No one would think that a cosmos-stage martial warrior would die silently in Wang Teng’s consciousness.

Wang Teng sighed.
He felt fortunate.

If he didn’t have the Abyss Burial skill or his opponent hadn’t been exhausted of his spiritual power for a million years, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat him.

Wang Teng suddenly smiled.
No matter what, he won.
He killed a cosmos-stage martial warrior and won this life-or-death battle.

Only he knew how dangerous it was.

Luckily, he had some gains too.
When the baron died, he dropped a few attribute bubbles.
They merged into his consciousness.

Planetary Realm Spirit*5600

Planetary Realm Enlightenment*4800

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up brightly after he absorbed all the attribute bubbles.

“A huge gain!” He didn’t expect his loot to be so amazing.

5600 points of Planetary Realm Spirit!

4800 points of Planetary Realm Enlightenment!

This was close to half of his spirit and enlightenment bar!

That meant that the spirit and enlightenment attributes he gained from the baron alone were enough to push his spirit and enlightenment past the halfway mark.

Spirit: 7550/10000 (Planetary Realm)

Enlightenment: 6750/10000 (Planetary Realm)

Wang Teng took a deep breath when he saw the changes to his attributes panel.
The frustration from losing some of his Origin Of Soul disappeared.

It was extremely worth it!

His Planetary Realm Spirit and Enlightenment went past the halfway mark instantly.
Without this opportunity, he would need to accumulate the attributes for a much longer time before reaching the current number.

As expected of a cosmos-stage martial warrior!

Of course, the spirit and enlightenment of this cosmos-stage martial warrior shouldn’t be at the Planetary Realm.
However, this was what he dropped.
It might be because his spirit and enlightenment had been slowly exhausted over the million years or there might be other reasons.

But Wang Teng was satisfied.

He placed his attention on the last attribute bubble.

The baron dropped a special skill called Thieve.

Wang Teng didn’t know how he could be so lucky.
Just like its name, Thieve was a skill that allowed him to devour other people’s souls and steal all their possessions.

This was another heaven-defying technique!

The baron had executed this skill when he tried to devour Wang Teng’s soul and snatch his body so that he could come alive again.
However, he failed, much less execute his Thieve skill fully.

Had he executed it to its full potential, Wang Teng might have had a harder time trying to deal with him.

The success rate of this skill when a higher realm martial warrior executed it on someone weaker than him was extremely high.
The weaker martial warrior had almost zero chance of resisting.

At this moment, the memories of the Thieve skill appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.
These memories turned into enlightenment and became part of him.

Thieve: 1/1000 (well-versed)

100 points of Thieve attributes allowed him to jump from the foundation stage to the well-versed stage.

Wang Teng let out a long sigh.
He almost couldn’t control his excitement.

Based on the explanation of this skill, the soul was the most important part of life.
A person’s body could be destroyed but as long as its soul still remained, it could continue to live.
It could even snatch other people’s bodies to gain greater talent and raise its martial arts cultivation to a higher level.

There were countless lives and numerous races in the universe.
Some races had weak talent while others were born with great potential.
They possessed planetary stage abilities at birth and didn’t need to go through arduous cultivation.
Once they became an adult, they would reach the cosmos stage.

This gift was incredible!

In comparison, the races with weaker talent might have difficulty even reaching the planetary stage after working hard their entire lives.

For instance, the people on Earth.
Currently, most of them couldn’t reach the planetary realm.
There were only a few rare gifted martial warriors on the entire planet that had the chance to reach the planetary stage.

But their hope of advancing to the cosmos stage was negligible!

This was the difference between the human race and the aliens!

However, after grasping the Thieve skill, Wang Teng could snatch a powerful talent from another gifted race.
Reaching the cosmos stage was as easy as snapping his finger.

Of course, this wasn’t the main reason why he was elated.
He had the system, so he could gain talents easily and raise them to as high of a level as he wanted.

He was delighted because this Thieve skill could allow him to create more powerful clones!

Clones were the first thing he thought of when he received the Thieve skill.

Wang Teng could create clones of himself.
If he combined the two skills together, he could create powerful helpers.

A smile appeared on his face as he imagined his clones fighting with other powerful martial warriors in the future.

At this moment, a sudden sound appeared in Wang Teng’s consciousness.
His heart almost stopped.
His expression changed, and he immediately turn in the direction of the sound.

He saw an unfamiliar figure floating there.

Mind you, this was his consciousness.
How could he not be astounded upon seeing an unfamiliar presence in his consciousness?

Even more, this wasn’t the baron!

It was someone he had never seen before!

He was wearing a long white robe and gave off a noble aura.
He looked no different from a human.
He had long black hair with an immortal feel.

He was looking at Wang Teng with a strange gaze.

He seemed like an elder looking at a younger generation.
His gaze was filled with admiration, happiness, and even kindness.

However, Wang Teng didn’t dare to put down his guard.
Who knew what this person was thinking.
He might be a sly old fox that had lived for a million years like the baron.
If he wasn’t careful, he might get eaten up again.

“Who are you?” Wang Teng forced himself to calm down.

“I’m a baron from the Great Qian Empire,” the man in a white robe said.

This sounded a little familiar?!

The baron said the same thing too.
Why was there another baron?

Were there two barons from the Great Qian Empire?

There were only a few barons, right? Why were there two here? It felt a little cheap.

“I know what you’re thinking.
That one before is fake.
He’s the escaped convict I was chasing many years ago.
He got injured by me during our fight and his physical body was destroyed.
Unfortunately, I was killed too and only left a spiritual mark to wait for my successor.
His soul was still intact, so he was more powerful than me and suppressed me all this time,” the man in the white robe smiled and explained slowly.

“You’re real and he’s fake? How do I know if you’re speaking the truth?” Wang Teng asked curiously.
“Can you prove it?”

“Well… I can’t.
However, my legacy is here.
You will know if I’m real or fake once you get it.” The man in the white robe gave a bitter smile.

“That was what that fellow said.
In the end, he wanted to snatch my body.” Wang Teng scoffed.

“I can’t snatch your body.
I’m just a spiritual mark.
Once you inherit my legacy, I’ll disappear,” the man in the white robe said.

“That was what the baron said too,” Wang Teng replied.

The man’s face turned black.
He felt that all his paths were blocked by the fake baron and he had nowhere to go.

Wang Teng was a little moved when he saw his expression.
Was this the real baron?

“Looks like I’ll have to take the blame.” The man in the white robe shook his head helplessly.
He sighed and said, “Nevermind, I’ll not trust someone easily after getting fooled by Agulus either.
In that case, I’ll dissipate the spiritual mark later and you can accept my legacy after that.”

“You will dissipate the spiritual mark?” Wang Teng was shocked.

“It’s just a mark.
There’s no point in its existence after a successor has appeared.” The man in the white robe shook his head.

Wang Teng believed this man now.
He used his Eyes of Essence to look at him and noticed that he wasn’t a spirit.
He was honestly just a mark.

“But before that, I have a few things to ask from you,” the man in the white robe continued.

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