The sun shone brightly, and the wind blew softly.

On this day, Donghai had become the center of the entire world.
A few days ago, Country Xia’s troops had entered Donghai and cordoned off the city.
Outsiders coming to Donghai wouldn’t be rejected, but they would need to undergo careful inspections.
Anyone with fishy background would be banned from entering the city.

Even so, people flocked to Donghai.

All of this was done because Donghai was holding the Global Union Conference today!

The Global Union Conference!

This was an important conference that would affect the direction of this planet in the future.

A few days before the meeting, the news had already spread everywhere.
The whole world knew about it.
This would impact the future of the planet, so everyone was concerned.
Hence, all the influential figures in the world and the business leaders came to visit Donghai.

Of course, not everyone was taking part in the Global Union Conference.
The ones who came were the politicians who held great power and influence in their countries.
They were the leaders of their nations.

Many battlecraft were landing on a vast plaza around a skyscraper.

This skyscraper was an iconic building after Donghai’s reconstruction work.
It was 360 meters tall, and there were many facilities inside, including exhibition halls, scriptures and battle techniques library, administrative halls…

The highest floor was where the conference would be held.

As the battlecraft landed, various heads of states started alighting.
They entered the doors of the skyscraper under the protection of powerful martial warriors.

All the leaders of the nations had come.
No one was absent.

A huge crowd gathered around the skyscraper.
There was a big commotion.

“Oh my god, that’s the chief commander and head of state of the White Eagle Nation!”

“The head of state of Country Boar is here too!”

“And the head of state of Country Star!”

The bystanders started counting the leaders of the various countries while chatting among themselves.
A large number of martial warriors guarded the area, blocking the enthusiastic crowd.

Governor Jiang and General Chen were standing in the plaza.
They felt emotional as they watched the leaders enter the skyscraper.

In the past, their positions were much higher than Wang Teng’s.
Now, he had the ability to gather the world leaders while they could only stand guard outside the building.

They glanced at each other in silence.

On the highest floor of this skyscraper, the meeting room was lit up brightly with dazzling lights.

There was a huge round table in the middle of the room.
The leaders were conversing warmly with one another.
Leaders from all around the world had gathered in this room, disregarding all racial discrimination and segregation.

At 9 pm, the meeting started.

A beam of light lit up in the middle of the huge round table, creating a 3D screen.
Everyone’s attention was attracted by it.
This was a map of the Earth!

“Everyone!” Wang Teng stood up from the host seat.
The Leader of martial arts was sitting on his right and the commander and head of state of the White Eagle Nation was sitting on his left.

Everyone switched their gazes from the screen to the map as he spoke.

Wang Teng scanned the leaders.
It was hard to tell his emotions through his expression.
He opened his mouth and said, “I think everyone should know why I gathered all of you here today.

“Some time ago, aliens invaded our planet, and all the countries fell in their hands.
We almost turned into the slaves of these invaders.

“This time, they came for a trial.
They treated our planet as a trial ground and did whatever they wanted here.

“Everyone, I have only one question for you.
Is this what you want?”

Wang Teng paused for a moment.

All the leaders found it unbearable to recall what had happened when they were in the hands of the alien candidates.
There was anger and unwillingness on their faces.

To be able to become the head of the state, these leaders were able to control their emotions well.
However, they couldn’t suppress their anger when they remembered how the alien candidates treated them as slaves.

Wang Teng saw their response and continued, “Actually, our plight isn’t too bad.
They came for the trial, so they weren’t planning to enslave our planet.
In the universe, enslaving an entire planet is very common.

“There’s a profession in the universe called slave merchants.
They are merchants who deal with slave trading.
It’s a lucrative business!

“To the aliens, an underdeveloped planet is like an underdeveloped clan.
They can enslave us and sell us like items without any worry.”

Everyone glanced at one another.
Their expressions turned stern.

“Turn an entire planet into slaves!”

This exceeded everyone’s imagination.
They couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

Suddenly, Wang Teng pointed to the map in the middle of the round table.
“I know you guys find it hard to believe, but this is the truth.

“This is our planet, the Earth.
It’s just an underdeveloped planet in the universe.
Our Earth is one of the millions of life planets in the Milky Way, which is merely one of the nine galaxies in the Olant Federation.

“Oh right, the Olant Federation is the civilization the alien candidates came from.”

The screen started changing as Wang Teng spoke.
It was zoomed out and other planets appeared.
Soon, the entire solar system was displayed in front of everyone.

But this wasn’t the end.
The map continued to zoom out until the solar system couldn’t be seen.
Planets appeared one by one and formed the Milky Way.

The Milky Way then became smaller and the map of the boundless universe was shown.

This was the map of the territory of the Olant Federation.

The leaders were astounded, sucking in a breath of air in surprise.
They never knew before, but after comparing, they realized how small and insignificant the Earth was and how frighteningly big the Olant Federation was.

It controlled nine galaxies and there were tens of thousands of life planets in each galaxy.

The earth was nothing compared to it.

Wang Teng didn’t expand the map further.
He was afraid of scaring them.
The Olant Federation was just a low-tier civilization.
There was the middle-tier civilization and the high-tier civilization too.

Actually, the Olant Federation was just a small figure too.

Wang Teng’s tone was serious.
“Do you realize how insignificant Earth is now?

“Let’s talk about the different martial arts stages in the universe.

“In the universe, the planetary stage is just the beginning of their martial arts path.
It’s similar to our martial disciples.
We can only run some errands and dig some mines…”

Another image appeared beside the map.
It depicted a scene of a race that looked like chimpanzees digging a mine.
The people in this race had great strength.
They wielded the iron hammers with immense force.

They were planetary-stage martial warriors but they were… digging a mine.

Round Ball had sent Wang Teng this outline of the universe.
He showed it to everyone to increase his credibility.

As expected, all the leaders were too shocked to speak.

The planetary-stage martial warriors that could dominate their planet could only dig mines in the universe?

They found it incredible and unbelievable.

Someone swallowed a mouth of saliva.
It sounded exceptionally conspicuous in the deadly silent meeting room.

“So if someone laid their eyes on our planet, they can just send a celestial-stage martial warrior, and we won’t be able to resist at all.”

Wang Teng, please stop speaking.” The head of state of the White Eagle Nation wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.
Unknowingly, his back was drenched.
He looked at Wang Teng with a bitter smile.

Wang Teng was stunned.
Was he so scared?

He raised his head and looked at the other leaders.
Their faces were as pale as the leader of the White Eagle Nation.
All of them were white and scared stiff.

“Erm…” Wang Teng felt a little awkward.
He felt that he had restrained himself, but these people still got frightened.

Their mentality is a little weak!

Wang Teng complained in his heart.

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