A fight seemed imminent between the three principals.
Everyone gave a wry smile.
Even Governor Jiang felt his head hurt.

“Alright, you all are almost forty years old.
Why are you still acting like children snatching a toy? Don’t you find it embarrassing?”

Only Governor Jiang was able to reprimand them.

The three principals turned silent at once.
However, they continued glaring at one another.
They would probably fight after they went back to solve this matter.

Wang Teng was in a daze right from the beginning.

Why are you snatching me without asking my opinion?

Of course, his motive was reached.
He had displayed the ability of a martial warrior, and the effect was much better than predicted.

Thinking about this, he winked at Director He.

Director He remained stern and righteous, as if he didn’t see anything.

This was a drama king too!

Erm… why did he say ‘too’?

“Since this issue is solved, let’s go down the mountain.
We need to inform the examinees’ parents about what happened during the martial arts exam this time.” Governor Jiang’s tone was a little heavy.

Director He’s expression wasn’t good either.
As the head of the Ministry of Education, he could hardly escape the blame.

Fortunately, there was Wang Teng, his life-saver, this year.
If not, he wouldn’t be able to keep his position.

As for his promotion, there was probably no chance of it anymore!

Director He wasn’t in a good mood as he thought of all these.

Everyone prepared to leave the mountain.

“Wang Teng, it’s quite troublesome to deal with the other materials on the body of the star beast.
If you trust us, we can help you to take care of them and sell them for you.
After that, we will transfer the money to you.
What do you think?” asked Ji Quan.

The three of them became even more enthusiastic towards Wang Teng after seeing the leaders’ attitude.

As expected, this fellow had a huge potential!

They could just do it conveniently, so why not!

We are suck-ups? Are you kidding? We are martial warriors! Are we that kind of person?

“Alright, sorry to trouble you.” Wang Teng nodded.
He didn’t reject their help.
It would save him the effort of looking for channels to sell the items.

He wasn’t worried that the three martial warriors would play small tricks.
The star core was already in his hands, and there were so many leaders watching.
He felt that they wouldn’t be that stupid to dupe him.

Wang Teng told them his bank account number, then followed Governor Jiang and the other leaders down the mountain.

Along the way, he saw many mutated beasts’ corpses, as well as the bodies of examinees.
The staff at the exam venue were dealing with the aftermath of the accident and carrying the bodies down the mountain.

Wang Teng’s heart felt heavy.
He felt worried for Lin Chuhan once again.

That pile of meat isn’t her, right?

Lin Chuhan was so weak.
What if she fell into the beast tide? She won’t have any chance of surviving.

This is bad.
This is very bad… 

He carried all sorts of bad thoughts in his mind as he returned to the camping ground.
The examinees were all sitting on the ground, not caring about their image at all.
Bloodstains could be seen on everyone’s body, and they looked extremely disheveled.

Some examinees were injured heavily, so there was medical staff attending to them.

Sobs could be heard everywhere!

The brutality of the martial arts exam this time had a great impact on the examinees.
They suffered what they shouldn’t be suffering at this age!

Wang Teng attracted everyone’s attention when he came back with Governor Jiang and the other leaders.
But, they didn’t have the mood to care about him at this moment.
They just glanced at him and then retracted their gazes.

“Wang Teng!” A voice filled with pleasant surprise suddenly sounded amidst the crowd.

Wang Teng turned around and saw Lin Chuhan waving at him.

“Leaders, my friend is calling me.
I will head over there,” Wang Teng said to Governor Jiang and the others beside him.

“Go ahead!”

These old foxes immediately gave him a knowing look as they smiled and replied to him.

Wang Teng felt a headache coming on.

He couldn’t bear the gazes these big guns were throwing at him.

Can you respect your identity as leaders? Do you have to be so gossipy?


Wang Teng walked towards Lin Chuhan helplessly.
Looking at the pretty face, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, nothing terrible had happened.

He couldn’t even explain the feeling of relief he was experiencing now.

“Are you alright?” Lin Chuhan asked him in a hurry the moment he came close.

“How can I not be alright?” Wang Teng replied casually.

“Young Master Wang!” Yang Jian was sitting beside them.
His leg was injured and was bandaged, making it twice as thick as normal.
He was unable to stand up.

“What happened to your leg?” asked Wang Teng.

“I was scratched by a mutated beast.
Fortunately, the principal of Bailian Martial House arrived in time.
If not, I would have died there.”

Yang Jian still had lingering scares.
Then, he said with slight excitement, “You didn’t see how impressive Principal Gu of Bailian Martial House was.
He used one move, just one, and the mutated beasts around us were annihilated! There were more than ten mutated beasts!”

Wang Teng knew that this fellow was fine when he saw his reaction.
If he wasn’t, he would be crying for his mom now.

He turned and asked Lin Chuhan, “Did you drop something?”

“Did I drop something? I don’t think so!” Lin Chuhan shook her head.

“Check if your examination identity card is still there.”

Wang Teng was speechless.
Lin Chuhan hadn’t realized that she had lost her examination identity card even until now.

Lin Chuhan hurriedly searched her body.
Then, she exclaimed frantically, “Oh shit, my identity card is really gone!”

“Take it!” Wang Teng took out Lin Chuhan’s examination identity card from his pocket and passed it to her.
He shook his head and continued, “You have my respect.
You even lost your examination identity card.”

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” Lin Chuhan heaved a sigh of relief.
“Where did you find it?”

“Yeah, about that, what were you doing at the top of the volcano? I found this identity card there.
Don’t you know that it’s very dangerous?” Wang Teng was furious.

“Who says that it’s dangerous there? If the accident hadn’t happened, it was just an extinct volcano.
But, for some reason, I noticed that there were no mutated beasts at the peak of the volcano.
It was very safe,” Lin Chuhan refuted with her own logic.

“There is no mutated beast there?” It was Wang Teng’s turn to be shocked now.

“That’s right.
After I killed five mutated beasts, I realized that it’s very safe at the peak, so I planned to stay there until the exam ended.
I didn’t expect an accident to happen.
Fortunately, I followed behind the beast tide.
I managed to come back safely,” said Lin Chuhan.


The ordinary mutated beasts probably didn’t dare to go to the peak because of the fire element star beasts.
This was Wang Teng’s guess.

“Wait, you killed five mutated beasts!” He suddenly regained his senses and exclaimed in surprise.

“Why can’t I kill mutated beasts?” Lin Chuhan glared at Wang Teng, feeling that he was belittling her.

“That’s not it.
I was just a little stunned because you’re so weak,” Wang Teng teased her.

“Hmph!” Lin Chuhan scoffed.
She said unhappily, “I may not be as strong as you, but I’m smarter.”

“Alright, alright, you’re smart.
So, how did you kill the five mutated beasts? Smart Ms.
Lin, please tell me your glorious deeds,” Wang Teng asked with interest as he crossed his legs and sat down.

“What do you mean by Smart Ms.
Lin? Don’t anyhow give me a nickname.” Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes.
But, she still happily told him how she killed the mutated beasts.

Wang Teng’s mouth fell wide open after he heard her story.
He felt that Lin Chuhan was the real master of being sly.

He didn’t expect this righteous person to use such terrifying and chilly means.

After Lin Chuhan entered the primary forest, she utilized what she learned in the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ thoroughly and flexibly.

For instance, she wiped her body with a pungent tree juice so that the mutated beasts wouldn’t be able to smell her.
Then, she spent three hours looking for a dead mutated beast and hid the poisonous herbs she found in the forest in the mutated beast’s body.
She waited for the beast to be eaten.

It was best not to forget that regular examinees weren’t able to think of this method!

Also, whether it was recognizing the useful herbs, looking for mutated beasts that died naturally, or waiting for mutated beasts to fall into the trap, all these required a huge amount of time.
Without ample patience, one would not be able to do it.

Of course, there was an element of luck involved.
However, without prior knowledge, strong patience, and the preparations beforehand, luck wouldn’t befall her.

Her patience and calculation were impressive.

His mother was right.
The prettier a lady, the more dangerous she was!

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