Wang Teng was shocked because of the abrupt sound.

“Who?” he shouted in his mind.

“I’m an intelligent lifeform left by my master.
Since you have inherited his legacy, you’re my new master now,” the voice replied.

“Intelligent lifeform?!” Wang Teng was stunned.

“Yes, I’m an intelligence with a life,” the voice explained calmly.

“Why did you ask me to agree to them?” Wang Teng contemplated before asking.

“Agree and let them put down their guards.
Let me handle the rest,” the voice replied.

“Are you sure?” Wang Teng hesitated.

It felt a little unreliable to believe this intelligent lifeform he had never seen.

“You won’t lose anything by trying.
You don’t have a better idea anyway.”

“Alright, you make sense.
I’ll leave it to you,” Wang Teng answered the voice in his mind.
His eyes shimmered.

“Okay.” The voice sounded satisfied.

Wang Teng didn’t open his mouth.
This conversation occurred in his mind, and it only lasted for a few seconds.
Thinking that Wang Teng was in a dilemma, the two examiners didn’t rush him.

Wang Teng seemed to have made a decision.
He gritted his teeth and nodded.
“Alright, I’ll pass the legacy to you.
Please ensure my safety.”

Ma Dayuan and Ning Honglang couldn’t control their happiness.
They nodded and agreed immediately.

Wang Teng took a deep breath.
A rune mark slowly appeared on his forehead.
Then, it solidified and floated out.

Ma Dayuan and Ning Honglang stopped suppressing their joy.
They laughed as they flew towards the rune mark.

At this moment, an extremely faint sound was heard.
It was almost unnoticeable.

Two beams of light shot out behind Wang Teng.
He was standing right in front of the corpse with three eyes.
The beams of light came from the back of the seat he was sitting on.

The two beams of light were as thin as needles.
They shot toward Ma Dayuan and Ning Honglang’s foreheads at a fast speed.
They were attracted by the rune mark, so by the time they noticed the beam of light, it was too late.

They were dumbstruck.
Their pupils constricted, and they felt the danger of death.

This needle-thin beam of light was powerful enough to kill a celestial-stage martial warrior!

“No!” Their angry cries were filled with unwillingness, but it was futile.

The light beams pierced through their heads.
Their bodies froze on the spot.

Red blood seeped out from their foreheads.
Then, they crashed onto the ground and lost all signs of life.

Wang Teng was dumbstruck when he saw this scene.

These two celestial-stage warriors were killed so easily?!

“Haha, are you shocked?” The voice of the intelligent lifeform sounded again.
It seemed a little proud of itself.

“Where are you?” Wang Teng took a deep breath and asked.

A figure gradually appeared before Wang Teng.

This was a strange white and fat living creature that had the height of a four years old child.
It had fat arms and legs, and its head was round like a ball.
Two pitch-black eyes were etched on the head.
There were also two curly tentacles on the top of its head.

It wasn’t wearing any clothes, and it was snow-white.

It was quite cute and strange!

“You can call me Round Ball!” The intelligent lifeform floated in front of Wang Teng and chuckled.

“Round Ball?” Wang Teng’s expression turned weird.
He asked curiously, “Who gave you that name?”

“Master Nangong gave it to me.
I think it’s really nice.
Don’t you think so?” the intelligent lifeform tilted its head and asked Wang Teng.

“Erm… as long as you like it.” In his heart, Wang Teng was complaning about Nangong Yue’s naming ability.

Why don’t you call it round and fat instead?

But he had no right to complain about others.
His naming ability wasn’t good either.
He called a black crow Little White.
No one else would do that.
Both of them had the same naming ability.

Well, they did have some similarities.

“They’re dead?” Wang Teng stared at the corpses of the two celestial stage martial warriors on the ground.
He had used his Eyes of Essence to confirm that their vitality and souls were gone, but he still asked uncontrollably.

“Yes!” Round Ball nodded calmly.

“What were the two beams of light?” Wang Teng asked as he controlled the astonishment in his heart.

“It’s a spiritual attack left by Master Nangong.
It’s stored using a special technique, waiting to be activated at the right time.
He had predicted this situation,” Round Ball said proudly.

But as it spoke, it started to feel sad.

“Are you alright?” Wang Teng was surprised.
How could an intelligent being have human emotions?

“It’s alright.
Thinking about it, Master Nangong has been dead for a million years.
I have accepted this truth,” Round Ball shook its head and said.

It looked at Wang Teng’s expression and asked, “Your expression is weird.”

“Yes, a little.
Do you have human emotions?” Wang Teng asked carefully.

“Although I’m an intelligence, we have different levels too.
The logic programs on your planet are known as intelligence too, but they’re too low level.
In the universe, we only label something as an intelligence if it can think like a human.

“I might be an intelligence, but I have risen above that level and am called an intelligent lifeform.
I’m a lifeform just like you humans.
I have emotions and can cultivate too,” Round Ball explained.

“Amazing!” Wang Teng exclaimed.

“The universe is vast.
Anything can happen.” Round Ball said proudly, “Intelligent lifeforms like me are rare.
Even those eternal-stage martial warriors might not possess intelligent lifeforms like me.”

Wang Teng took a deep breath.
He felt extremely lucky.

This intelligent lifeform sounded impressive!

Even eternal-stage martial warriors might not have one.

What was the eternal stage?

After the cosmos stage, there was the heaven stage, the universe stage, and then the eternal stage.

Cosmos-stage martial warriors could live for 3 million years, heaven-stage martial warriors could live for 10 million years, and universe-stage martial warriors could live for 100 million years.

But they would still die.

Even though a universe-stage martial warrior had a lifespan of 100 million years, they would slowly decay and reach their death as time progressed.

One could only escape the barriers of death by reaching the eternal stage.

The eternal stage was also known as the God of Eternity.
The martial warriors here were like real immortals.
Their lives never ended and they never died.
Thus, intelligent lifeforms were indeed rare since even they might not have them.

It looked like Nangong Yue left many good things for him.
It was worth the dangers of inheriting the legacy.

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