“Oh my, is everyone alright?” Wang Teng asked worriedly when he saw their plight.

Everyone’s faces turned black.

He wasn’t worried.
No, this fellow was definitely laughing at them.

“It’s all my fault.
Everything happened at once, so I didn’t have the time to remind everyone.
My bad,” Wang Teng continued blaming himself as if he didn’t notice their expressions.

Argus and Kathu were even more infuriated.
Their faces were now as black as the bottom of a pot.
Flames of anger almost shot out of their eyes as they glared at Wang Teng.

The devil lords also shot him with cold gazes.

Biluo felt awkward for him as she stood beside him.
She pulled the edge of his clothes silently and winked at him.

Can’t you see that they want to murder you?

Biluo was at a loss of words.
She felt that this fellow loved to provoke people and was extremely enthusiastic at earning murderous gazes.

Suddenly, a devil lord who was shrouded in mist opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice, “Wang Teng, you talk too much nonsense.”

“Huh? Mister, why are you hiding? Are you ashamed to reveal your face?” Wang Teng commented softly.

The devil lord behind the mist went silent for a moment.
“You make people want to kill you!”

“Really? I don’t think so.
I treasure my little life,” Wang Teng replied in confusion.

“F**k!” Phantasma Devil Lord felt that he couldn’t communicate with this fellow when he saw Wang Teng’s pretentious expression.
He snorted and took the lead to walk into the passageway.
He wanted to ignore Wang Teng.

“Seriously, why do you have to curse?” Wang Teng muttered.
He looked at Biluo and continued, “Let’s go.
There’s no time to waste.”

So you realized that you’re wasting time? You’re the one wasting the most time, you bastard!

Of course, she didn’t say anything aloud.
Based on Wang Teng’s character, he might continue the conversation if she replied to him.

The others followed them hurriedly and explored the depth of the tunnel.
They were more vigilant this time.
They took each step with caution and carefully observed their surroundings.

This was a silver-white metallic passageway.
It was five meters wide, and the walls were extremely smooth.
There was no unnecessary structure.
Dust piled on the ground.
When they stepped on it, it would fly into the air.

This passageway wasn’t long.
It was approximately 40 meters in length, so they reached the end very soon.
Nothing happened along the way.

However, when everyone stepped out of the passageway, rays of red light lit up in the dark, and shrill sounds of the air compressing were heard.

The sounds were concentrated, and red rays of light cut through the air like lasers.
Everyone was already on their guard.
They reacted the instant they heard the sounds.

No one had taken off their battle armors.
They didn’t dare to relax.
They wore their armors to prevent any other accidents from happening.

Argus and Kathu started moving.
They clutched their weapons and charged toward the source of the sound.

Airwaves crashed in this small space.
Explosions sounded continuously.

Wang Teng felt a strong gust of wind behind him.
He moved his thoughts and activated the constellation armor he had obtained from a dead planetary-stage alien candidate.
Instantly, a red-blue battle armor appeared on his body, covering him from head to toe.

The battle armor was extremely fitting.
There were no gaps anywhere, and he didn’t feel any discomfort.

He only felt something cool pasted on his skin.
It felt cozy.

This was a mass-produced battle armor.
There was a phoenix carved on his left shoulder just like the other two alien candidates.

He turned around and released his fist.

Powerful energy surged out and knocked the attacker away.

One of the alien candidates took out a luminous object and lit up the small space.

To their surprise, this was actually a huge room.
Ice-cold metal mechanical bodies appeared around them.
They stared at the invaders with their blood-red electronic eyes.
Once they got knocked back, they would fly toward the invaders again.

“Metal robots!” Wang Teng frowned.
He didn’t expect the ones stopping them to be robots.

The technology on Earth wasn’t advanced enough to create such powerful and agile robots.
Yet, he saw them in this historical site that had been sealed for who-knew how many years.
This was unbelievable.

A metal robot charged toward Wang Teng again.
Its arm changed and turned into a sharp metal blade.
Force gathered on it, forming a blade glow as it struck Wang Teng.

The ground started shaking.
The other robots dashed towards their target and launched their ultimate attacks.

“Metal robots!” Biluo locked her brows.
She spoke quickly, “Be careful.
These metal robots are hard to deal with.
They’re inflexible and have no thoughts.
All they do is obey the order given by the system.
Their attacks are simple, but there’s one problem.
The material used to create them is tough and sturdy.
It’s difficult to break their bodies.”

With a sharp gaze, a blue sword appeared in Wang Teng’s hand.
This was the sword he had snatched from the blue-haired young man.

In the next second, his body disappeared as he shot toward the robot.

A sword glow flashed and collided with the robot’s metallic sharp blade.
Force shimmered around the weapons as they resisted and corroded each other.

Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change.
He released a punch with his other hand.
It was aimed at the robot’s head.

The robot reacted quickly.
It tilted its head and evaded Wang Teng’s attack.

However, Wang Teng was faster.
He turned his wrist and changed his fist into a claw, stabbing his fingers right into the robot’s left eye.

He pulled out the blood-red electronic eye immediately.
Sparks flew everywhere.

Unexpectedly, even after receiving such damage, the robot continued moving normally.
The other robotic arm turned into a black muzzle directed at Wang Teng’s head.

There were extremely close, so the muzzle was only inches away from its target.

“Damn it!” Wang Teng cursed uncontrollably.
He noticed that Force glow was already gathering in the muzzle at a fast speed.
A scorching heat exuded from within.

He lowered his head and evaded the aim of the muzzle without much thought.

A beam of fire shot out.
It flew past the battle armor on Wang Teng’s head with almost no space in between.

F**K, I know how to shoot too!

Infuriated, a rune gun appeared in Wang Teng’s hand.
He pointed it up and pulled the trigger while aiming at the robot’s chin.

As Force gathered, the rune gun was charged within a split second.

A Force bullet formed from fire constellation Force shot out, leaving a trail of flames behind it.

Half of the robot’s head was engulfed in flames.
The robot paused for a moment in mid-air before crashing to the ground.

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