As the door opened gradually, everyone looked into the great hall.

It was pitch-black.
Nothing could be seen from the outside.
The darkness seemed to have the power to swallow all sources of light.
Even the planetary-stage martial warriors couldn’t see anything with their powerful eyesight.

Glances were exchanged and everyone made their decision quickly.

Since they were already here, it was worth exploring even if there was danger.
Hence, everyone, including the devil lords, walked into the great hall.

Biluo suddenly came beside Wang Teng and walked along with him.
She used voice transmission to speak to him, “I feel that something isn’t right with this historical site.
The appearance of the Constellation Elixirs is strange.
It seems to be luring us here.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Wang Teng asked in surprise using voice transmission.

“I just want to find an ally.”

“You’re an alien, and I’m an Earthling.
Why are you asking me to be your ally?” Wang Teng stared at her in disbelief.

“You can.
I’m honored to be accompanied by a beauty,” Wang Teng replied using voice transmission as he blinked.

“Don’t fool around.
I’m being serious.” Biluo rolled her eyes angrily.

“Okay, I’ll be serious.” Wang Teng turned stern.

“What do you think?” Biluo asked again.

“I’ll think on my feet,” Wang Teng answered.

The corners of Biluo’s lips trembled.
She almost lost control of her emotions.

What happened to being serious!

“Cough, okay I’ll be serious.” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly when he saw her death glare.

“Go on!” Biluo took a deep breath.

“We’ll solve whatever comes our way,” Wang Teng said with bright eyes.

“I regret asking you.” Biluo was speechless.

“This is the only way now.” Wang Teng’s expression changed.
He sounded embarrassed.

“Be careful of Argus.” Biluo nodded and stared at Wang Teng intently.

“What do you mean?” Wang Teng was stunned.

Biluo walked forward without responding.

Wang Teng suspected that she did it on purpose.
This was her revenge for teasing her.
She was so narrow-minded.

Biluo glanced at Wang Teng from the corner of her eyes.
The edge of her lips lifted up a little when she saw his exasperated expression.

The two of them followed the others and entered the great hall.

The door behind them shut abruptly with a loud bang.

Glaring white light lit up the great hall brightly.

Wang Teng squinted for a moment and got used to the sudden glare quickly.
He scanned his surroundings and his pupils constricted.
He turned to Biluo.

“Leave!” He was already dashing towards a passageway straight ahead in the great hall.

Biluo’s expression changed.
She instinctively caught up with Wang Teng without thinking too much.
She raised her speed to the maximum and followed closely behind him.

Blinding beams of white light shot out from the walls around the great hall.
They were aimed at the people who came in.

These beams of white light traveled at the speed of lightning.
Within a split second, they were inches away from everyone.

The crowd could only put up a hasty defense.
They were in a state of panic.

One beam of white light pierced through the abdomen of an alien candidate.
It was able to penetrate the body of a planetary-stage martial warrior with ease!

A cry of agony rose in the great hall.
The alien candidate’s reaction slowed down because of the serious injury.
Soon, another beam of white light reached him.

Multiple beams of white light pierced through his body, one of them even puncturing his skull.
A gorgeous crimson flower blossomed in the air.

This was the flower of death!

The alien candidate died unwillingly, refusing to close his eyes.

He didn’t die during the battle with the dark apparitions, but he was killed by this strange great hall!

Moreover, his life was taken by a beam of white light! How frustrating was that!

He wasn’t the only one.
Many other alien candidates suffered heavy injuries too.
They executed their strongest defense skills to resist the onslaught.

A furious roar echoed in the hall.
A devil lord slumped to the ground, dead.
His heart was stabbed by a beam of white light, and he lost all his vitality.

On the other side, Wang Teng and Biluo were rushing towards the passageway in front.
However, the beams of white light seemed to be able to sense their presence.
They changed direction and headed for them.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.
Spiritual power gushed out and formed a defensive wall to block the beams.

Planetary Realm spiritual power was a mighty weapon.
The invisible shield it formed caused all the beams of light to stop in mid-air.

Wang Teng used this chance to escape from the encirclement of the beams.

Thick light Force surged out of Biluo’s body, turning her into a beam of white light too.
She dodged her way through the white light rain.

However, there were too many beams of white light.
Two of them scraped her arm.
An inch closer and her arm would have been penetrated.

Biluo’s face turned pale.
Cold sweat poured down her forehead.
She didn’t dare to let down her guard and kept a close distance to Wang Teng.

She only had one thought.
She couldn’t stray too far away from Wang Teng.
If not, she would die.

Wang Teng bought her some time when he blocked the beams of white light.
If she was a step too late and the white light shot over again, she would have been hit.

Wang Teng darted among the beams.
He realized that spiritual power was extremely effective in blocking the white light.
He managed to move closer to the passageway quickly with the help of his spiritual power.

Wang Teng stared intently at the passageway.
Suddenly, he took a leap and evaded the last beam of white light, successfully landing in the passageway.

“Sigh!” He let out a long breath.

On the other hand, Biluo wasn’t as lucky.
The beams of white light started shooting out faster as if they had detected an invader getting close to the passageway.
She couldn’t keep up with the speed of the attacks and slowed down.

“Shit!” Her face was pale as she stared at a beam of white light heading straight for her forehead.
She couldn’t evade it.

When the beam of white light reached half a meter away from her, it paused in the air for a moment.
It seemed to have stopped.

Biluo thought she was having an illusion.

“Come over quickly!” Wang Teng’s shout woke her up from her stupor.

Biluo was astounded.
She found it unbelievable, but she didn’t have the time to think too much.
She hurled herself at the passageway and covered the remaining distance.

She stopped beside Wang Teng while panting.
Large drops of sweat rolled down her forehead.

“Are you alright?” Wang Teng’s calm voice entered her ears.

Biluo raised her eyes and looked at Wang Teng.
Shaking her head, she said, “You saved me again.”

“It’s alright.
You’ll get used to it.
Remember to record it in your little notebook,” Wang Teng said.

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