After a moment of weightlessness, Wang Teng realized that his feet were on the ground, and he was surrounded by stone walls that were over five meters tall.

The stone walls were covered with unknown vines and blooming gorgeous flowers…

It looked like a magnificent garden entrance!

However, Wang Teng knew that this was the labyrinth that the figure spoke of.

A labyrinth constructed by the spirit!

“Is this a cosmos-stage technique?” Wang Teng was a little surprised.
There was a glint in his eyes.
He yearned for such power.

He looked around and saw no signs of Biluo, Argus, and the others.
It was clear that they were all separated.

It was within his expectations.
There was no need to panic!

Wang Teng thought for a moment and flew up into the sky.
He was planning to see if he could just fly to his final destination.

When he neared the top of the stone walls, he couldn’t ascend anymore.

That was also within his estimations.

However, Wang Teng was still disappointed.
It seemed that there was no shortcut available.

He landed on the ground and walked towards the entrance of the labyrinth.
A fork in the road then appeared in front of him.

“Which one is better?” Wang Teng muttered.
A coin suddenly appeared in his hand.
In the spiritual world, he could do simple materialization.
It was an ordinary spiritual power technique.

“Heads means right, tails means left.
If it lands upright, it will be the middle!

“Alright, let’s do it this way!”

Wang Teng muttered to himself and tossed the coin into the air.

The coin landed on his hand.
It was standing right on the edge.
It couldn’t be more stable!

“Very well, since you are as steady as I am, let’s walk in the middle.” Wang Teng nodded solemnly and slapped his right hand.
The coin vanished, and he headed for the path in the middle.

The individual monitoring the entire labyrinth was dismayed.

Was he seriously so hasty?

Simultaneously, the other alien candidates were also entering the labyrinth from the other entrances.

This was a great opportunity for them, so they would try their best to pass this assessment.

At a certain entrance, Argus rushed towards the labyrinth at an extreme speed, leaving behind afterimages of himself.
When he encountered the fork, he didn’t hesitate and picked a path immediately without caring about whether it was right or wrong.

Without a doubt, he chose to clear the labyrinth with speed.

As long as he was fast enough, no matter how complicated the labyrinth was, he would be able to find the correct path among the countless wrong ones.

Kathu’s method was simple as well.
When he encountered the fork, he didn’t hesitate either.
All he did was bombard the stone wall in front of him with his fists as he tried to create a shortcut by destroying his obstacles.

However, things weren’t as simple as he thought.
Normal attacks could not break through the stone walls that were constructed by spiritual power.

No matter how hard he hit them, the stone walls wouldn’t budge!

Kathu’s face was grim.
He could only choose a path and find a way out.

Biluo was standing at another entrance.
There was a thoughtful look in her eyes as she looked at the fork.

The labyrinth would have its clues or maybe some kind of law.
As long as she knew what they were, it wouldn’t be difficult to reach the end.

While thinking, she entered the labyrinth and tried to find a way forward…

Every alien candidate had their own method of clearing the labyrinth and moving towards the end.

Once sealed for many years, the labyrinth now welcomed its guests, like a sleeping behemoth that was slowly awakening.

After half an hour of walking around in the labyrinth, Wang Teng had to stop.

A stone wall blocked his path, and there was no road ahead for him.

Wang Teng frowned and pondered.
He didn’t plan to take a detour again.
He condensed his spiritual power into several thorns, which floated in front of him.

Wang Teng had a clear idea.
Since this was a spiritual labyrinth, the most effective method would be using spiritual attacks.

Fortunately, Wang Teng had one up his sleeves!

“Go!” In the next moment, Wang Teng’s eyes flashed as he added some sound effects.

The thorns turned into cold lights and shot out.

Along with an explosion, a hole was blasted in the stone wall.
A path appeared for Wang Teng.

“I’m so smart.
I actually thought of a perfect solution!” Wang Teng smiled and gave himself a pat on the back.

Just as he was about to pass through the big hole and head deeper into the labyrinth, several attribute bubbles caught his attention.

“There are attribute bubbles!” Wang Teng was surprised and overjoyed.
This was not what he had expected.

Planetary Realm Spirit*120

Planetary Realm Spirit*100

Spiritual Labyrinth Fragments*10

As the three attribute bubbles entered his body, Wang Teng’s eye flashed with joy.

220 points of spirit attributes!

And these were Planetary Realm Spirit attributes!

As expected of a spiritual labyrinth constructed by a cosmos-stage warrior, there were Planetary Realm Spirit attributes.

Wang Teng didn’t expect to have such a harvest.

Of course, the last attribute bubble was the one that made him the happiest… Spiritual Labyrinth Fragments!

When the attribute bubble merged into his mind, Wang Teng understood how to construct the spiritual labyrinth a little.

This was an extremely rare spirit technique!

Feeling the enlightenment in his mind, Wang Teng took a deep breath and looked around him.
There was a flame in his eyes.

This labyrinth must be destroyed!

If it was not destroyed, there wouldn’t be any attribute bubbles!

Wang Teng was eager to try, but his face suddenly darkened, and he sighed.
He thought of something.

It was impossible to destroy it completely.
That figure wouldn’t allow him to do so.

Based on his calculations, the entire labyrinth was probably under his control.
If he went too far, the figure would definitely get him.

After pondering for a moment, Wang Teng smiled again.
He didn’t tarry any longer and continued walking in front.

Several spikes appeared in front of him again.

This time, he didn’t wait for a dead end to appear.
He aimed directly at the center of the maze and drilled in that direction.

Planetary Realm Spirit*80

Spiritual Labyrinth Fragments*10

A big hole appeared, and Wang Teng walked toward the heart of the labyrinth while picking up the attribute bubbles.

At the same time, a figure was sitting leisurely on a reclining chair at the heart of the labyrinth and watching the progress of the alien candidates.

When he saw what was happening over at Wang Teng’s side, he jumped out of his chair, and his eyes almost popped out of his sockets, “Damn, this kid can actually destroy the spiritual labyrinth!”

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