

The headquarters of the Iron Fist Clan was not far away.
A black sedan stopped in the dark, and Wang Teng got out of the car.

“Wait for me here.
I will be back soon.”

He spoke to Wang Yanan and then carried his weapon carrier casket, heading towards the entrance of the Iron Fist Clan.

“Manager Wang, is Young Master Wang planning to save his father all alone?” The man that came along didn’t understand the situation.

He found Wang Teng a little daring as he looked at his back view.

Would he be alright?

The other party was the Iron Fist Clan.
They had more than ten advanced stage martial disciples.
This Young Master Wang seemed like an ordinary person.
How was he able to deal with those powerful advanced stage martial disciples?

“Watch and see!” Wang Yanan was also worried, but she felt proud for some reason.
This was her younger cousin.

What will he do?

A question popped up in her mind.
Wang Yanan couldn’t help but look at the entrance of the Iron Fist Clan, which was enshrouded in darkness.

Wang Teng walked to the entrance and knocked on the metal door outside.

“Who is it?” A vigilant voice came from inside.

“Delivery man!”

Wang Teng’s figure was hidden in the dark.

“Who are you kidding? What delivery can you make at this time of the night? Say, what is your intention?” The person behind the door obviously didn’t believe him.

“Brother, this is something your boss ordered.”

“Something the boss ordered? What is it?” the person was suspicious, but he still asked.

What if it was really something their boss ordered and he didn’t open the door? If the item wasn’t delivered, his boss would look for him for answers.

“I can’t tell you.
It’s private,” Wang Teng replied.

“You’re still trying to fool me.
Tell me what it is.
If you can’t, you must have been sent by the other factions to create trouble for our Iron Fist Clan.” The person sneered.

“Are you sure you want me to say it?”

“Say it!”

“Alright, since you asked so sincerely, I will show mercy and tell you.
He ordered… ‘I love a matchstick’ (an aphrodisiac that got its name from a novel).”

“What?” The person didn’t manage to react in time.

“I love a matchstick!” Wang Teng shouted.

“I love a matchstick… oh my god.” The person remembered something and gasped in shock.

Their boss’s fetish was indescribable!

“You’re afraid now, right? This is your boss’s privacy.
It’s not good if you know too much,” Wang Teng said slowly.

“Wait, brother, listen to me…” The man hurriedly opened the door and dashed in front of Wang Teng.
He was agitated.
“I didn’t ask anything just now, and you didn’t say anything…”

“No, you asked, and I answered,” Wang Teng said honestly.

…The young man who came out of the door turned green in anger.
Damn it, can you speak properly!

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