He defeated an entire army of dark apparitions alone!

In the past, no one would believe that this was possible.
But everyone in the world saw it personally.

Countless dark apparitions wailed in despair.
They were sucked into the space tornado like ants.
Then, they were mutilated before they died…

The terrifying dark apparitions army disappeared before everyone’s eyes little by little.

Time passed slowly.
The dark clouds draping over the Central Continent dissipated gradually, and sunlight finally shone down.

Peace seemed to have been restored.

The battle that would decide the fate of the human race had ended on this note!

The dark apparitions were annihilated and the humans gained the victory!

This was all thanks to the figure floating above the Central Continent!

The humans started cheering from around the globe.
Some kneeled on the ground and cried tears of joy.
They shouted Wang Teng’s name with all their might…

Ji Xiuming, Ren Qingcang, Shuen, Yoke, Valeria, Gerald…

All these martial warriors that had interacted with Wang Teng before watched his rise and growth.
They were witnesses of him becoming the humans’ hero.

Country Xia, Wang family.

The Wang family finally heaved a sigh of relief.
Li Xiumei cried in joy.
They were all staring at the figure on the screen proudly.
The younger children even started cheering.

“We won! We won!” Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and their friends exchanged glances with one another and screamed with happiness.

The same scene was occurring everywhere.

Wang Teng floated down slowly from the sky.
His face was a little pale.

“Pervert, you’re a pervert!

“How can you possess such a terrifying space technique? How did you come up with it?”

Round Ball’s voice sounded in Wang Teng’s mind.
It kept muttering to itself without stopping.
One could tell how thunderstruck it was.

Wang Teng ignored it and automatically filtered out its voice.
But when he glanced around him, he realized that everyone was looking at him as if he were a monster.

He had destroyed the entire army of dark apparitions alone!

This was such an incredible feat.

All the leaders of the various nations were dumbfounded.
Wang Teng’s position in their hearts rose again.
They must never become enemies with this scary monster!

“Are you a monster?” Biluo looked at Wang Teng and asked, voicing everyone’s thoughts.

“You’ll get used to it,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

Biluo was stunned.
Then, she gave him a speechless look.

What do you mean by that!

This fellow isn’t humble at all.
Praise him and he will accept it readily.

Wang Teng turned away and looked at the leaders of the different nations.
“Although the dark apparitions have been annihilated, dimensional rifts leading to the Darkland have appeared in many parts of the world.
We must find them quickly and seal them up to prevent them from invading us again.”

“Okay, I will send my men to inspect every area thoroughly,” Commander Cromwell from the White Eagle Nation nodded and agreed immediately.

The other leaders cursed at him in their hearts when they heard him replying so quickly.
What a sly old fox with no dignity.
They hurriedly replied to Wang Teng too.

“No problem.
I’ll give my order immediately.”

“Yes, we must inspect our country carefully and find all the dimensional rifts linking to the Darkland.”

At first, the leaders were all afraid of the dark apparitions, so they would speak about them with care.
But after seeing Wang Teng’s ability, they found their confidence and agreed almost instantly.

The Leader of martial arts’ expression turned weird.
He didn’t know what to say when he glanced at the other leaders.
He felt that they were students fighting to get praised by their teacher.

Wang Teng was that teacher.

This scene seemed a little funny.

But the Leader of martial arts didn’t laugh.
He was a mature and professional guy.
He must maintain his composure at a time like this.

Wang Teng felt the change in the way everyone treated him and shook his head.
He opened his mouth again.
“I suggest holding a Global Union Conference.
A new era is dawning.
We need to build a community to face the universe.”

The leaders’ expressions changed when they heard this.
Then, they nodded one after another.

They knew that building a global union was a must.

This would happen sooner or later.
Going by the original timeline, the different countries would build a global union after going through a certain period of development.
The alien invasion had hastened this entire process.

“We’ll hold it in Donghai five days later.
Is there any problem with that?” Wang Teng glanced around him.

The leaders of the various countries nodded and left quickly.

But all of them sent some martial warriors to stay in the Central Continent.
Since they were going to form a global union, everyone would naturally have a share of exploring this historical site.

The next day, the Wang family had returned to Donghai.

Donghai had finished its reconstruction.
High-rise buildings stood in great numbers, and the streets were back to their bustling state.
The city seemed more prosperous than before.

Wang Teng had created a rune array around the city, so Donghai didn’t suffer much from the sea beasts’ riot.
It was one of the few cities that remained intact.

After the reconstruction, Donghai became more beautiful and advanced.
After all, with Wang Teng’s support, the city had ample funds for its rebuilding project.
Hence, the quantity and quality of buildings increased.

You could say that Donghai was one of the top three most advanced cities in the country now.
It was on par with Capital Xia, Jinlin, and the other cities in the south.

The cities in the north weren’t as lucky as Donghai.
They were the first to bear the brunt of the sea beasts’ riot and suffered catastrophic damage.

After the reconstruction of Donghai, many other wealthy and powerful families came to buy properties here.

Everyone knew how powerful Wang Teng was.
This was the safest city in the country.

Within three days, Donghai’s housing prices skyrocketed to a frightening height.
Despite that, most of the properties were snatched almost instantly.

If Donghai didn’t impose property-purchasing limitations immediately, the situation could have gotten worse.

This would never have happened during peaceful times.
The housing prices were regulated, so they would never soar up like a rocket.
People who were not registered in a city wouldn’t be able to buy too many properties in that city.

But it still happened.
These wealthy people and elite families had ways to buy the properties.
No one could stop them.

This proved Wang Teng’s status in the country and the rise of Donghai.

When the news of Donghai holding the Global Union Conference spread, Donghai’s position climbed even higher.

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