In the command room, Wang Teng and Round Ball chatted for a while before looking at the corpses of the two Saint Star Pagoda instructors.
As they died, ten attribute bubbles emerged from their bodies.

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, and he picked them up straight away.

Constellation Force (Earth)*21500

Emperor-Level Earth Talent*260

Planetary Realm Spirit*850

Planetary Realm Enlightenment*885

Constellation Force (Fire)*25600

Emperor-Level Fire Talent*320

Planetary Realm Spirit*1200

Planetary Realm Enlightenment*1080

Wang Teng was overjoyed when the attribute bubbles merged into his body and mind.
There were more than 20,000 points of constellation earth Force and constellation fire Force.

In an instant, the pure and abundant constellation Force circulated in his body, merging into the constellation Force in the sea of nihility.

The sea of nihility shook as his fire and earth Force underwent a transformation, and another constellation was gradually formed.
It slowly emerged like it was undergoing cell division.
In the end, two more constellations appeared in the sea of nihility, one fire constellation and one earth constellation.

Now, there were seven constellations!

Planetary Stage level two!

Moreover, the fire and earth Force had reached level two of the planetary stage!

Constellation Fire Force: 14500/20000 (planetary stage second level)

Constellation Earth Force: 13600/20000 (planetary stage second level)

It wasn’t just that.
With the changes, the two Forces were only a few thousand points away from the next level.

Wang Teng took a deep breath and continued looking at the other changes to his attributes.

This time, he managed to obtain 2050 Planetary Realm Spirit and 1965 Planetary Realm Enlightenment attribute points, greatly enhancing his spirit and enlightenment.

Previously when he was in the spiritual labyrinth, he had improved his spirit.
Now, he was very close to hitting the celestial realm.

Enlightenment: 8715/10000 (Planetary Realm)

Spirit: 9600/10000 (Planetary Realm)

Wang Teng couldn’t believe himself when he saw the changes.
He had just reached the planetary realm not too long ago and was already this close to the celestial realm.

Only cosmos-stage martial warriors could ever reach that stage, and Wang Teng was only a few hundred attribute points away.

However, he knew that such an opportunity was rare to come by.

A spiritual labyrinth that a cosmos-stage martial warrior left behind and the deaths of two celestial-stage martial warriors were not common encounters.

Wang Teng quickly calmed himself down.
Otherwise, he might not have another chance to do so.

Next, he looked at the two scriptures!

Celestial-stage middle-rank scripture—Dark Origin!

Celestial-stage advanced-rank scripture—Sun Blaze!

Both were celestial stage scriptures!

At this time, a memory formed in his mind and enlightened Wang Teng.

This was an unexpected surprise.
Although Nangong Yue had left behind many celestial-stage scriptures, no one would ignore these advanced-rank scriptures.

Now, Wang Teng knew that in the universe, inheritance was extremely important.
Most people couldn’t afford celestial-stage scriptures, which meant that their cultivation speed would be very slow.

Even if Wang Teng didn’t use the scriptures and sold them, he would be able to make a huge windfall.

What he didn’t know was that the two scriptures were actually secrets from the Saint Star Pagoda.
Only celestial-stage instructors and some disciples would be eligible to obtain them.
Moreover, once they got them, they were not allowed to share them with other people.
Otherwise, they would be disciplined severely by the Saint Star Pagoda.

They would be stripped of their abilities and cultivation or even killed.

However, Wang Teng didn’t care about any of these.
He already had a feud with the Saint Star Pagoda.
This wouldn’t matter much.

Wang Teng only spent a short time picking up the attribute bubbles.
He then looked at the two corpses and sighed.
Two celestial-stage martial warriors were lying there motionless.
It was heartbreaking.

However, Wang Teng didn’t sympathize with them.
If he didn’t do that, things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.
Once their talk went sideways, they would have killed him immediately and seized the inheritance.

Wang Teng had always assumed the worst of people.
He was not a saint and was even a little selfish.
He was just an ordinary person.
If someone crossed the line, he wouldn’t mind being ruthless.

If they were greedy, they shouldn’t blame him for being ruthless!

Since the martial arts era, martial warriors had been fighting for resources in order to improve their abilities.
They were not as friendly as they appeared to be.

Wang Teng had seen many of these things and was not surprised.

However, he was a bit conflicted on how to handle this situation now.
Two celestial-stage martial warriors were now dead on Earth, and they were even from the Saint Star Pagoda.
They were not just some ordinary folks that no one cared about.

Wang Teng was certain that their deaths would attract other warriors from the Saint Star Pagoda.

“Are you worried that the Saint Star Pagoda will avenge them?” Round Ball seemed to know what he was thinking and probed.

“Do you have any ideas?” asked Wang Teng.

“If you go to the Great Qian Empire and successfully inherit the title of baron, Saint Star Pagoda wouldn’t be able to do anything about it even if two of their celestial-stage martial warriors were killed,” Round Ball suggested.

“You might as well have kept quiet.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes.

“If you go to the Great Qian Empire as the inheritor of Nangong, at the very least, they won’t be able to do anything to you on the surface.
They can only resort to assassinations, traps, or shady things like that.” Round Ball stroked its bare chin.

Wang Teng was speechless.
“You make it sound so easy.
I almost thought that this was a play.”

“Hehe, it depends on whether you are afraid,” Round Ball replied.

“Why do I feel that you really want me to go back to Great Qian Empire to inherit the title?” Wang Teng was curious.

“Cough, that’s not it.
I’m just giving you suggestions.
The decision is yours to make,” Round Ball said again like it had nothing to do with it.

“Let me think about it again.” Wang Teng shook his head.

“Yes.” Round Ball nodded and didn’t say anything else.

“Oh right, how long will it take for me to go to the Great Qian Empire?” Wang Teng suddenly thought of something and asked.

“If we use the QY-E63 spacecraft that was left behind, we can reach the capital planet of Great Qian Empire in 36 days.” A light flashed across Round Ball’s eyes.

“Hehe, we’re already in the QY-E63 spacecraft.”

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