Wang Teng flipped through the books. The Essentials of A Divine Spirit Master introduced the basics of a divine spirit master.
There were a lot of things Wang Teng didn’t know, so this book was a great help to him.
The Controlling Your Spiritual Power and Spiritual Illusion Techniques talked about how to control your spiritual power and the theory of illusion.

The detailed cultivation description could help Wang Teng improve his spiritual power skills greatly.
His grasp of spiritual power was too rough, so he wasn’t able to release its entire potential.

As for the language books, Wang Teng placed them back on the shelves after briefly looking through them.

This gave him a headache!

Why did he need to learn so many languages? He just needed to learn the ones he needed to use.

Besides, he could learn them through collecting attribute bubbles.
He didn’t need to spend time learning.

If the baron knew that Wang Teng laid aside and neglected all the language books he had prepared, he might jump out of his coffin.

The Great Qian Empire was an empire with many years of history and a strong foundation.
Ability wasn’t the only thing a baron needed to possess.
He also had to have the relevant knowledge and demeanor.

Languages and etiquettes were a must-learn for a baron.
A baron without these two would become the joke of the entire empire.
However, Wang Teng didn’t appreciate his kindness.

But one of the books Ancient God Language attracted his attention.
This Ancient God Language was talking about the language of the powerful Ancient God’s Body that Wang Teng possessed.

He didn’t think that he would find the language of the Ancient Gods race here.
After all, the Ancient Gods race was rare and extremely mysterious.
Understanding and grasping their language was a difficult task.

Once again, Wang Teng felt the power of the Great Qian Empire.

Besides these books, there were many other kinds of books in the legacy palace.
They were classified systematically into different genres, waiting for Wang Teng to pick them.

He had to admit that this legacy was very useful.
After all, not everything could be gain by collecting attribute bubbles.

Collecting attribute bubbles relied heavily on luck too.
If Wang Teng entered the universe and met something he didn’t know, he could look for it in this legacy palace.

This might be the greatest use of this legacy palace.

After some time, Wang Teng walked out of the legacy palace.
The palace disappeared.

He took a deep breath and waved his hand.
The labyrinth appeared before him.

The spiritual labyrinth belonged to the baron too.
Its master was dead, so it landed in his hands now.
He would be able to control it by practicing the special spiritual skills which were part of the legacy.
He could even use it for other means.

Agulus wasn’t a divine spirit master.
He only managed to use this labyrinth because his soul was powerful.

Wang Teng looked down at the labyrinth and saw the star beast souls chasing after the martial warriors.
A strange smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

Of course, the martial warriors couldn’t see him.

Wang Teng saw the double-headed dog too.
He reached out, grabbing the double-headed dog.
It disappeared from the labyrinth and appeared beside him.

The double-headed dog was in a daze when it first appeared.
It glanced around it vigilantly.
When it saw Wang Teng, it rushed over and rubbed its head against Wang Teng’s leg while whining.

It was sucking up to Wang Teng.
It didn’t need anyone to teach him how to flatter someone.

“Alright, you’ll follow me from now on.
Be obedient and you’ll have your benefits.” Wang Teng patted the dog’s heads and said, “I have an order for you.
Listen carefully.”

The double-headed dog nodded its head fervently.
It lifted its ears and gave an attentive look.

“After you go back to the spiritual labyrinth, ask the star beast souls to continue fighting with the humans.
You don’t have to kill them, but you must make sure they can’t stop.
Chase them around the labyrinth,” Wang Teng squinted as he said.

The double-headed dog stared at Wang Teng as if he were a devil.
It felt that its new master was vicious.

The ones trapped in the labyrinth were the spirits.
How tiring would it be if they continued running?

If they were careless, their spirit would turn extremely weak, and they would be exhausted to death.
Even if they weren’t, they would enter deep sleep.

Once the spirit entered deep sleep, it could remain unconscious for hundreds or thousands of years.
In serious cases, they could even sleep for tens of thousands of years until the physical body disappeared.
They would never be able to wake up.

No matter which result it was, these talented martial warriors wouldn’t be able to accept it.
If they lost ten years of their time, they could be caught up by others and their positions would be gone.

The double-headed dog suddenly felt that its new master was an evil man.

Indeed, it was better to be an obedient pet.

The double-headed dog received the order and started playing the eagle catch chick game with the martial warriors in the labyrinth.
The poor aliens didn’t know that Wang Teng had received the legacy and was making a fool of them.

After some thought, Wang Teng decided to pull Biluo out.
They had worked together in the past.
It would be a little unreasonable if he trapped her inside too.

Fortunately, she was a beauty, so Wang Teng felt that he should treat her a little better.

Biluo felt the world around her spinning.
Then, she appeared before Wang Teng.
After a moment of surprise, she understood what had happened.
She said in a complicated tone, “It looks like you’ve succeeded!”

“I was lucky.” Wang Teng smiled.

“It’s not about luck.
You’re able to go through the exit and get the legacy.
This means that you’re stronger than all of us.” Biluo was straightforward.
She shook her head.

However, she couldn’t hide the envy in her eyes.

“In that case, let’s return to our bodies,” Wang Teng replied.

“What about them?” Biluo glanced at the labyrinth below and asked after some hesitation.

“They will need to rely on their fate.”

Rely on their fate? Seriously, aren’t you the one who decides if they can come out?

But she didn’t dare to say anything.
She felt fortunate to get pulled out by Wang Teng.
She was worried that he would throw her back if the other martial warriors said anything to offend him.

They were the ones who offended Wang Teng.
It had nothing to do with her.

“Sigh, I have no other intention.
I just want to give them a chance to train their spirit.” Wang Teng shook his head.

Do you think I believe what you’ve said? Biluo glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

The two of them left the labyrinth.

In the command room, Wang Teng opened his eyes and let out a long sigh.
He glanced around him.

Some distance away from him, there were two figures in long robes.

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