Wang Teng calmed down and observed the last corpse carefully.

“Huh? There are no wounds on this body.
How did he die?”

After watching for some time, Wang Teng noticed something strange.
He was puzzled.
He activated his Eyes of Essence and looked at the body, hoping to find the reason for his death at the microscopic level.

He scanned the inside of the corpse but didn’t discover anything.
When he reached the neck, he hesitated.

He would have to face the eyes if he moved further up!

Wang Teng was in a dilemma.
In the end, he gritted his teeth and moved up.

The pressure given off by this corpse was frightening, but it was still a corpse.
He mustn’t be a coward.

When Wang Teng saw the vertical eye, his mind trembled.
He felt an immense pressure dawning on him.

His face turned white, and large drops of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.
Spiritual power tossed and turned involuntarily in his consciousness, churning as it tried to resist the pressure.

Wang Teng let out a huge sigh.

Fortunately, the Planetary Realm Spirit was powerful, so he was barely able to withstand the pressure.

This was only the residual pressure.
If this formidable warrior released his entire force of presence on him when he was alive, Wang Teng wouldn’t be able to resist it.

After blocking the pressure, Wang Teng finally had the time to observe the brain.
He didn’t expect to see a faint ball of soul glowing through his Eyes of Essence.

His spirit hasn’t disappeared completely! This was mind-boggling.

Biluo noticed Wang Teng’s strange expression and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Her voice pulled Wang Teng back to reality.
He shook his head and replied, “I’m fine.”

Biluo stared at him in confusion.
She didn’t believe him.

Wang Teng’s face was white, and his forehead was filled with perspiration.
He even gave a look of disbelief.
How could he be alright?

But she couldn’t probe further if he didn’t want to speak.

“Be careful when you go in later,” Wang Teng spoke to her using voice transmission.

Biluo’s eyes shimmered.
She stared at Wang Teng in surprise.
He did know something.

Wang Teng looked away and walked forward.
He pushed the huge golden door open.

The thick and heavy door opened gradually under Wang Teng’s huge strength…

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw Wang Teng using brute force to open the door.
They were still thinking about how to open it.

“So simple?” Kathu looked at Wang Teng and asked.

“What do you think?” Wang Teng threw the question back.

“F**K!” Kathu cursed instantly.

The others were speechless too.
They felt stupid in front of Wang Teng.

Smart people liked to think too much, so this simple solution didn’t occur to them.
They kept lingering around the door, searching for a way to open it.
They even took out the crystal skulls to see how they could help.

In the end, all it needed was a simple push.
They felt as if someone gave them a tight slap on their faces.
It hurt so much!

“Why are you standing there? Are you not entering?” Wang Teng turned to look at the crowd.

No one replied to him.
Argus, Kathu, and the others were staring at the command room with serious expressions.

As the door opened, a patch of bright light lit up the command room, illuminating the entire space.

They scanned the room and immediately noticed the six corpses.
Their pupils narrowed, and their expressions turned terrified.

“Gasp… what a frightening gaze!”

“They’re so scary! How powerful must they be when they were alive?”

There was a huge commotion.
Someone noticed the intact corpse’s eyes and gasped in fear like Wang Teng.
His face turned pale, and there was only astonishment left in his heart.

None of the talents from outer space were able to escape from the impact of the corpse’s pressure.
All of them were staggered.
Fear crept up to their hearts, and they started trembling.

Biluo’s face was pale too.
She turned to look at Wang Teng with bewilderment in her eyes.

Did this fellow know about the corpse already?

Wang Teng didn’t notice her gaze, but his expression changed slightly.

A ray of light suddenly shot out of the single eye of the corpse.
Then, the hologram of a figure appeared in mid-air.

The figure was exactly the same as the corpse!

Everyone was appalled.
They instantly turned vigilant.

The figure glanced around him and suddenly sighed in a weather-beaten and distant voice.

“It has been a million years!”

The figure was speaking in the common universal language.
Thus, Wang Teng and the alien candidates understood what he was saying.

Their mind went black for a second!

Was he saying that he had been around for a million years?

The alien martial warriors knew that indomitable martial warriors had extremely long lifespans, but they were still at a loss for words when they heard one million years.

A million years… What concept was that?

Their lifespan was a thousand years since they had reached the planetary stage, but currently, they were only around 30 years old.
It was almost negligible when you compared it with the long and unimaginable million years.

To be able to have a lifespan of more than a million years, this figure must be an unbelievably powerful martial warrior.

Wang Teng tried his best to calm down, but no matter how much he controlled his emotions, they were still forming waves in his heart.

How incredibly long was that! Was an indomitable martial warrior able to survive for so long?

At first, Wang Teng didn’t have a clear grasp of the different powerful martial warriors in the universe.
Now, he understood a bit better.
The lifespan was enough to prove everything.

A normal person was said to have a long life if he lived for a hundred years.
But eventually, he would still decompose into a part of the soil.

Since ancient times, our ancestors had been lamenting the passing of time.
Time flew in the blink of an eye.
It was impossible to grab it.

The emperors sought the path of longevity.
Now, the rich and powerful searched for this path too.
However, it was all in vain.

Only martial warriors were able to escape the normal route.
As long as they continued to become stronger, they could experience a rise in their level of life and possess unimaginably long lifespans.

What a huge temptation this was!

Wang Teng felt that he couldn’t resist it either.

The ability to live forever and freely was the ultimate aspiration for everyone.

Just when everyone was reeling in astonishment, the figure opened his mouth again.
“Someone finally came before me after a million years.”

Everyone regained their senses and looked at the figure again.
They were on their guard, but they wanted to listen to what he had to say.

The figure sized up the martial warriors and nodded.
“It looks like heaven treats me well.
It sent a bunch of talented young people to me just before my soul dispersed.”

There was too much information in this sentence.
Everyone’s eyes shimmered as they tried to guess what he meant.

“Let me introduce myself.
I’m a baron from the Great Qian Empire…” the figure started introducing his background.

The instant he started speaking, he was interrupted by Argus’s surprised exclamation.

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