The alien martial warriors’ expressions changed when they saw Wang Teng strolling toward the three star beast souls guarding the exit.

How could he kill a star beast soul so quickly!

They looked behind Wang Teng.
The gigantic star beast soul was lying on the ground, pinned to death.
It was slowly turning into light droplets.

The martial warriors were dumbstruck.
They finally understood why Wang Teng was able to defeat a star beast soul so easily.

He knew an extremely rare spiritual attack!

The best way to deal with star beast souls was to use spiritual attacks.
Wang Teng possessed just that, so he had the most advantage in this assessment.

F**k, this bastard is cheating!

However, the baron from the Great Qian Empire didn’t stop him.
Although he knew about it, he didn’t care.
Silence meant consent.
They didn’t have the right to complain.

They stared at Wang Teng as he casually walked to the exit.
They could almost see the legacy flying away with its wings.

Even though there were three star beast souls guarding it, they didn’t think that they could stop Wang Teng.
As someone who knew spiritual attacks, there was no difference between having the guards and not having any.

The only thing they could do was to defeat the star beast souls in front of them as quickly as possible.
It would be depressing if they worked so hard but couldn’t get anything in return.

The three star beast souls guarding the door didn’t move a single inch.
They stared at Wang Teng ferociously as he got closer.
Then, they opened their mouths and bellowed.

The three enormous bodies laid out horizontally in front of Wang Teng and gave a deafening roar.
The impact was strong.

Other people might have retreated uncontrollably in fear.
Not Wang Teng.
He dug his ear and squinted.
“Why are you guys making so much noise? Do you think I’ll be frightened? Come, show them.”

He patted the double-headed dog below him.

The double-headed dog: ━━∑( ̄□ ̄*|||━━

It didn’t dare to disobey Wang Teng, so it barked at the three star beast souls that were much taller than it with both of its heads.

The three star beast souls looked down at the double-headed dog and then exchanged glances with one another.
They seemed to be wondering why this little idiot dared to shout at them.

At the same time, Wang Teng leaped up from the double-headed dog’s back and shouted coldly, “Release your ultimate move!”

The double-headed dog and Wang Teng had learned to work well together after traveling through the labyrinth.
Hence, when it heard his words, it rolled its eyes secretly and released its spiritual missile.

It opened both of its mouths and formed two balls of light spheres simultaneously.
Then, it shook its head and hurled the light spheres at the three star beast souls from two different directions.

This was a little difficult!

The two heads were very close together, so it wasn’t easy for it to throw the attacks in two different directions.
However, under Wang Teng’s guidance, it managed to learn the skill.

Two of the star beast souls had to move at the same time to evade the two spiritual missiles.

Two explosions occurred.
Two deep holes were formed at the spot where the two star beast souls were at a moment ago.

They were infuriated.
They charged toward the double-headed dog at the speed of light.

They launched their own spiritual missiles too.
The two star beast souls threw light spheres at the double-headed dog in an attempt to kill it.

The double-headed dog moved like the wind, bolting right and left as it dodged the spiritual missiles.

Wang Teng disregarded it temporarily since it was able to take care of itself.
His gaze landed on the last star beast soul.

This was a giant crocodile.
It was lofty and huge with pitch-black scale armor wrapped around it.
It looked savage.
Roaring, it swept its tail over horizontally.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.
His figure disappeared instantly, leaving only a shadow behind.

The large tail struck the air and created a sonic boom.
The shadow of Wang Teng dispersed.

The giant crocodile got a shock.

Suddenly, Wang Teng appeared above it.
He rubbed his hands together and formed a light sphere.
It hovered over his palm.

The light sphere grew bigger and bigger.
In the blink of an eye, it turned from a ping pong ball into a football.

The spiritual missile Wang Teng created was much bigger than the ones formed by these star beast souls.
The spiritual power condensed inside was also more powerful.

The crocodile felt a chill down its spine.
It immediately ran away without any hesitation.

“Why are you running away? You were so fierce just now.” Wang Teng chuckled and threw the light sphere violently.

It soared through the air at lightning speed, turning into a beam of light as it fired toward the crocodile.

They were too close for the crocodile to evade it.

The next instant, the spiritual missile exploded above the crocodile.

The crocodile was swept into the frightening ball of energy, which only dissipated gradually after some time.
The miserable state of the crocodile was revealed.
It seemed to have suffered inhumane torture.

“Huh, it’s not dead!” Wang Teng was surprised.

Then, his gaze turned dangerous.
He wondered how he should kill this crocodile.

The crocodile was astounded.
A chill swept through its body, and it moved to the side.
It allowed Wang Teng to pass through the exit.

The crowd was stunned by the shamelessness of this crocodile.

Wait, it had no shame at all!

Wang Teng stared at the crocodile strangely before walking toward the exit vigilantly.

The giant crocodile looked at Wang Teng in fear.
it didn’t stop him anymore and appeared extremely timid.

Everyone stared at Wang Teng anxiously as he walked into the exit.
Yet, they couldn’t do anything.

Argus suddenly pushed back the star beast soul that he was fighting with and dashed towards the exit.

“F**k, he’s running away first.”

Kathu’s expression changed.
He shouted and pushed his opponent back too.
Then, he flew towards the exit right after Argus.

The other three martial warriors followed consecutively.

The star beast souls behind them chased after them relentlessly.

Boss, this is the only way I can help you! The double-headed dog dashed over and chased after the two martial warriors ferociously.

Argus and Kathu were almost at the exit.
They were elated.

Right then, the giant crocodile soul appeared at the exit once again and blocked it with its large body.
It roared at them threateningly and formed a spiritual missile in its mouth.
It spat it at Argus and Kathu.

Argus and Kathu’s faces turned black.
They stopped in their tracks and jumped to the side.

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