Wang Teng watched the baron as he turned into a ball of light.
There was nothing on it except a mouth.

Honestly, it looked quite unique!

The anxiousness and surprise on his face vanished at the appearance of this scene.
Unexpectedly, he became exceptionally calm.
There was even a mocking smile at the edge of his lips.

“Was this your plan all along!”

The baron was stunned.
He was surprised by Wang Teng’s composure.
Also, from his tone, he seemed to have noticed his scheme already.

However, he had revealed his true motive, so he couldn’t stop.
The baron opened his mouth wide, wanting to swallow Wang Teng in one gulp.

Wang Teng’s spiritual form couldn’t move because he was bound by the golden strings.
He could only stare at the mouth as it came for him.

Peals of laughter came from the ball of light as the baron felt that the outcome was settled.

He was just about to swallow Wang Teng.
But very soon, he noticed that he didn’t bite anything.
There was only air in his mouth.

“Is it delicious?” Wang Teng’s voice appeared behind him.

“How is this possible?” The baron returned to his human form.
Appalled, he turned around instantly and stared at Wang Teng as if he were a ghost.

Before he could react, his pupils constricted as he got swallowed by boundless darkness.
Within a split second, he was submerged in pitch-black darkness.

The baron noticed, to his astonishment, that a frightening force was directly used on his spiritual form.
His spiritual form trembled violently and was on the verge of disintegration.

He glanced around the endless darkness but saw nothing.
His spiritual form was being corroded continuously by the power of the tremor.
He started shouting in fear.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
He had used up a large amount of his Origin Of Soul to execute the Abyss Burial!

This was a battle technique he gained from a holy knight on Mount Saint.
It was finally put to use.

It was used on a person’s soul, which was their spiritual form.
It could knock a person’s spirit out of his body.
If used directly on the spiritual form, it could destroy it and make it disappear from the world.

Without this powerful skill, the holy knight who possessed the death space wouldn’t have been able to control so many spirits.

Wang Teng knew that the baron wasn’t dead before he entered the command room.
His spirit was weak, but it hadn’t dissipated.

However, after stepping into the command room, the baron appeared and told them that he was dead.
Only a part of his consciousness remained.

Wang Teng noticed that he was hiding something or had an ulterior motive.
But he was indeed powerful.
He managed to knock the devil lords unconscious.

Wang Teng didn’t dare to take the risk, so he laid low and waited for a chance to retaliate.
He didn’t lose his mind because of the legacy.
He remained vigilant, biding his time to give the lethal blow.

He scrolled through all his battle techniques and finally fixed his mind on the Abyss Burial, a skill he hadn’t used ever since he received it.

He immediately came up with a plan.

First, he would raise the Abyss Burial from the well-versed to the perfected stage.
That cost him more than 80 thousand blank attributes.

Wang Teng didn’t think that the blank attributes it required would multiply by many times the higher it got, needing tens of thousand points to reach the perfected stage!

However, his opponent was a cosmos-stage martial warrior.
Even if he was very weak, he didn’t dare to look down or underestimate him.

Abyss Burial: 50000/50000 (perfected)

Reality proved that the perfected stage of the Abyss Burial was exceptional.
Even the spiritual form of a cosmos-stage marital warrior could be destroyed.

The baron had already lost his composure as a formidable martial warrior.
He screamed in fear, “Stop, Wang Teng, don’t you want the legacy?”

“Go to hell with your legacy.” Wang Teng’s voice was cold.
He wasn’t enticed by the baron and continued instilling more Origin Of Soul into his Abyss Burial.

The baron’s spiritual form trembled violently.
One of his hands exploded.

“No, stop, I’ll pass my legacy to you.
Please stop it!” He was almost wailing as he looked at his disintegrating spiritual form with a squint.

“You don’t seem like a cosmos-stage martial warrior.
Why are you so afraid of dying?” Wang Teng snorted.

“What is dignity when you are dead? Staying alive is the most important thing.
Wang Teng, let me go and I will pass my legacy to you.
From then on, I’ll mind my own business and never interrupt you.” The baron panicked.

“I’m sorry, I just want to kill you now.” Wang Teng scoffed.

The lower part of the baron’s body exploded at this moment.

“Ah…” The excruciating pain at the spiritual level caused him to howl in agony and pain.

However, the disintegration didn’t stop.
Under the violent tremors of the Abyss Burial, the half of his remaining body started dissipating into the air, from his stomach to his chest.
His body turned into droplets of light that were swallowed by the darkness around it.

Despair welled up in his heart.

He didn’t think that this would be his ending after waiting for a million years! Why did this happen?

He was a cosmos-stage martial warrior; he couldn’t die so easily!

“Wang Teng!” The baron was only left with his head now.
He bellowed in anger and made the last attempt to struggle.

“You can die now.” Wang Teng’s gaze turned cold.
His spiritual power turned into spiritual spikes, and he hurled them out.

The spiritual spikes pierced through the darkness.

The baron’s pupils constricted immediately.
He could see the spots of light cutting through the darkness.
Then, the spirit spikes rained on him like the punishment from heaven and stabbed right into his head.

“No…” the baron roared with regret and anger.

It was all in vain.
His head exploded.

The cosmos-stage martial warrior, who had managed to survive for a million years, was finally dead, for real.

Wang Teng stopped his Abyss Burial and the use of his Origin Of Soul.
He was panting slightly and his face was a little pale.
This was his spiritual form.
The exhaustion of his Origin Of Soul was a little overbearing for him.

Wang Teng glanced at his attributes panel.

His Origin Of Soul rose to 5680 points after killing the star beast souls.
Now, it was lowered to 4920.

This meant that he had used 760 points of Origin Of Soul when he executed the Abyss Burial.
This was a permanent loss.
He wouldn’t be able to get it back.

Wang Teng let out a huge sigh.
No wonder this Abyss Burial was heaven-defying.
It required so much fuel to execute.

But the result was also satisfactory.
He shook the soul of a cosmos-stage martial warrior to death.

Which planetary-realm martial warrior could do this?

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