All the alien candidates’ expressions changed entirely.
They were filled with shock and disbelief.

“Is it that Great Qian Empire?”

There’s only one Great Qian Empire in the vast universe.” The figure smiled gently when he saw everyone’s expression.

“How is that possible? A baron from the Great Qian Empire enjoys a noble and high status.
Why will you come to this remote and underdeveloped planet?” Argus took a deep breath and asked.
He still couldn’t believe it.

“It’s not impossible.
A million years ago, I was ordered to chase an escaped convict.
I pursued him through multiple galaxies for three hundred years and finally killed him on this planet.
However, I suffered heavy injuries and couldn’t leave.
In the end, I died here,” the figure spoke slowly.
There was no emotion in his voice as if he wasn’t talking about his death.

“Chased him through multiple galaxies!”

Everyone was dumbstruck at the figure’s words.
They could imagine how terrifying and intense this multi-galaxy battle was.

All the talents were mindblown.
They couldn’t find their voices for a long time.

The devil lords exchanged glances with one another at the side.
They couldn’t hide the bewilderment on their faces.

Even the powerful devil lords felt jittery in front of this indomitable presence.
They felt a tinge of fear creeping up their hearts.

This figure was a formidable human martial warrior.
Would he kill them when he saw them?

He might be just a floating soul in the air, but they didn’t know if he possessed any incredible skills or methods.

“Erm, excuse me…” While everyone was lost in awe, a voice broke their chain of thoughts.

Everyone, including the figure, turned to look in the direction of the voice.

Wang Teng was raising his hand like a primary school student wanting to make a statement.
His eyes were filled with the innocent desire for more knowledge.

“I’m sorry.
I want to ask what the Great Qian Empire is.
You all seem really astounded,” Wang Teng asked cautiously.

An unnoticeable hint of frustration flashed past the figure’s face.

So who did he put on a show for just now?

Fortunately, the others knew how powerful the Great Qian Empire was.
If they didn’t, he would have felt awkward.

Loggins frowned and said with contempt, “An Earthling is indeed an Earthling.
The Great Qian Empire is a dominant presence in the universe.
How can you not know about it?”

Wang Teng glanced at him from the corner of his eyes.
“Are you asking for a beating?”

“What!” Loggins glared at him.

Argus opened his mouth and interrupted them, explaining calmly, “The Great Qian Empire is one of the few oldest high-tier civilizations in the universe.

“Do you understand what a high-tier civilization means?

“It rules countless galaxies, including a thousand middle-tier civilizations in the universe.
A middle-tier civilization rules a few thousand galaxies and a few hundred low-tier civilizations.

“The Olant Federation is just a low-tier civilization.
Yet, it controls the nine main galaxies.
Every single galaxy has hundreds of thousands of life planets with different cultures and living beings on them.

“The Milky Way your planet is in is one of the nine main galaxies controlled by the Olant Federation.
Earth is just one of the most inconspicuous planets among the few hundred thousands of life planets in the Milky Way.

“Now, do you know what the Great Qian Empire is?

“Earth is worse than a speck of dust when compared to it!”

Argus’s voice was calm, but the disdain and contempt in it were apparent.

Everyone’s gaze gathered on Wang Teng’s face.
They were looking at him with ridicule and waiting for a good show.

Wang Teng’s question showed how stupid and ignorant he was.

This guy from an underdeveloped planet was an idiot!

Biluo glanced at Wang Teng worriedly.
This piece of news might be a huge blow to a normal person.
Their perspective of the world might shatter, and it could leave an indelible mark on his heart.

After all, his birth planet was insignificant in front of the Great Qian Empire.

Not talking about a normal person, even the alien candidates couldn’t accept it calmly.

They were fortunate to be born in the Olant Federation, so they had heard of this concept before.
If they had received this piece of information suddenly, they might not be able to accept it either.

Argus’s intention wasn’t pure.
He was using this opportunity to cast a shadow on Wang Teng’s mind and create an obstacle on his martial arts path.

Maintaining a fearless attitude was essential for a martial warrior, especially one who was striving to reach a higher level.
If they suffered psychological trauma, even if it was just a small one, it would be amplified in the future when they progressed further and become their Achilles heel.

Argus was attacking his mind!

However, after a moment of astonishment, Biluo saw Wang Teng giving a small smile.
The expression on his face reverted to normal.

It was a composed expression!

At this moment, composure meant confidence!

This fellow is able to regain his composure so quickly.
He didn’t seem affected at all.
It looks like I underestimated him. Biluo wondered to herself in surprise.

The other people noticed Wang Teng’s expression too.
They were shocked and found it a pity.

Many alien candidates were fearful of Wang Teng’s talent.
They were happy to use this chance to stimulate him.
Unfortunately, he didn’t fulfill their wish.

“Wow, this Great Qian Empire is such a powerful presence!” Wang Teng suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

Everyone was speechless.
They found his performance a little exaggerated.

Did he think that they were all stupid? Who would believe such a fake performance?

Wang Teng disregarded everyone’s gaze and looked at the figure excitedly.
“Senior, do you need a sidekick?”

“What does that mean?” the figure asked in confusion.

“Take me under your wings.” Wang Teng rubbed his hands and sniggered.

Everyone was shocked by Wang Teng’s shamelessness.

How could there be someone as shameless as him?

The figure glanced at Wang Teng helplessly.
He had never seen someone with such thick skin.
Coughing awkwardly, he replied, “I’m dead.
I can’t keep you under my wings.”

“You’re dead?” Wang Teng appeared astounded.
“But you’re still here.”

“This is just an image I left behind.
I left a legacy in hopes that my successor will appear one day,” the figure explained.

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