Wang Teng smiled at Round Ball’s astonishment.
He didn’t explain himself.
This fellow was so proud and arrogant right from the start.
If he didn’t show it his power, it might think that he was a weakling.

Wang Teng looked at Round Ball and asked, “Will you stay on the spacecraft or come with me?”

“I’ll come with you of course.
I need to see what parts the spacecraft have.
Do you think you can do it without me?” Round Ball found his confidence again and said proudly.

Round Ball flipped its hand.
A crystal-clear white diamond-shaped gem appeared on its palm.

“This is a life energy stone.
It’s extremely rare.
It can allow me to stay in it for a long time.
I’ll be able to leave with you when you bring it along,” Round Ball explained.

“Life energy stone!” Wang Teng was surprised.
He felt that the universe was full of surprises.
Even an amazing stone like this existed.

“Oh right, I think this crystal skull can store souls too.” Wang Teng took out the crystal skull in his space.

“Yes, I made this specially and released it to the outside world to grab people’s attention.
I mixed some life energy stone powder in it, so it can store souls temporarily.
However, the soul will dissipate after some time,” Round Ball glanced at the crystal skull in Wang Teng’s hand and replied nonchalantly.

“What about the map inside?” Wang Teng asked.

“I drew it casually.
It’s the map showing the way to the Great Qian Empire.” Round Ball sniggered.

Wang Teng suddenly felt as if he was tricked.

F**k, he thought that it was a treasure map, but in the end, it was just a map showing the way to the Great Qian Empire.

“You can collect all the crystal skulls and sell them.
They should be able to fetch a good price.
They have life energy stone powder mixed in them, so they possess some traits of the life energy stone.
For instance, they can increase low-rank spiritual power to a certain extent.
Of course, they are useless to you,” Round Ball said.

Wang Teng immediately looked at the alien candidates sitting around them.
He remembered that the crystal skulls were on them.

Taking off their space items, he turned his spiritual power into spiritual thorns and destroyed the spiritual mark inside.
At the same time, the alien candidates in the labyrinth suffered serious injuries.
All their expressions changed.

“Who touched my space ring?” Argus’s expression turned ugly.
He was infuriated.

The other three alien candidates’ faces were as black as charcoal too.

They were being chased by the star beast souls around the labyrinth.
After escaping here and there, they were already very weak.
This huge stimulation almost crumbled their spirits.

“If this continues, our soul will enter hibernation,” Argus said grimly.

“It must be Wang Teng.
He must have inherited the legacy and gained control of the labyrinth.
We’re all stuck inside,” Pulin said hurriedly.
His gaze flickered.

“Damn it, what an evil fellow,” Kathu cursed.
Anger shot out of his eyes.

Argus and Pulin felt exasperated.
They were the talents from the Olant Federation.
They still remembered how much they looked down on Wang Teng in the past.

Yet now, Wang Teng had inherited the legacy of the baron from the Great Qian Empire while they were being chased around like disowned dogs.

This was a huge stimulation to them.
Their hearts were burning with envy.
Mind you, this was the legacy of a baron from a high-tier civilization!

To think that Earthling got it!

They couldn’t wait to replace him.

“What do we do now?” another martial warrior broke the silence and asked them with a pale face.

Along with a bellow was heard, loud explosions occurred behind them.
The star beast souls had caught up.

They seemed to be walking their pets.
They would run for a moment and rest for some time.
They weren’t really chasing after the martial warriors.

“Oh my, what else can we do? Run!” Kathu’s expression changed, and he dashed forward.

The others could only follow after him and start running wildly.

In the real world, Wang Teng kept the alien candidates’ space items without any hesitation.
There were many good items inside.
He kept them happily.

He didn’t kill them because they had fought the dark apparitions with him.

Sigh, he couldn’t help it.
He was too kind.

But Wang Teng wasn’t as kind toward the dark apparitions.
He turned around and saw the unconscious devil lords.
A cold glint flashed past his eyes.

This was a great opportunity.
It would be a pity if he didn’t kill them.

Spiritual power surged out of Wang Teng’s forehead.
A few flying daggers flew out of his space ring and turned into sharp beams of light.
They slit across the throats of the devil lords.

With the help of the Planetary Realm spiritual power, the flying daggers shot across the air at the speed of lightning and chopped off the heads of the devil lords.

However, the flying daggers cracked and shattered too.
They turned into scrap.

“Tsk, tsk, your control is too rough.
You should practice the spiritual power scriptures Master Nangong left behind.” Round Ball shook his head and said, “Also your weapon is lousy.
You were at the planetary disciple stage in the past, so you can still use them.
However, your opponents are all at the planetary stage and above now.
Their physical body is extremely strong, so normal weapons can’t injure them.
You should use weapons used by planetary-realm divine spirit masters.

“I remember that Master Nangong left behind some weapons.
You can take a look.”

“Where are they?” Wang Teng asked.
His eyes lit up.

“Huh? I didn’t pass your Master Nangong’s space bracelet?” Round Ball asked in a strange tone.

“When did you give it to me?” Wang Teng felt speechless.

“Oh, I forgot.” Round Ball patted its head and took out a bracelet, throwing it at Wang Teng.
“Some of the items Master used in the past are inside.
Take a look when you’re free.”

Wang Teng was elated.
He nodded and kept the bracelet.

This was a space item of a cosmos-stage martial warrior.
There must be many good things inside.

But this wasn’t a good time to inspect it.

Wang Teng stared at the corpses of the devil lords and pondered for some time.
He was still a little worried, so he took out his Emerald Glazed Flame and burned the corpses into ashes.

“Is this… a divine fire?” Round Ball widened his eyes in surprise when he saw the emerald flame.
He felt more astounded than when he saw Wang Teng’s cloning technique.

“You know many things,” Wang Teng said.

“Cloning technique, divine fire.
You have many good things! Are you the son of a secret boss?” Round Ball twirled around Wang Teng and sized him up carefully with a strange gaze.

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