A shrill sound was heard as the spikes shot toward the star beast.

The star beast soul detected the danger and wanted to evade it.
However, it had nowhere to go.
The double-headed dog was on one side and the three deadly spiritual spikes on the other.

It threw the light sphere hastily at the double-headed dog and hurriedly evaded to the side.

The double-headed dog dodged like a cat with Wang Teng on its back, avoiding the light sphere.

Wang Teng gave a cold smile.
Spiritual power surged out and landed on the three spiritual spikes.

Long distance controlling!

The three spiritual spikes made an abrupt turn and continued flying toward the star beast soul with the same power.

The star beast soul couldn’t dodge anymore.
Its body got penetrated by the three spiritual spikes and was nailed firmly to the ground.

“Nice teamwork.” Wang Teng laughed and picked up the attribute bubbles.
He ordered the double-headed dog to continue moving.

The human and the dog ran wildly in the labyrinth, using brute force to push their way through.

Whenever they met another star beast soul, the double-headed dog would attract the star beast’s attention while Wang Teng would launch his sneak attack.
Their cooperation allowed them to emerge victorious every time.
All the star beast souls they met were killed by them.

This allowed Wang Teng to gain a large number of attribute bubbles.
His spirit and Origin Of Soul rose tremendously, and he managed to raise his Spiritual Missile to the perfected stage.
The gains were not bad.

Spirit: 1350/10000 (Planetary Realm)

Spiritual Missile: 15/300 (perfected)

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the changes on the attributes panel.
His efforts didn’t go to waste.

He counted his gains as he sat on the double-headed dog’s back.
It continued dashing toward the center of the labyrinth without slowing down.

After some time, there were no signs of star beast souls around them anymore.
They didn’t meet other alien martial warriors either.

“We should be reaching our destination.” Wang Teng asked the double-headed dog to stop and sized up his surroundings.

“Howl~” The double-headed dog suddenly nodded as if it was confirming Wang Teng’s words.

“You know it?” Wang Teng was surprised.

After some thought, he understood the reason.

These star beast souls must be raised by the owner of this labyrinth.
Hence, it was normal for them to know where the center of the labyrinth was.

“Since you know, you can lead the way,” Wang Teng said.

The double-headed dog barked obediently and glanced around it.
Then, it selected a direction before running.

In the center of the labyrinth.

At this moment, Argus, Kathu, Pulin, Biluo, and another person had already arrived outside the center of the labyrinth.
Besides the four renowned talents, there was another alien martial warrior.

There were five people in total.

They didn’t know if the others were still on the way or had been eliminated.
The five alien martial warriors were looking in front of them with grave expressions.

Their paths were blocked by numerous enormous star beast souls.
These star beast souls stood in front of them like hills, staring down on them with hostility.

There was an exit behind these star beasts.

Everyone’s eyes lit up.
All of them noticed the exit and knew that it must lead to the final destination of the labyrinth.

The legacy of the baron from the Great Qian Empire was right inside!

However, they had a deep impression of how powerful and hard to deal with these star beast souls were.
Thus, they looked a little constipated.

They couldn’t use their Force in this labyrinth.
This was exasperating when facing these star beast souls.

“There’s five of us and nine star beast souls.
How are we supposed to fight them?” the unfamiliar alien martial warrior asked.

The four universal talents didn’t reply to him.
They could see the difference.
It was too obvious.
The problem was, there was no other way besides using brute force.

“I wonder if there are other survivors.” Biluo looked around.
She thought of Wang Teng.

“They have probably been eliminated.
It’s quite late.” Kathu shook his head.

“Even Wang Teng isn’t here.” Pulin shook his head and smiled.
“I viewed him as one of my competitors.”

“He’s just an Earthling.
His foundation is too weak,” Kathu frowned and replied.
He seemed to find it a little regretful too.

Biluo sighed.
She silently agreed with Kathu.

“Why are you feeling unfortunate for him? He’s just an Earthling,” Argus said arrogantly.

A loud explosion was heard as soon as he finished.
The wall behind them collapsed, throwing dust into the air.

Everyone squinted and turned around to look behind them.
They were dumbfounded.

“I heard you guys talking about me the moment I came.
I feel honored to receive your concern,” a voice gradually floated over from behind the dust.
Everyone was stunned.

“Wang Teng!” Biluo exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

“Hey, you’re here too.” Wang Teng was riding on the double-headed dog.
It stepped forward and appeared in front of everyone.

He smiled ambiguously at the other martial warriors, causing them to turn red in the face.

He appeared a second after they talked behind his back.
Moreover, he had heard what they said.

Even they felt a little awkward.

But soon, everyone realized the presence of the double-headed dog.
They were flabbergasted and glared at the star beast soul vigilantly.

“What’s with this star beast soul?” Biluo asked.

“Oh, I found a ride for myself,” Wang Teng replied casually.

“A ride!” Everyone took some time to react.

Argus’s gaze flickered, and his expression turned a little ugly.
He thought that Wang Teng had been eliminated, yet he came.
To add salt to injury, he tamed a star beast soul to be his mount.
This was proof of his ability.
What a tough competitor!

“Wang Teng, how did you tame this star beast soul?” Pulin asked.
He couldn’t control his curiosity.

“I beat it until it listened to me,” Wang Teng replied calmly.
He didn’t conceal the truth.

“Beat it?” Pulin stared at him in disbelief.

Wang Teng had no obligation to explain to him.
He didn’t care if Pulin believed him.
He looked past everyone and saw the exit.
Of course, he also noticed the nine gigantic star beast souls guarding the exit.

The situation was obvious.
Wang Teng touched his chin and asked, “You came first.
Have you figured out what to do?”

The five felt embarrassed, especially Argus and Kathu.
They were renowned talents, but they couldn’t find a way to deal with these star beast souls and were belittled by someone else.

“It’s alright.
I think that we can just fight our way through,” Wang Teng said.

They thought that Wang Teng had a good idea, but in the end, they still had to use brute force.
What was the point of asking them?

The nine star beast souls in front suddenly bellowed.
Three of them continued guarding the exit while the other six charged toward the martial warriors.

The giant star beasts stomped on the ground loudly.
The entire labyrinth trembled.

Even though this was a spiritual labyrinth, it replicated the real world perfectly.
All the effects that should be present were available.

The martial warriors’ expressions changed.
They didn’t expect the star beast souls to attack suddenly.
No one was prepared, but as famous talents, they reacted quickly.

“Disperse and destroy them one by one!” Argus shouted.
He rushed towards the side and evaded the jaws of a star beast soul.

The others listened to his suggestion instinctively.
Each of them lured a star beast soul away and started fighting with it.

An intense battle erupted in an instant!

Loud explosions resounded in the air.
The star beast souls seemed impatient.
They used their most powerful attacks directly and spurted spiritual missiles out of their mouths continuously.
The spiritual missiles flew towards the martial warriors and exploded in all directions.

The alien martial warriors could only evade.
They didn’t dare to receive the light spheres directly.

Even so, they were still affected by the residual impact of the missiles.
Their faces turned whiter, and their spiritual power was being exhausted at a visible rate.

Compared to them, Wang Teng appeared surprisingly relaxed.
When the others were still evading, he had already killed his star beast soul.

“Have fun playing.
I’ll leave first.”

Wang Teng spoke calmly as he walked towards the three star beast souls guarding the door.

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